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June 17/03 6:14 am - Detroit Velodrome Season Opening, Brockton Criterium Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/17/03

Detroit Velodrome Opening

The Nas-Track Madison Racing League will begin its 2003 season this Friday night , June 20, at 7:00.

The teams have been training all spring and are ready to go! Everyone is faster and have improved their skills so the high speed hand slings will be better than ever.

Hopefully, in addition to great racing, we will be able to display our brand new access paving and have the main viewing hill seeded for grass. These efforts are currently underway. Feel free to come down to the infield through our new tunnel, sponsored by DALMAC, and see the action up close!

In addition to great racing, the Wolverine Blues Band will provide live music during the breaks.

Bring a lawn chair , cooler, and an appetite for high speed fun. There also will be refreshments available for purchase. There is a $5.00 park entrance fee but no charge to watch the races. Bring a few extra bucks to toss into the hat for the racers.

Brockton Criterium Stanley Park Vancouver BC
Courtesy Team Soliton

June 15

Cat 1/2 Men
1. Sam Whittingham
2. Scott Goguen
3. Greg Harris
4. Lloyd Thomas
5. Chris Piccini
6. Scott Slater
7. Scott Laliberte
8. David Goosen
9. Min Van Velzen
10. Ian Condron

Cat1/2/3/ Women
1. Lisa Sweeney
2. Marni Prazsky
3. Sara Noble
4. Maria Lee
5. Alison Testroete
6. Catherine Pendrel
7. Christina Briante
8. Suzanne Macht
9. Alena Radomsky
10. Sara Laliberte
dnf. Melissa Kerr

Cat 3/4 Men
1. Brad Fairall
2. Blake Bowell
3. Eric Kamenka
4. Bryan Kelly
5. Steve Engh
6. Paul Beard
7. Steven Liesch
8. David Slater
9. Shawn Morrison
10. Horacio Chaves
11. Chris Squire
12. Philip Burgess
13. Doug Jenson
14. Robert Bescott

Cat 4 Women
1. Naomi Cooper
2. Zoe Adrian
3. Kelly Jones
4. Danielle McLaughlin
5. Kim Atkinson
6. Christa Barr
7. Alessandra Beaumont


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