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May 28/98 3:30 am - Victoria World Cup Report 2

Posted by Editor on 05/28/98

Match Sprint - First Rounds

No real surprises in the first rounds of the mens and womens Match Sprint event. Canadians Lori Ann Muenzer and Doug Baron had to go through the repechage - Lori Ann made it, but Doug Baron finished second to Russian Valeri Potapov in his race and was eliminated.


Heat 1 - Marty Nothstein USA vs Alwi Rosman MAS, Nothstein advances

Heat 2 - Jens Fiedler GER vs Chris Hoy GBR, Fiedler advances

Heat 3 - Frederic Magne FRA vs Brian Dandanell DEN, Magne advances

Heat 4 - Grzegorz POL vs Doug Baron CAN, Grzegorz advances

Heat 5 - Jan Van Eijden GER vs Dion Akerstrom DEN, Van Eijden advances

Heat 6 - Jean Giletto FRA vs Alexandre Kiritchenko RUS, Giletto advances

Heat 7 - Jose Manuel Moreno ESP vs Hedeki Yamada JPN, Hedeki advances

Heat 8 - Craig MacLean GBR vs Valeri Potapov RUS, MacLean advances

Heat 9 - Salvador Melia ESP vs Jan Lepka SVK, Lepka advances

Mens Repechage

R1 - Melia, Kiritchenko and Rosman - Kiritchenko advances

R2 - Hoy, Akerstrom, Moreno - Moreno advances

R3 - Dandanell, Baron, Potapov - Potapov advances


Heat 1 - Jennie Reed USA vs Mirella Van Mellis NET, Reed (12.670) advances

Heat 2 - Michelle Ferris AUS vs Christelle Ribault FRA, Ferris (13.070) advances

Heat 3 - Tanya Dubnicoff CAN vs Fiona Ramage NZL, Dubnicoff (12.810) advances

Heat 4 - Oksana Grichina RUS vs Rebecca Quinn USA, Grichina (13.180) advances

Heat 5 - Olga Slioussareva RUS vs Lori Ann Muenzer CAN, Slioussareva (12.320) advances

Heat 6 - Susann Panzer GER vs Katrin Meinke GER, Panzer (12.650) advances

Womens Repechage

R1 - Meinke, Quinn, Van Melis - Meinke (13.190) advances

R2 - Muenzer, Ramage, Ribault - Muenzer (12.660) advances


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