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July 23/03 7:36 am - Sales Reps Wanted, Subway MTB Series, Edmonton Midweek MTB Midweek Series

Posted by Editoress on 07/23/03

Bike Division Sales Reps required for S.W. Ontario and the Maritimes

Roces Canada Ltd. the exclusive distributor for Bianchi bicycles, Northwave cycling shoes & apparel and Limar cycling helmets is searching for sales agents in S.W. Ontario and the Maritimes. We need sales reps with bicycle experience and preferably with an established reputation within the territory.

Please email your resume to Mike Doble at Roces Canada Ltd, Barrie,

Subway MTB Series

Voici les gagnants de la sixième semaine de course de la Série VTT Subway.
Here are the winners for the 6th week of racing for the Subway MTB Series.

Eugene Duke (Team Caffeine) Dieppe
Mike Leblanc (Mike's Bike Shop) Dieppe
Marcel Vautour (Mike's Bike Shop) Dieppe
Michel Léger (Mike's Bike Shop) Dieppe 
Don Ricker (Mike's Bike Shop) Salisbury
Brad Fullford (KCW) Sussex
Jeff Currie (Mike's Bike Shop) Salisbury
Andy Macleod (Independant) Moncton
Mathieu Bourgeois (Cyclesmith) Dieppe
Darren Deveau (Bike works) Moncton
(DNF) Patrice Boudreau (SEMBC) Dieppe
(DNF) Jon Melanson (Mike's Bike Shop) Dieppe

voici les gagnants du classement général:
here are the winners of the GC:
Félicitations à Eugene Duke et Mike Leblanc qui se partagent la première place et à Jeff Currie et Marcel Vautour qui se partagent la deuxième place.

Congratulations to Eugene Duke and Mike Leblanc who have tied for 1st and to Jeff Currie and Marcel Vautour who have tied for 2nd.

Next week will mark the start of the subway Track series.
La semaine prochaine marquera le début de la série de piste Subway.

Edmonton Midweek Mtb Midweek Series
Courtesy Brys Francis - United Cycle Racing

The third installment of the July United Cycle midweek series saw 27 racers compete after a busy weekend that included 24 Hours of Adrenalin, Canadian Mtb Championships, and exceptional TDF racing.

Great weather and new faces combined with a very competitive B group made for an excellent evening.

A Group - 4 Laps
1. Jeffery Franc-Law (Juventus) 43:40
2. Ryan McGimpsey (Pedalhead) 45:15
3. James Rasmussen (United Cycle) 46:25
4. Tracy Shearer (Juventus) 48:40
5. Jarred Wilson (RVC) 50:40

B Group - 3 Laps
1. Mike Moleschi (Ind.) 36:35
2. Simon Richard (RVC) 36:36
3. Murray Aubin (ERTC) 36:50
4. Jay Acheson (United Cycle) 37:40
5. Tim Riess (Ind.) 37:45
6. Mike Vanderzec (Pedalhead) 38:10
7. Kyle Saranchuck (United Cycle) 38:19
8. Gary Spencer (United Cycle) 38:35
9. Slawomir Szulc (United Cycle) 39:20
10. Morgan (RVC) 39:21
11. Kristy Sarnoski (Dirt Girls) 40:10
12. Logan Brauer (Velocity) 41:30
13. Harvey Brauer (Velocity) 41:31
14. Michael McCarthy (United Cycle) 43:30
15. Paul Mollins (RVC) 44:00
16. Maria Cacruz (Dirt Girls) 46:22

C Group - 2 Laps
1. Marcie Reinhart (Ind.) 30:00
2. Shauna Richard (Dirt Girls) 33:15


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