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July 24/03 8:29 am - Report and Results

Posted by Editoress on 07/24/03

Steamworks Tour de Gastown
Report Courtesy Todd Hansen, OISI Distributor for Moser, Carrera, Picci

Women (30 laps)
It was a perfect evening for the second Steamworks Gastown Grand Prix.
44 Women contested the first race of the evening and warmed up the crowd nicely.

At the gun, Ina Teutenberg was quick to set a hot pace and she opened a gap in the early laps. Alison Sydor then made her move to join Teutenberg. The two then worked hard and rapidly started to take time out of the group - with 20 laps to go they had a 55 second lead. With just 5 laps to go the duo had lapped the field. Not content to sit in, Teutenberg moved back up through the bunch and started another attack. Sydor took a few minutes to get her wind while in the group, then she too jumped away from the field in pursuit of Teutenberg. On the last lap Sydor came within 5 seconds of Teutenberg and the hometown favourite had the crowd roaring. The bunch finished 5 laps earlier and Andreas Hannos of Team Rona-Esker took the field sprint for 3rd.

Great race, I would hate to see Teutenberg race on a good hair day, cause on bad hair days she's phenomenal!

Men (60 laps)
Approximately 140 Men lined up at the start of the second annual Steamworks Gastown Grand Prix. For the first six laps it was Eric Wolberg setting the pace and getting things going. For the first half of the race Jelly Belly, Prime Alliance & Saturn cleaned up most of the Primes.

On Lap 40 there was a split of 7 riders off the front which soon grew over the next 2 laps to 15 riders but with no Healthnet riders in the break. By lap 45 the front of the peloton was green Healthnet green as they chased. Once the Healthnet train started their pursuit the gap started to diminish. But the crowd was in suspense.

With just 2 laps to go Healthnet caught the leaders and Gord was set to unleash hell on what was left of the pack. It was great to see the most winningest rider in North America do his thing! Cipo lookout..

Other notable mentions: One local rider Cam Evans riding for Broadmark out of Seattle showed some of his form and took a couple of Primes on laps 39 & 41 and Kenny Williams riding for Saturn of Seattle took a $250.00 prime on lap 23

Top BC rider was Luca Segato riding for CDS out of Victoria

From the west
Totally Todd
Results Courtesy Organization

Women - 36 km (30 laps)
1. Ina Teutenberg (Saturn Cycling Team)
2. Alison Sydor (Kappa)
3. Andrea Hannos (Rona-Esker)
4. Catherine Powers (Snow Valley)
5. Lisa Sweeney (Team Kappa)
6. Marni Prazsky (Trek VW Vancouver)
7. Mindy Hall (Subway)
8. Elizabeth Begosh (Snow Valley)
9. Erinne Willock (Rona-Esker)
10. Mandy Poitras (Rocky Mountain /Power Bar)
11. Alison Testroete (Flash 5 / Norco )
12. Samantha Nicholson (Team Alberta)
13. Nicole Novembre (Subway Cycling)
14. Naomi Gollogly (Bike Gallery Trek / VW)
15. Megan Elliott (Saturn)
16. Nina Krack (Escape Velocity )
17. Barbara Dizzy Cycles Zimich
18. Jessica De Mars (Team Alberta)
19. Diana Bladon (Opus)
20. Maria Lee (N/A)
21. Catharine Pendrel (Opus)
22. Kristen Lasasso (Rona-Esker)
23. Suzanne Macht (Trek VW )
24. Kristy Sheffenacker (Team Snow Valley)
25. Jessica Phillips (Saturn Cycling Team)

Men - 60 km (50 laps)
1. Gord Fraser (Team Health Net )
2. Alex Candelario (Prime Alliance)
3. Jeff Hopkins (Jittery Joes)
4. Brent Dawson (Jelly Belly)
5. Tyler Farrar (Jelly Belly/Surisban Clothing)
6. Eddy Gragus (Trek VW Allstars)
7. Jesse Lawler (Jittery Joes)
8. Danny Pate (Prime Alliance)
9. Ben Brooks
10. Andrew Pinfold (Atlas Cold/Ital Pasta C.C.)
11. Ian Dille (Snow Valley)
12. Alexandra Lavallee (Ital Pasta Atlas Gold)
13. Scott Zwizanski (Team Snow Valley)
14. Derek Wilkerson (Jelly Belly)
15. Chris Isaac (Gears
16. Jonny Sundt (Jittery Joes)
17. Luca Segato (CDS)
18. O'Bee Kirk (Navigator)
19. Mike Koski (Trek/Volkswagen Vancouver)
20. Tony Symmetrics Zarsadias (Victoria)
21. Derek McMaster (Part One International)
22. Jesse James Collins (Bici Sport)
23. Ric Minichiello (Symmetrics)
24. Basse Clement (Rocky Mtn Bicycles - Adobe)
25. Svein Tuft (Prime Alliance)
26. Mariano Fredrick (Jelly Belly/Surisban Clothing)
27. Mike Sayer (Team Health Net)
28. Daniel Goncalves (Trek/Broadway)
29. Michael Voigt (Snow Valley)
30. Jeff Bolstad (TRS Racing)
31. Zach Bell (Synergy Racing)
32. Brent E McParland (Independent)
33. Pat Shea (Atlas Cold/Ital Pasta C.C.)
34. Calvin Allan (Broadmark Capitol)
35. Dan Gears Maggiacomo (Sudbury)
36. Eric Holland (Bow Cycle)
37. David Whyman (Atlas Cold/Ital Pasta C.C.)
38. Brad Issel (Symmetrics)
39. Scott Slater (Rocky Mountain Bicycles - Adobe )
40. Nat Faulkner (Trek VW )
41. Jason Lokkesmoe (Team Health Net)
42. Todd Herriott (Team Health Net)
43. Cameron J. Evans (Broadmark Capitol)
44. Matt Usborne (Symmetrics)
45. Austin King


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