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June 26/03 1:39 am - Mont Ste Anne Urban DH & Preview

Posted by Editor on 06/26/03

Mont Ste. Anne World Cup Preview
By Mike Badyk

On a bright and sunny Thursday morning the Mont Ste. Anne World Cup site is largely deserted. The reason is that it IS bright and sunny. By 9am the heat was oppressive. Racers who wanted to get in a pre-ride were out at the crack of dawn when it was somewhat cooler and by 10am they were seeking shade. The predicted high today is 34, but with the proximity to the ocean the humidex is supposed to be a staggering 43 degrees Celcius.

There is good news and bad news on the weather front. A cold front is supposed to arrive on Friday, bringing more seasonable temperatures in the low 20's. However, it is also likely to bring thunderstorms to the region. Saturday and Sunday's weather are a coin toss at this time as far as rain is concerned. Canadian Cyclist will keep you informed.

On Wednesday evening a very different event was held in downtown Quebec City. The World Cup organizers Gestev held an event called the "Urban Dowhill". The location was unique; on the Grande Allee in the restaurant district of Old Quebec. The road slopes downhill, which gave an opportunity to try something different. A downhiller/4-cross racer was paired with a cross country racer. Starting at the top of the hill, the downhiller would race down slope over a few jumps, including a large portable skateboard ramp, to a transition area. A baton would be passed and the cross country rider who would race up slope through some tight slalom gates back to the finish. It all worked in a time trial format. The streets were full of spectators, very curious tourists and, adding to the mix, many young people in tuxedos and gowns who were out celebrating high school graduation. It was quite the carnival atmosphere.

The fastest time of the evening was 30:00 seconds from the team of Dustin Adams and Adam Craig (Team Giant/Pearl Izumi), with Chris Kovarik and Rich Houseman in second with a time of 30:35 seconds and Greg Minnaar and Chris Sheppard (Haro Lee Dungarees) taking third in a time of 31:38. Very competitive racing as the times show, and an enjoyable event. It was just the sort of event for a hot summer evening.

A little later I'll report back on the course conditions and some thoughts and impressions from the racers.

Results from Urban Dowhill

1. MINNAAR Greg / SHEPPARD Chris (Haro Lee Dungaree)30.59
2. BALLOCHI Robin / ROWNEY Paul (Sobe-Cannondale)31.30
3. BAREL Fabien / WEDGE Peter (Kona-Clarks)31.52
4. KOVARIK Chris / HOUSEMAN Rich 31.71
5. HANNAH Mick / KIRKALDIE John (Haro Lee Dungaree)31.86
6. WADDELL John / O'DONNELL Henri (ITS, Santa Cruz)31.93
7. ADAMS Dustin / CRAIG Adam (Team Giant / Peal Izumi)32.03
8. MOSELEY Tracey / WICKS Barry (Kona-Clarks)33.95
9. LAURIN Mathieu / FORTIN Eric (Balfa)34.08
10. PRUITT Kathy / MATHIS Chris (Clif Bar Team / Luna)35.58
11. JARED Rando / DECKER Carl (Team Giant)40.53
12. STREB Marla / STEPNLOWSKI Waldek (Luna Women's MTB)43.35
13. VOYER Jonathan / PREMONT Marie-Helene (ORYX)43.72
14. DIGNARD Nicolas / COULOMB Philippe (Mont Vélo)65.53
1/4 Finales
1. ADAMS Dustin / CRAIG Adam (Team Giant / Peal Izumi)30.32
2. KOVARIK Chris / HOUSEMAN Rich 30.90
3. BAREL Fabien / WEDGE Peter (Kona-Clarks)31.17
4. MINNAAR Greg / SHEPPARD Chris (Haro Lee Dungaree)31.74
5. BALLOCHI Robin / ROWNEY Paul (Sobe-Cannondale)39.76
6. HANNAH Mick / KIRKALDIE John (Haro Lee Dungaree)40.22
7. WADDELL John / O'DONNELL Henri (ITS, Santa Cruz)42.13
8. MOSELEY Tracey / WICKS Barry (Kona-Clarks)44.36
1/2 Finale
1. KOVARIK Chris / HOUSEMAN Rich 30.65
2. ADAMS Dustin / CRAIG Adam (Team Giant / Peal Izumi)30.68
3. MINNAAR Greg / SHEPPARD Chris (Haro Lee Dungaree)31.38
4. BAREL Fabien / WEDGE Peter (Kona-Clarks)32.29
1. ADAMS Dustin / CRAIG Adam (Team Giant / Peal Izumi)30.00
2. KOVARIK Chris / HOUSEMAN Rich30.35


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