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July 23/03 8:01 am - 24 hours of Falcon Trails

Posted by Editoress on 07/23/03

First Annual 24 hours of Falcon Trails July 19th and 20th, Falcon Trails resort, Falcon Lake Manitoba
Patrick Humenny

First, thanks to everyone who came out to participate and enjoy the event. From all the feedback it seems that it would be silly not to have at least one of these events a year, and with willing and generous land owners like the Pettit’s, I can’t see why this won’t become an annual thing. With that, thanks to all the folks who helped make this event possible: Rich and Lois Pettit of course, Ian Hall, Allan Robertson, Monika Boucher, Gary Sewell, Garth Mclaren, and Mike “sleep is for ninny’s” Abraham for all your help in getting this event done. Here’s the results:

First Place: 3 and _ Mennos with 41 laps in 23:18 (320km)
Second Place: Team Blasto with 36 laps in 23.25 (281km)
Third Place: Team Unplugged with 21 laps in 19:41(164km)

First Place: Team Brown with 34 laps in 21:00 (265km)
Second Place: 2 Melon’s and 3 Banana’s with 31 laps in 23:39 (242km)
Third Place: Lunatics in Lycra with 26 laps in 21:16 (203km)

First Place: Mike Abraham with 28 laps in 22:36 (218km)
Second Place(tie): Dallas Sigurdur and Patrick Humenny with 26 laps in 22:52 (203km)
Third Place: Daniel Nemetchek with 21 laps in 22:52 (164km)
Fourth Place(1rst FEMALE): Naomi Humenny with 19 laps in 22:52 (148km)
Fifth Place: Arthur Gullachsen with 17 laps in 19:41 (133km)
Sixth Place: Garth Mclaren with 13 laps in 20:50 (101km)
Seventh Place: Brian Kindrat with 9 laps in 8:17 (70km)
DNS: Lindsay Gauld
DNS: David Dorning

TOTAL KM’s: 2715km

Sorry if I’ve made any errors or forgotten to thank anyone,........ busy and exhausted. Patrick


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