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July 9/03 11:54 am - Interview with Dustin Adams

Posted by Editoress on 07/9/03

Tough Break for Dustin Adams

You may or may not have already heard that Canada's top male downhiller, Dustin Adams (Giant) suffered a mishap with a car while training in his home town of Kamloops, B.C. on July 6th. Adams broke his right wrist in the incident, putting him out of action just before the Grouse World Cup and the Mountain Bike Nationals. We spoke with Dustin at his home earlier today.

CC - Really bad luck - what happened?

DA - I was just riding my road bike, not going hard or anything, and this old lady came across three lanes of traffic towards me. I had less than ten feet to stop, so I hit the passenger side of her car, broke the window and was carried about 40 feet before I fell off onto the road.

CC - How bad are your injuries?

DA - I'm pretty banged up right now; my whole left side is bruised and I'm sore and stiff. But the worst injury is my wrist, because I broke it again. This is the third time that I've broken the scaphoid bone.

CC - You've been riding well, which makes it even worse.

DA - Yeah, I've just started to peak, so it's such a downer. I'm sitting third overall in NORBA (National series), so I definitely have had a chance to win it. Up until now it has been going good, but I'm just telling myself that you have to take your bumps and move on. I can't do any cycling, so I'll try to stay fit with hiking and stuff.

CC - Obviously, you won't be racing Grouse and Nationals, but how long are you going to be out of action?

DA - Without surgery it could be quite a while, but I'm seeing a specialist about getting in (to surgery). If the surgery goes well then I could be back for Durango (NORBA August 14-17) and the Worlds. If it goes really well, then there is a possiblity of Idaho (Norba) in about a month. The CCA says that I have to start the Nationals to make the Worlds team, so I guess I'll be going to Whistler to roll through the start gate...


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