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July 22/03 2:05 am - Tour de l'Abitibi: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 07/22/03

Tour de l'Abitibi

Stage 1: Team ITT/contre-la-montre par équipe

1. Québec20:10
2. Hot Tubes Cycling Team0:04
3. Pays-Bas0:08
4. Ontario0:09
5. France Nationale0:16
6. Afrique du Sud Nationale0:28
7. Belgique - Sweet paradise0:31
8. Arizona Select Team0:31
9. États-Unis Nationale0:32
10. Japon Nationale0:38
11. Symmetrics Cycling0:40
12. Texas0:53
13. Belgique - V.C. Ardennes1:00
14. NECSA Team1:04
15. Alberta 1:06
16. US West Regional Team1:07
17. Allemagne Nationale1:10
18. Atlantic Cycling Centre1:11
19. Espoirs de Laval1:11
20. CC Gervais Rioux - Medico1:18
21. ISCorp Cycling Team1:20
22. Mexique Nationale1:21
23. South East Regional Team A1:22
24. Northeast Regional Team1:44
25. Team Swift1:45
26. Salsa Midwest1:48
27. Manitoba2:14
28. South East Regional Team B2:16
29. Bikerace Ottawa2:40

Individual Rider Stage Standings
1. Charly Vives (CAN) Québec20:10
2. Kevin Lacombe (CAN) Québec
3. Raphael Tremblay (CAN) Québec
4. François Sztuke (CAN) Québec
5. Maxime Desrochers (CAN) Québec
6. David Roy (CAN) Québecall s.t.
7. Jesse Anthony (USA) Hot Tubes Cycling Team0:04
8. Zach Bolian (USA) Hot Tubes Cycling Team
9. Brad Viera (USA) Hot Tubes Cycling Team
10. Zach Taylor (USA) Hot Tubes Cycling Team
11. Zak Grabowski (USA) Hot Tubes Cycling Team
12. Matt Crane (USA) Hot Tubes Cycling Teamall s.t.
13. Kai Reus (NED) Pays-Bas0:08
14. Stein Posthuma (NED) Pays-Bas
15. Sipke Zijlstra (NED) Pays-Bas
16. Rob Ruigh (NED) Pays-Bas
17. Mike Alloo (NED) Pays-Bas
18. Egon Jr. Van Kessel (NED) Pays-Basall s.t.
19. Tyler Holtzman (CAN) Ontario0:09
20. Brandon Crichton (CAN) Ontario
21. Steffan Elzinga (CAN) Ontario
22. Mark Pozniak (CAN) Ontario
23. Michael Barylski (CAN) Ontario
24. Adam Thuss (CAN) Ontarioall s.t.
25. Anthony Jaunet (FRA) France Nationale0:16
26. Matthias Collet (FRA) France Nationale
27. Mathieu Chiocca (FRA) France Nationale
28. Jérémy Beyaert (FRA) France Nationale
29. Bertrand Virat (FRA) France Nationale
30. Ronan Cercle (FRA) France Nationaleall s.t.
31. Marnus Potgieter (RSA) Afrique du Sud Nationale0:28
32. Quinten Henegan (RSA) Afrique du Sud Nationale
33. Juan Van Heerden (RSA) Afrique du Sud Nationale
34. Egan Tarr (RSA) Afrique du Sud Nationale
35. Clayton Viljoen (RSA) Afrique du Sud Nationale
36. Vincenzo Opeka (RSA) Afrique du Sud Nationaleall s.t.
37. Maarten Neyens (BEL) Belgique - Sweet paradise0:31
38. Eddy Van Ijzendoorn (NED) Belgique - Sweet paradise
39. Jurgen Roelandts (BEL) Belgique - Sweet paradise
40. Michel Bultinck (BEL) Belgique - Sweet paradise
41. Wim Van Hoolst (BEL) Belgique - Sweet paradise
42. Wim Van Roey (BEL) Belgique - Sweet paradise
43. David Nelson (USA) Arizona Select Team
44. Chad Beyer (USA) Arizona Select Team
45. John Rogers (USA) Arizona Select Team
46. Peter Horn (USA) Arizona Select Team
47. Brian Janezic (USA) Arizona Select Teamall s.t.
48. Steven Cozza (USA) États-Unis Nationale0:32
49. John Devine (USA) États-Unis Nationale
50. Keith Norris (USA) États-Unis Nationale
51. Craig Lewis (USA) États-Unis Nationale
52. Ryan Luttrell (USA) États-Unis Nationale
53. Christopher Deluise (USA) États-Unis Nationaleall s.t.
54. Kazumasa Katayama (JPN) Japon Nationale0:38
55. Jumpei Murakami (JPN) Japon Nationale
56. Makoto Shimada (JPN) Japon Nationale
57. Takayuki Naganuma (JPN) Japon Nationale
58. Yusuke Hatanaka (JPN) Japon Nationaleall s.t.
59. Shaun Crump (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling0:40
60. Max Plaxton (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling
61. Bradley Fairall (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling
62. Marsh Cooper (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling
63. J.-P. Dunlop (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling
64. Trevor Mahon (CAN) Symmetrics Cyclingall s.t.
65. Brad Armstrong (USA) Texas0:53
66. John Hackman (USA) Texas
67. Alex Welch (USA) Texas
68. Russell Walther (USA) Texas
69. Scott Veggeberg (USA) Texas
70. Jacob Irwin (USA) Texasall s.t.
71. Jean-Michel Schweyen (BEL) Belgique - V.C. Ardennes1:00
72. Simon Collard (BEL) Belgique - V.C. Ardennes
73. Philippe Legrand (BEL) Belgique - V.C. Ardennes
74. Philippe Kessels (BEL) Belgique - V.C. Ardennes
75. Jean-Bernard Stassen (BEL) Belgique - V.C. Ardennes
76. Nicolas Baudoin (BEL) Belgique - V.C. Ardennesall s.t.
77. Jeff Buckles (USA) NECSA Team1:04
78. Tom Coupe (USA) NECSA Team
79. Arthur Rand (USA) NECSA Team
80. Casey Macniven (USA) NECSA Team
81. Devin Flaherty (USA) NECSA Teamall s.t.
82. Spencer Atkinson (CAN) Alberta 1:06
83. Phil Abbott (CAN) Alberta
84. Brian Bain (CAN) Alberta
85. Mark Macdonald (CAN) Alberta
86. Jeff Sparling (CAN) Alberta
87. Stephen Ferris (CAN) Alberta all s.t.
88. Clint Rogers (USA) US West Regional Team1:07
89. Kerry Chamberlin (USA) US West Regional Team
90. Morgan Schmitt (USA) US West Regional Team
91. Theo St-Pierre (USA) US West Regional Team
92. Mark Gustafson (USA) US West Regional Team
93. Sean Van Horn (USA) US West Regional Teamall s.t.
94. Johannes Holle (GER) Allemagne Nationale1:10
95. Marco Weber (GER) Allemagne Nationale
96. Kai Winkelbauer (GER) Allemagne Nationale
97. Stefan Lieb (GER) Allemagne Nationale
98. Frank Sandner (GER) Allemagne Nationaleall s.t.
99. Christian Meier (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre1:11
100. Ryan Belliveau (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre
101. Kirk Emery (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre
102. Jean-Luc Pilote (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
103. Zachery Garland (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre
104. Xavier Nadeau (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
105. Justin St-Onge (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre
106. Christopher Dunbar (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre
107. Abel Chouinard (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
108. Marc-André Sarrazin (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
109. Francis Martin (CAN) Espoirs de Lavalall s.t.
110. Jean-François Dionne (CAN) CC Gervais Rioux - Medico1:18
111. Jean-Simon Fortin (CAN) CC Gervais Rioux - Medico
112. Guillaume Tanguay (CAN) CC Gervais Rioux - Medico
113. Marc-Antoine Fortin (CAN) CC Gervais Rioux - Medico
114. Francis Labonté (CAN) CC Gervais Rioux - Medico
115. Maxime Flingou (CAN) CC Gervais Rioux - Medicoall s.t.
116. Ben Damhoff (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team1:20
117. Jordan Carr (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
118. Todd Elenz (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
119. Jerad Poling (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
120. Adam Biwan (USA) ISCorp Cycling Teamall s.t.
121. Vera O. Victor (MEX) Mexique Nationale1:21
122. Mizael G. Ramirez (MEX) Mexique Nationale
123. Galdino A. Ramirez (MEX) Mexique Nationale
124. Jose C. Valdez (MEX) Mexique Nationale
125. Uriel Clara (MEX) Mexique Nationaleall s.t.
126. David Guttenplan (USA) South East Regional Team A1:22
127. Jon Hutchinson (USA) South East Regional Team A
128. Michael Wolf (USA) South East Regional Team A
129. John Michael Steven (USA) South East Regional Team A
130. Eric Carter (USA) South East Regional Team Aall s.t.
131. Richard Hollenbeck (USA) Northeast Regional Team1:44
132. Jamie Driscoll (USA) Northeast Regional Team
133. Sam Silver (USA) Northeast Regional Team
134. Merlin Poutre (USA) Northeast Regional Team
135. Matthew Reale (USA) Northeast Regional Teamall s.t.
136. Duke Schimmer (USA) Team Swift1:45
137. Logan Onken (USA) Team Swift
138. Brady Harter (USA) Team Swift
139. Tucker Brown (USA) Team Swift
140. Nathan Miller (USA) Team Swiftall s.t.
141. Michael Schmidt (USA) Salsa Midwest1:48
142. Tom Hanley (USA) Salsa Midwest
143. Cassel Lessinger (USA) Salsa Midwest
144. Brian Nieport (USA) Salsa Midwestall s.t.
145. Kurt Weisinger (USA) Manitoba2:14
146. Eric Scheepers (CAN) Manitoba
147. Troy Dunton (USA) Manitoba
148. Cabrel Boucher (CAN) Manitobaall s.t.
149. James Peterman (USA) South East Regional Team B2:16
150. Ben Showman (USA) South East Regional Team B
151. Taylor Tolleson (USA) South East Regional Team B
152. Jafer Beizer (USA) South East Regional Team B
153. Peter Simms (USA) South East Regional Team Ball s.t.
154. Robert Gustavsson (CAN) Bikerace Ottawa2:40
155. Matthew Guse (CAN) Bikerace Ottawa
156. Dave Vukets (CAN) Bikerace Ottawa
157. Andrew Wilson (CAN) Bikerace Ottawaall s.t.
HD. Geoffrey Johnson (USA) NECSA Team4:06
HD. Masahiro Watanabe (JPN) Japon Nationale4:16
HD. Konrad Le Bas (USA) Northeast Regional Team4:24
HD. Grégory Carrara (FRA) Espoirs de Laval4:26
HD. Max Mannshreck (GER) Allemagne Nationales.t.
HD. Chris Goettig (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team4:28
HD. Aaron Dickman (USA) Team Swift4:42
HD. Andreas Jr. Ramirez (MEX) Mexique Nationale5:02
HD. Tim Babb (USA) South East Regional Team B5:10
HD. John George (USA) Salsa Midwest6:07
HD. Justin Grisham (USA) Salsa Midwest6:14
HD. Chris Trembly (USA) Manitoba7:04
HD. Anthony Marinelli (USA) South East Regional Team A7:10


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