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June 19/03 4:46 am - FACT-Canada to Distribute ROTOR System Cranks

Posted by Editoress on 06/19/03

ROTOR System Cranks Available in North America

The following is an official press release provided by FACT-Canada

Rotor Componentes Tecnologicos, S.L., of Madrid, Spain has launched the introduction of their patented new concept to the North American cycling community.

The ROTOR System eliminates the traditional inefficiency in pedaling, the dead spots, thereby increasing the performance of the cyclist. The ROTOR System makes the cranks independent, so the angle between them is no longer fixed at 180-degrees, but variable during each revolution of the cranks. This avoids a sharp decrease in power delivery at the dead spots & optimizes the work of leg muscles, while reducing knee stress. Not only do riders achieve higher speeds at a given level of effort, but pedaling is also more comfortable, risk of injury to the knees & ligaments is decreased, recovery is faster, the wattage output is higher at given heart rates, the buildup of lactic acid in the athlete‚s bloodstream is reduced and the athlete becomes less fatigued during the race and/or workout. If you are skeptical, contact Fact-Canada to arrange for your personal test under their unconditional guarantee of 100% satisfaction or your money back.

The ROTOR System consists of cranks, chainrings and the bottom bracket set and is available in mountainbike triple, road bike double, road bike triple, all with steel or Ti spindle. The ROTOR System is a „universal‰ product: can be fitted to all the frames and accessories commercialized on the market. It is all state-of-the-art engineering, invented & developed for the sport of cycling.

The ROTOR System was successfully introduced in professional competition during the 2002 season, participating as well in the „Vuelta a España‰ by the Relax Fuenlabrada Team. Its continued success in many races in all the different cycling disciplines shows the biomechanical and physiological superiority of the Rotor System over the conventional crank systems. Visit & browse Rotor‚s website at


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