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July 17/03 1:09 am - Edmonton MTB Midweek, Chrissy Redden's Report from Grouse Mtn World Cup

Posted by Editoress on 07/17/03

Edmonton Mtb Midweek Tuesday July 15
Courtesy Brys Francis. United Cycle Racing

34 racers contested this weeks sweltering midweek event in Terwilleger park. Despite the conditions only one individual performed a swan dive into the backside mudpit! With Roddi Lega involved in the World Cup this weeks race was up for grabs

A Group - 4 laps - 19 Competitors
1. Matt Decore (Pedalhead) 40:02
2. Andre Sutton (Hardcore) 40:12
3. Steve Martins (Hardcore) 40:14
4. Mike Sarnecki (United Cycle) 44:22
5. Shaun Goulet (Pedalhead) 44:35
6. Darren Anderson (Pedalhead) 44:50
7. Kevin Noble (United Cycle) 45:01
8. Brian McGimpsey (Pedalhead) 45:17
9. James Rasmussen (United Cycle) 45:45
10. Andrew Maxwel (Pedalhead) 46:18
11. Philip Hervey (Independant) 46:29
12. Colm Ryan (United Cycle) 46:30
13. Chris Check (Pedalhead) 47:37
14. Douglas Roch (Hardcore) 48:01
15. Ron Bourget (Pedalhead) 48:37
16. Sandy Ayre (Pedalhead) 52:52
17. Paul Plakas (Pedalhead) 52:45
18. Craig Hamaliuk (Pedalhead) 58:21

B Group - 3 Laps - 15 Starters
1. Jared Wilson (RiverValley Cycle) 36:41
2. John Riess (Independant) 37:21
3. Mike Moleschi (Independant) 37:38
4. Tim Riess (Independant) 37:41
5. Gary Spencer (United Cycle) 37:59
6. Morgan Arkison (RiverValley Cycle) 38:00
7. Slawomir Szule (United Cycle) 39:32
8. Angie Francis (United Cycle) 39:52
9. Michelle Hook (Pedalhead) 43:30
10. Paul Mollins (Independant) 45:12
11. Marcie Reinhart (Independant) 45:15

Grouse Mountain, World Cup # 4 Vancouver, BC

This was the race that much of the Canadians were looking forward to. West Coast style riding!! Grouse Mt. is located on top of a tram which departs from North Vancouver and travels 2500 ft to spectacular views of the Juan de Fuca and Olympic Mountain well as the city of Vancouver! The ski area is normally closed to mountain bikes, but opens its trails for the world cup circuit every year! This year the weekend's events were Downhill, Trials, Jumping and Cross-Country. The Subaru/Gary Fisher Team came to rule the Cross-country. With 2 Canadians, the Espoir World Cup leader and a motivated Aussie, the team was excited to be in the mix of the circuit again!

The course was a 4.5 km loop that was extremely spectator friendly! There was a lot of single track technical descents and some entertaining wooded sections close to the pond. The week before the race was hot and dry, so the course was really loose and fast, but the day before the event the skies opened and dumped large amounts of rain on the course.

I woke up to pouring rain. Oh well, should be fun, I tried to comfort myself. Taking the tram up with Tyler in the morning was almost surreal, as we glided through the fog, and as we neared the top, the temperature dropped and the rain started. By the time I got to our warm-up tent, it was pouring rain. I jumped on the trainer only to stay warm. But, that got me into the warm-up mode and soon I was completing my warm-up. Judy was heavy with the heat cream on the legs, so I was good to rally up the first climb and maintain a good position into the first bit of single track.

This was a really important strategy, as this descent was about 1km long and VERY muddy, rough and technical. I needed to be in a good position to ensure a good finish! With my #9 number plate, I lined up on the front row. That was a position I have been working on all year and it felt good to finally have it!

The start was fast.....of course.... and after 2 start loops we raced up the climb. gearing was all wrong. Something had slipped (perhaps I hit a hole in the start loop?). I needed to do a kwick fix, I couldn't even pedal smoothly, let alone try and compete with the best in the world. My quick thinking put me off the bike, but unfortunately it wasn't a quick was a minute fix! That minute cost me about 60 spots.

The single track was a bogged up traffic line-up. We're talking Toronto at about 5:30pm....across the 401! By the time I finished my 1st of 6 laps, I had lost about 7 minutes to Gunn-Rita and was in about 40th position! There were 3 people that didn't let me give up! Thanks Yuri, Tyler and Judd! You guys cheered me on to an eventual 17th place! Not a great race, but certainly I tried to salvage some well earned I was out there for 2hrs and 25minutes, so a good training day!

Mary also had an eventful day, and finished up with some good UCI points! Gunn-Rita Dahl is still on fine form and crushed the field with about a 5minute gap over Alison Sydor, Sue Haywood (Trek/VW) and Marie-Helen Promont (Orynx)!! You guys rocked it! Congrats!

The men's race saw on and off pouring rain, lots of crashes, flats and complete physical shut downs! But our boys from the ROC did well!! Ryder finished up an impressive 4th!! And Liam held onto the Espoir World Cup Leader's Jersey!!

I'm just on the BC ferry heading to Whistler, BC for the Canadian National Championships!! This should be a very exciting and challenging race!! Be sure to keep up with all the results of your favourite riders.... :)



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