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June 26/03 9:31 am - Road Nationals Updates & ITT Start List (Preliminary)

Posted by Editor on 06/26/03

Road Nationals Update
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• Juniors are reminded that the gear restrictions will be enforced and a roll out will be required before and after the race. If you choose to use blocked out gears, remember that if you get a wheel change during the race and the replacement wheel is not blocked out, you could still be disqualified.

• There will be (for the first time) an Espoir category for women in the time trial and road race (apparently, it is being considered by the UCI for the Worlds). Espoir women are required to be under 23 years old, and not on a UCI trade team.

• Bike check-in mandatory for the ITT. All bikes must conform to the UCI regulations. It is strongly recommended that all participants get to the bike check EARLY, so that if changes to the bike are necessary, there is lots of time to do so.

• Helmets for the ITT must pass safety standard (CSA or ANSI). If there is no sticker, the helmet will not be allowed.

• Note in our previous posting about registration times, that the package pick-up time in Pelham on Sunday is now only 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Forget what it says on the website - this is straight from the chief official.

• Drivers of following vehicles for the ITT must hold a UCI/CCA licence of some type (rider, manager, etc.). No licence and you will not be allowed on the course.

ITT Start times NOTE: Start times for ITT are preliminary. FINAL will be posted after 10 pm (riders are still registering). Please do not contact us (or the organization) if your team is spelled wrong, etc. Wait for the final list to appear at 10:30 pm (or thereabouts), and make a note to mention it at the start in the morning.

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