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June 9/03 8:21 am - Canada Cup XC#3: Junior Expert and Elite Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/9/03

Canada Cup XC#3 Mont Tremblant, QC
Courtesy FQSC

Junior Expert Women
1. Emily Batty (Bay Cycle - 3 Rox Racing)1:49:57.00
2. Kylie Caseat 2:13.33
3. Catherine Vipond (Gears Racing)7:21.41
4. Olivia Gagne (Beauport )9:36.76
5. Sarah Coney (Independant)10:56.56
6. Isabelle Laflamme (Demers sports)26:01.61
7. Marie- Christine Ouellet (Beauport )51:26.86
8. Agathe Lemaire (Cycle Outaouais)1:00:45.45
Junior Expert Men
1. Max Plaxton (Gears Racing)2:00:33.07
2. Chris Thorpe (Bay Cycle - 3 Rox Racing)at 9:09.36
3. Andrew Erb9:17.03
4. Jean- Francois Vennes (Equipe Record)10:21.78
5. Mark Batty (Bay Cycle - 3 Rox Racing)10:42.21
6. Jonathan Boulanger (Nestea/Perigny)11:04.54
7. Jean - Nicolas Lavertu (Durand Sports)12:15.23
8. Luc Boily (Independant)18:03.72
9. Alexandre Pichette (Durand Sports)22:23.66
10. Kyle Douglas (Bay Cycle - 3 Rox Racing)24:00.97
11. Justin Enns25:12.60
12. Gabriel Pare (Normandin/CBSF)25:56.44
13. Mathieu Lafontaine (Cycle Outaouais)26:02.81
14. Adam Morka30:46.63
15. Jean- Sebastien Huot30:48.90
Ω. Mathieu Morissette- Dion (Durand Sports)36:52.81
DNF. Erick Sullivan (Charlevoix )
DNF. Jean- Pierre Lussier (VeloClub St-Hyacinthe)
DNF. Manuel Bergeron- Piette (Sportif Bromont)
DNF. Eric Jeannotte (CCVR )
DNF. Renaud Myrant (G.S. Record)
DNF. Jean- Sebastien Perron (Independant)
DNF. Jason Duffy (Haro)
Elite Women
1. Marie- Helen Premont (Oryx-TTN)2:09:41.40
2. Karen Dewolfe (Dried Plums)at 9:24.35
3. Sandra Walter (Marin Canada)19:07.82
4. Danelle Kabush (Gears Racing)19:53.91
5. Sue Trimble (Gears Racing)22:51.20
6. Linda Robichaud (Norco Performance Bicycles)23:08.60
7. Tanis Banks (Independant)23:27.54
8. Nikola Starko (Oryx-Procycle)23:49.27
9. Annie Tikwinski24:00.70
10. Heather King (Gears Racing)26:12.79
11. Nadine Petit (Equipe 3DS)28:11.66
12. Marie- Helene Cote (Equipe Record)31:54.40
13. Audre Vaillancourt (Equipe Record)32:20.97
14. Joanne Johnston (Subway)32:53.98
15. Anne - Marie Jobin (S.O.S. Velo-ski)33:30.64
16. Brigitte Lacaille (Normandin/CBSF)33:39.03
17. Sophie - Anne Blanchette (Gears Racing TT-N)33:40.26
18. Kasandra Cote (Normandin/CBSF)33:57.96
19. Alison Jones (Independant)34:41.30
20. Stephanie Martinek (Specialized Squire Johns)35:26.15
21. Kerri Graham (Independant)36:53.19
22. Jean Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain)38:50.16
23. Celine Foreht (Skii & Biikes)39:35.37
24. Christy Love39:44.53
25. Stefanie Gauvin40:17.80
26. Emilie Gagnon- Bertrand (Devinci )40:37.72
27. Nancy Manning (Gears Racing- TT-N)41:08.09
28. Mathilde Hupin- Debeurme (Sportif Bromont)47:20.18
29. Monia Monger (Record-TVA-MSA)48:30.41
30. Karley Cunningham49:44.50
31. Caroline Van Den Bulk56:22.61
32. Mary- Ellen Ash (Bay Cycle - 3 Rox Racing)59:14.91
33. Laura Whitehead1:06:16.78
Ω. Madeleine Bate23:09.08
DNF. Julia Carbonneau (Normandin/CBSF)
DNF. Annick - Isabelle Marcoux (CVM BMO/ABC)
DNF. Karen Martinuk
DNF. Claudia Paquin (Laferte)
DNF. Julie Sanders (Oryx)
DNF. Elsie Torresan (Cyclone D'Alma(CVM))
DNF. Sarah Hills (Flygirlz)
DNF. Martina Feldman (Independant)
DNF. Sydney Galbraith
Elite Men
1. Peter Wedge (Kona)2:21:19.44
2. James Vantoever (Morati & Honeywell)at 1:05.65
3. Roddi Lega (United Cycle)1:26.01
4. Julian Hine (Gears Racing)2:59.87
5. Carter Hovey (Rider's Cycles)5:22.70
6. Benjamin Moody (Dried Plums)6:41.59
7. Greg Reain (Gears Racing)8:14.81
8. Kris Sneddon (Kona)9:58.80
9. Matt Patterson (Gears Racing)10:05.31
10. Mathew Hadley (Bianchi Canada)10:28.60
11. Christian Cuesta Navarrete (Morati & Honeywell)10:39.63
12. Andrew Watson11:05.07
13. Derek Zandstra (Bay Cycle - 3 Rox Racing)11:12.49
14. Adam Coates (Gears Racing)12:09.44
15. Ricky Federeau (Gears Racing)12:15.21
16. Jason Shenkarivk12:32.48
17. Jean- Philippe Provost (Oryx-Procycle TTN)12:36.09
18. Eric Batty (Bay Cycle - 3 Rox Racing)12:48.69
19. David Lapointe (OGC/Fisher )13:05.77
20. Bruno Lafontaine (Nestea/Perigny)13:25.49
21. Jeremy Trudel (Le Yeti )14:05.43
22. Mark Webster14:28.88
23. Frederic Bussieres (Gears Racing)15:09.90
24. Jesse Jakomait (Team Hardwood)17:18.87
25. Mark Leishman17:19.65
26. Nathan Rinqqist (Dried Plums)17:22.39
27. Tyler West ( Rocky Mountain Crystal Decisions)18:42.62
28. Marty Lazarski (Gears Racing)19:52.01
29. Menno Hubregtse (Peyto Pedalhead OGC)20:03.21
30. Will Routhley (Whistler Lodging)20:46.70
31. Dennis Dennis (Gears Racing)20:48.90
32. Tim Oliver (Gears Racing)20:50.41
33. Ian Carbonneau (Nestea/Perigny)21:26.20
34. Marc- Andre Daigle22:03.37
35. Shawn Bunnin23:32.10
36. Louis- Remy Marier (S.O.S. Velo-ski)24:05.98
37. Jimmy Gagne (S.O.S. Velo-ski)24:38.55
38. Jamie Matheson (Team Hardwood Hills)26:08.35
39. Tim Carleton26:27.98
40. Alan Reain26:53.06
41. Vincent Meunier (Durand Sports)27:04.74
42. Duane Ashley Myers28:32.20
43. Louis-Francois Guimond (Beauport )28:39.75
44. Louis Perusse (Normandin/CBSF)28:59.55
45. Martin Lafontaine (Independant)30:31.54
46. Per Strom (Bicisport)31:09.75
47. Marc Foster (
48. Yoshite Tsuji34:34.49
49. Ryan Inghan (Independant)34:47.14
50. Gilles Morneau (Mont-Velo)39:43.31
51. Bruno Blais (Mont-Velo/Import-Export)40:32.11
52. Julien Fillion (Velo-2 Max ( St- Felicien))59:06.55
DNF. Mathieu Boucher (Nestea/Perigny Nestea/Perigny)
DNF. Matt Douglas
DNF. Eric Merlin (Normandin/C.bicycleSte-Foy)
DNF. Benoit Simard (Cycles Lambert)
DNF. Guido Visser (team XCLUZIV)
DNF. Simon Jacques
DNF. Stefan Widmer (Independant)
DNF. Dan Skinner (KHS)
DNF. Jaimie Douglas (Independant)
DNF. Mike Garrigan (Bianchi Canada)
DNF. Ryan Thorpe (Bay Cycle - 3 Rox Racing)
DNF. Pierre- Alexandre Couture (Independant)
DNF. Dustin Macburnie (Independant)
DNF. Thomas Skinner (KHS)
DNF. Jason Clement (Avanti Bikes)
DNF. Zacharie L' Abbe (Independant)
DNF. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain Crystal Decisions)
DNF. Jean- Francois Babin (Team XCLUZIV)
DNF. Mathew Hewitt (Independant)


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