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June 7/03 9:50 am - Swiss Federation Visits Hamilton, BC Road Championships, Blizard Bike Club News

Posted by Editoress on 06/7/03

Swiss Federation Visits Hamilton
Courtesy Hamilton 2003 Organizing Committee

June 6, 2003

Today (Friday), Jean-Claude Leclercq, Technical National Director and Coach of Professional Riders for the Swiss Cycling Federation, visited Hamilton on a site inspection for the 2003 Road World Championships. Earlier this week Leclecq was in Montreal for the Women's World Cup Race and The Greater Montreal Tour.

After touring Hamilton, Leclercq had the following observations:

Q. What is the purpose of this trip to Hamilton?
A. "The reason for being here is to tour the course, our hotel and any other facilities. I am also finding out how to get from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the course and the best route to get around during the championship."

Q. What were your impressions of the course?
A. "It is a very difficult course, especially with the two climbs. The course ranks with the Classics. There are a lot of possibilities for the riders to make the break - on Fennell Avenue in the flat area, also in the climbs, the downhillers will excel on the descent, it's pretty dangerous everywhere."

Q. How many competitors will the Swiss Federation bring?
A. "The Swiss Federation expects to have 40 riders with the maximum 12 in the professional category, the total delegation will be 55."

Q. Is there a sense of anticipation for the Swiss riders to come to North America for the Worlds?
A. "Our riders look at the World Championships as the most important event of the year. Though, since it is the end of the season, we expect many of the professionals to bring their spouses as well and find time to see some of the area attractions, like Niagara Falls."

Q. Is there a difficulty for the riders in making the transition from their trade teams to the national team?
A. "For sure it is a difficulty. If I sense that there is a personality conflict, for the betterment of the team, I will select a different athlete. For the riders it is a honour to wear their national team jersey."

Q. Will the riders accept a different role for the World Championships?
A. "It's not a lesser role, it's a general view of the team, there will not be only one leader, we could have two or three leaders, sometimes the race dictates who will be the leader - there will be lots of conversation going into and during the race."

Q. What type of rider has the best chance on the course in Hamilton?
A. "It will take a very complete rider to win on this course, but cycling is a team sport and it will take the whole team to try to control the race."

Switzerland joins representatives from Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United States of America that have already performed site inspections in Hamilton.

BC Road Championships
Courtey Jonathan Wornell

June is Bike Month!. People everywhere are getting their bikes out of the garage, or the closet, or the attic and trying them out for the first time this year. As a committed cyclist, we ask you to encourage your friends, relatives and co-workers to get in on the action and try riding their bikes for a change, or ride their bike more often.

There are many events celebrating Bike Month, the most exciting of which will be the Stanley Park Bike Festival, on June 15th in Vancouver's Stanley Park. A celebration of all things pedal-powered, this family oriented festival is designed to appeal to cyclists of all stripes, and will feature racing (see below), education, entertainment and tons of prize giveaways. Also, free-ride superstar Wade Simmons will be there, signing posters, leading rides, and maybe even testing out his newly healed fracture on some jumps. For more information, check out the event web site at

June is also host to an exciting weekend of racing, mid month. On Saturday, June 14th, the BC Provincial Road Race Championships will be held on one of the Lower Mainland's Classic road race courses in Hatzic Valley, near Mission. Sponsored by Team Soliton, this Provincial Championship race is also a BC Cup event, race #4 in the series. There are starts for all junior and senior racers. For more information about the Provincial Road Race Championships and directions to the course, or to register on line, check out the Team Soliton website

On Sunday, June 15th, the action switches to downtown Vancouver for the 3rd annual Brockton Criterium in Stanley Park. Technically a circuit race on a 2.6km route, the Brockton Crit is run on a points race format over an exciting loop through this beautiful urban park. There are starts for all categories except novice men (sorry you cat 5's but there are time constraints). Owing to the narrow winding nature of the course, there will be field limits in effect for the Brockton Crit (~60 riders), so pre-registration is STRONGLY recommended. And bring the family to cheers you along. If you're not up to racing it yourself, be sure to come down to watch. It will be one of the most exciting races of the year.

Early-bird registration for these races is available till June 7th. Register for both and receive $5 off. Registration can be done on line through either event website, or in person at La Bicicletta, 233 West Broadway in Vancouver until June 11th.

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC - June 5th
Courtesy Pat Ferris

Doug Dewar of Prince George won the 16 km. Baldonnel time trial, Thursday, with a season fastest time of 23:44 minutes. Mike Hientzman was second at 25:12 and Pat Ferris made a rare podium appearance for third at 25:33. Richard Howes was 4th at 25:47 and Andrew Kovacs 5th with 26:46.

A record crowd of 44 riders turned out on a breezy evening.

Ed Fornelli was 6th at 26:56, Rod Lewis 27:04, Tim Gladysz 27:17, Trevor McDonell 27:32 and Joseph Gladysz at 27:38 made the top ten times.

Tammy Howes won the ladies class with 27:59 minutes. Lisa Verbisky was second at 30:06 and Tessa Bilodeau third at 30:28. Tara Wallace was 4th at 30:35 and Erin Drummond 5th at 30:42.

Other ladies times were Barb Polehoykie 33:20, Julie Waldron at 33:45, Donna Sipe 34:15, Anathalie Redmond 35:19, Trisha Gladysz 35:41, Hilda Bilodeau 35:53, Jolea Bilodeau 36:21 and Melissa Bowes 43:17.

Some of the other men's' times were Gilbert Bilodeau 27:57, Gary Hilderman 27:59, Roger St. Jean 28:00, David Ferris 28:56, Derek Waldron 28:58, Robin Sipe 29:12, Richard Wood 29:37, Jean Guillemette 29:47, Ken Nix 29:49, Wim Kok 29:58, Gord Harris 30:50, Adam Currie 31:26 and Jack Gladysz 33:47.

Cherie Dunn won the 8 km distance with 15:15 minutes. Adam Bilodeau was second at 17:24 and Dayna Stickel third with 18:05. Shelby Waldron had 19:39 for 4th and Danielle Howes 5th at 22:01. Other times were Shantelle Waldron 23:52, Landon Howes 26:09 after some mechanical trouble and Tabitha Waldron 27:03.

Sunday's race is a Challenge Cup road race from Mile 54 of the Alaska Highway, starting at 10:00 am.

Blizzard club rider Stephen Ferris has been named by the Alberta Bicycle Association to the Alberta Provincial Cycling Team to compete in the Tour d le'Abitibi, this summer. Stephen has been doing the selection races in Alberta to try and qualify for this prestigious race.

The Tour d le'Abitibi is an international junior stage race held in July 22 -27 in Quebec. Riders and teams enter from all over the world. This race also doubles as the selection race for the Canadian National Junior Team to go to the World Championships in Hamilton.


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