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June 20/97 18:53 pm - Chat Room Time, Beauce, Euro Results

Posted by Editor on 06/20/97

Sydor Chat Room Set We spoke with Alison earlier today and now have a definite time for the Chat Room session we will be hosting at Mont Ste Anne. Alison will be online, live, to answer your questions and comments one week today. To be precise, Alison Sydor will be online on June 27th, between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm EST. This means that for those on the East Coast, you will be one to one and a half hours ahead, and Vancouver participants should be online between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. Please let your friends, newsgroup members, etc. know about the Chat Room - this is Alison‚s first internet chat session, so we want to make her feel welcome! You will enter the Chat Room via our Mont Ste Anne website, at We will be asking you to participate in a practice session of the Chat Room later this weekend - stay tuned for details. We also spoke with Alison about tomorrow‚s World Cup race in Vermont (Mount Snow). She said that the course was in good shape, as long as it did not rain, when the profusion of roots and rocks would make it very treacherous. Unfortunately, as we told her, the rain that just passed through our area is on its way to her. We will report on the World Cup (women tomorrow, men Sunday) as the results come in. The World Cup website is up and running. If you haven‚t visited it yet, you can either click the button on our homepage, or go directly to: Next week we will put up the current standings (after Mount Snow), and will provide regular updates on course conditions, race and rider news, etc. in the News and Results section. GRAND PRIX DE BEAUCE (thanks to J.L., Claude and Pierre Hutsebault of the CCA for getting us these results!) 2nd Stage - 166 km 1. Brian Walton (Saturn) 4:20:50 2. Levj Leiphemer (Colorado) 4:21:30 3. Frank McCormack (Saturn) 4:22:16 4. Czeslaw Lukascewicz (Espoirs Laval) 5. Bjorn Glasner (Continental Olympia) 6. Scott McGrory (Cont. Olym) 7. Mark Freudenberg (Cont. Oly) 8. Mat Anand (Espoirs Laval) 9. Markus Kammermann (Gs Tesag-Laliberte) 10. Jacques Jolidon (Gs Tesag) 11. Sylvain Beauchamp (Everfresh/Radio-Energie) 12. Damian McDonald (Giant) 13. Kirk Willet (Colorado) 14. Trent Klasna (Colorado) 15. Kurt Davis (Kissena) 16. Bart Bowen (Saturn) 17. Jonathan Vaughters (Colorado) 18. Mark McCormack (Saturn) 19. Scott Fortner (Saturn) 20. Fred Rodriguez (Saturn) 21. Peter Wedge (Everfresh) 22. Jacques Landry (Everfresh) 26. Michael Barry (Espoirs Laval) all s.t. GC 1. Czeslaw Lukascewicz (Espoirs Laval) 9:29:39 2. Grischa Niermann (Cont. Oly) 9:29:41 3. Scott McGrory (Cont. Oly) 9:30:09 4. Trent Klasna (Colorado) 9:30:10 5. Mat Anand (Espoirs Laval) 9:30:11 6. Bart Bowen (Saturn) s.t. 7. Bjorn Glasner (Cont. Oly) s.t. 8. Jonathan Vaughters (Colorado) s.t. 9. Matthew White (Giant) s.t. 10. Sylvain Beauchamp (Everfresh) s.t. 11. Damian McDonald (Giant) s.t. 12. Mark Freudenberg (Cont. Oly) s.t. 13. Michael Barry (Espoirs Laval) s.t. 14. Jean-Sebastien Beland (Everfresh) s.t. 15. Fred Rodriguez (Saturn) s.t. 16. Zach Conrad (Cont. Oly) 9:30:15 17. Nick Gates (Giant) s.t. 18. Brian Walton (Saturn) 9:31:49 19. Jacques Landry (Everfresh) 9:32:50 20. Levi Leipheimer (Colorado) 9:33:06 TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Continental Olympia (Germany) 28:30:06 2. Espoirs Laval (Quebec) s.t. 3. Giant Ais Trade (Australia) 28:30:37 4. Saturn (USA) 28:32:16 5. Colorado Cycling (USA) 28:32:56 6. Everfresh/Radio-Energie (Quebec) 28:33:12 7. Gs Tesag-Laliberte (Switzerland) 28:45:08 8. One Plus (USA) 28:55:10 9. Sportable (Canada) 28:59:00 10. Jeep Eagle (USA) 28:00:34 11. Kissena (USA) 29:00:59 12. Team Ontario (Ontario) 29:06:31 13. Excellence sports - Harvey's (Quebec) 29:07:01 Points Standings 1. Lukascewicz 27 points 2. McGrory 23 3. Glasner 20 4. Walton 15 5. Anand 15 Mountain Standings 1. Jolidon 27 points 2. Walton 17 3. Landry 12 4. Sean Nealy USA 12 5. Lukascewicz 10 Today‚s stage is probably the most difficult, over Mont Megantic. If Czeslaw (known affectionately as ŒColeslaw‚) can hold onto his lead today then he should be in a strong position to win the overall. Canada Cup Standings We have received the current Canada Cup standings (after three events) from the CCA - thanks Lisa! We will post them sometime this weekend after they have been reformatted. Tour of Switzerland Stage 4, La Chaux de Fonds to Kandersteg - 183 km 1. Jan Ullrich (Germany) 4:26:23 2. Stefano Garzelli (Italy) at 0:38 3. Roland Meier (Switzerland) s.t. 4. Michele Bartoli (Italy) 1:08 5. Oskar Camenzind (Switzerland) 1:11 6. Udo Boelts (Germany) s.t. 7. Jens Heppner (Germany) 1:14 8. Francesco Secchiari (Italy) 9. Peter Luttenberger (Austria) 10. Beat Zberg (Switzerland) all s.t. GC 1. Christophe Agnolutto (France) 14:02:47 2. Valentino Fois (Italy) at 2:24 3. Ullrich 8:32 4. Meier s.t. 5. Camenzind 9:17 6. Nelissen 9:24 7. Garzelli 9:27 8. Boelts 9:31 9. Buschor 9:43 10. Felix Garcia Cassas (Spain) 9:47 Tour of Catalonia, Spain Stage 2, Port Aventura to Lleida - 164 km 1. Jan Svorada (Slovakia) Mapei 4:01:01 2. Frederic Moncassin (France) Gan 3. Federico Colonna (Italy) Asics 4. Sergei Ivanov (Russia) TVM 5. Enrico Cassani (Italy) Polti 6. Lars Michaelsen (Denmark) TVM 7. Henk Vogels (Australia) Gan 8. Massimo Strazzer (Italy) Roslotto 9. Marco Bellini (Italy) Asics 10.Alvaro Gonzalez (Spain) Euskadi all s.t. GC 1. Chris Boardman (Britain) Gan 6:07:06 2. Angel Luis Casero (Spain) Banesto at 0:12 3. Aitor Garmendia (Spain) ONCE s.t. 4. Fernando Escartin (Spain) Kelme 0:23 5. Stuart O'Grady (Australi) Gan 0:32 6. Armand de las Cuevas (France) Banesto 0:33 7. Alberto Leanizbarrutia (Spain) Banesto 8. Alvaro Gonzalez (Spain) Euskadi 9. Alonso Marino (Spain) Banesto all s.t. 10.Bart Voskamp (Netherlands) TVM 0:36


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