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June 15/03 10:03 am - Nature Valley Grand Prix: Stage 4

Posted by Editoress on 06/15/03

Nature Valley Grand Prix Minnesota, USA

Stage 4: Winona Road Race

Men 106miles/170km
1. Viktor Rapinski (Blr) Saturn
2. John Lieswyn (USA) 7-UP/Maxxis
3. Jacob Erker (Can) Schroeder Iron
4. Tom Danielson (USA) Saturn

1. Viktor Rapinski (Blr) Saturn Cycling Team, 8.34.10
2. John Lieswyn (USA) 7-Up/Maxxis, at 1.03
3. Tom Danielson (USA) Saturn Cycling Team, 1.05
4. Jacob Erker (Can) Schroeder Iron, 1.51
5. Trent Klasna (USA) Saturn Cycling Team, 1.52
6. Tim Johnson (USA) Saturn Cycling Team, 2.27
7. Adam Bergman (USA) Jelly Belly, 2.51
8. Mark McCormack (USA) Saturn Cycling Team, 4.12
9. Aaron Olson (USA) Schroeder Iron, 4.49
10. Jason Waddell (USA) Mathis Brothers, 6.16

27. Cameron Evans (Can) Broadmark Capital, 10.48
37. Dylan Sebel (Can) Broadmark Capital, 15.55
40. Murray Carter (Can) Flanders Brothers Cycles/MBRC, 21.16

Women79 miles/127km
1. Katie Mactier (Aus) Saturn Cycling Team, 3.34.40
2. Manon Jutras (Can) Saturn Cycling Team, at 0.23
3. Karen Bockel (Ger) Rona-Esker, 0.25
4. Lyne Bessette (Can) Saturn Cycling Team, 0.50
5. Katrina Grove (USA) T-Mobile, 0.57
6. Sarah Ulmer (NZl) TDS, 1.06
7. Lara Kroepsca (USA) T-Mobile, 1.07
8. Gina Grain (Can) Victory Brewing/Amoroso's
9. Amy Moore (Can) Saturn Cycling Team
10. Andrea Hannos (Can) Rona-Esker

11. Carrie Tuck (Can) Rona-Esker
37. Anne Samplonius (Can) TDS
38. Erinne Willock (Can) Rona-Esker
43. Petra Rossner (Ger) Equipe Nurnberger, all s.t.
49. Sophie St. Jacques (Can) Victory Brewing/Amoroso's, 2.23
52. Erin Carter (Can) TDS, 8.02
DNF. Cybil Diguistini (Can) Diet Rite

1. Katie Mactier (Aus) Saturn Cycling Team, 6.52.28
2. Manon Jutras (Can) Saturn Cycling Team, at 0.59
3. Karen Bockel (Ger) Rona-Esker, 1.19
4. Tina Mayolo-Pic (USA) Diet Rite, 1.56
5. Sarah Ulmer (NZl) TDS, 2.10
6. Dotsie Cowden (USA) T-Mobile, 2.37
7. Amy Moore (Can) Saturn Cycling Team, 2.43
8. Melissa Holt NZl Rona-Esker, 2.50
9. Margaret Hemsley (Aus) Equipe Nurnberger, 3.07
10. Erinne Willock (Can) Rona-Esker, 6.52

11. Lyne Bessette (Can) Saturn Cycling Team, 6.56
17. Anne Samplonius (Can) TDS, 7.48
18. Andrea Hannos (Can) Rona-Esker, 8.02
19. Carrie Tuck (Can) Rona-Esker, s.t.

33. Petra Rossner (Ger) Equipe Nurnberger, 9.05
42. Gina Grain (Can) Victory Brewing/Amoroso's, 9.48
49. Sophie St. Jacques (Can) Victory Brewing/Amoroso's, 12.19
52. Erin Carter (Can) TDS, 14.53
Courtesy Team Saturn

Saturday morning held another transfer for the competitors of the Nature Valley Grand Prix. This time it was to the eastern portion of the 10,000 lakes state, to Winona, where the riders would course along the water and up into the hills above the blowing wheat and corn, into the lovely, lush and heavy forests and then back down into the fields again.

The 80 mile women's race got off to a quick start when a rider attacked from the start of the two laps. Once the field left the initial laps and headed out to the road, there were two up the road, Melissa Sandborn (ICO) and Jennifer Stevens (Vaniqa) with Stevens bridging the gap to Sandborn about five miles into the race. Both were no threat to the overall and the pack remained passive save for the brisk leadout from TDS for Sarah Ulmer to collect additional on the road points toward her lead of the sprint classification.

It was not until the final time up the climb that things heated up when Katrina Grove bridged to the twosome, now only a minute up the road. Saturn was riding tempo at the front with Lyne Bessette detonating the field as she paced Manon Jutras and Katie Mactier to the top of the hill and into the cross wind. From there only five remained: Bessette, Mactier, Jutras, Karen Bockel and Katrina Berger. The three Saturn riders put in quite an effort to open the gap on an intense chase behind. Tina Mayolo's Diet Rite Team, along with Victory Brewing and Nurnberger gave it their all to bring the five back. But it was not to be. For a long time the time gap yo-yoed between 30 and 40 seconds but by the time the five entered the finishing circuit laps, the gap was 52 seconds and growing as a tired field began to flag in the efforts. Bessette took the first time bonus sprint bringing, taking precious seconds from Bockel who sat only 29 seconds away from Mactier's Red Leader's Jersey.

From there, a burst of speed from Jutras split the five, with Berger left to chase Bockel, Jutras and Mactier. Bessette sat on Berger, who gave a noble effort, but she would never regain contact with the three. Jutras and Mactier then dealt Bockel the one, two punch, with Mactier finally managing to escape, but not after a determined Bockel covered many of the attacks from the two Saturn riders. With two laps to go, Mactier opened a 17 second gap on a chasing Bockel, and sailed into the finish to capture the stage win and the precious 30 second time bonus. Jutras out-sprinted Rona's Bockel for second, Bessette was fourth and Berger was fifth. Ulmer brought the pack home for sixth.

With their efforts today, the Saturn Team has what now looks to be a secure hold on first and second in the overall going into to tomorrow's very difficult Stillwater Criterium. Although there are no time bonuses tomorrow, the challenge posed is a 24 percent climb that the women will race up many times in their 50 minute race. With Mactier and Jutras, both noted for their climbing prowess, the field will be hard pressed to shake the red Leader's Jersey loose from their grasp. However, as any cycling enthusiast often quips, anything can happen in bike racing and often does.

The fourth stage of the men's event at the Nature Valley Grand Prix was held on the same course as that of the earlier women's race. Like the women's race, it was strong Saturn teamwork within a break that determined the outcome of both the stage win and the new leader of the race. Victor Rapinski, like his female counterpart, Katie Mactier, handily took the stage and the race lead after a long day in the saddle.

The men's race got off to a quick start as well with Saturn throwing down the gauntlet on the first climb. Tim Johnson had a super day, spending the majority of it off the front of the race after he attacked in the early miles. He was joined by Cameron Evans, who he later dropped on the circuit climb. Johnson's biggest gap was 4:15, however, steady work from the Navigator Team brought him well within bridging range. On the second time up the climb, Mark McCormack and Ivan Dominguez attacked the now fatigued Navigator Team and were clear of the field by 40 seconds when they were joined by the chase group containing Saturn's Rapinski, Tom Danielson, John Lieswyn, Ciaran Powers (Navigators), Adam Bergmann, and Jacob Erker all came together at the top of the climb to form a group of 12.

McCormack and Dominguez, sacrificing their own chances, but ensuring the best chances at the race win, gapped off on the climb, leaving Rapinski, Lieswyn, Danielson, Erker, and Bergmann to go it alone. Saturn's Trent Klasna, sensing an opportune time to bridge, was the last to make the move, bringing the Saturn count to three. From there Johnson waited until the newly formed group of five reached him, and the now four Saturn riders drove the break, opening the gap to the one minute mark by the time they entered the finishing laps.

Rapinski took the time bonus over Bergmann, with Danielson in third, and Rapinski was clearly the Leader on the road. After an unfortunate crash, Bergmann lost contact with the group, and it was up to the Saturn riders to work over Lieswyn and Erker. However, they could not shake them, and in the end, the Saturn train had to be content with leading out Rapinski for the win. He won the sprint over Lieswyn, with Erker in third and Danielson in fourth. The Saturn Team's efforts put Rapinski in the red leader's jersey by 1:05 over Lieswyn. Rapinski's Saturn teammate, Danielson sits third 1:07 behind Rapinski. Saturn's Johnson captured enough points in his long effort off the front today to move into the lead of the point's classification.

Tomorrow's hilly criterium should prove to play into Saturn's defensive ride, with Danielson and Rapinski both strong on a power sapping hill such as the one in the Stillwater criterium.


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