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July 26/03 1:02 am - Tour de White Rock: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 07/26/03

Tour de White Rock
Courtesy Todd Hansen, OISI Distributor for Moser, Carrera, Picci

Stage 1, Hill Climb

1. Sarah Nobel (Bike Barn) 2:04:84 (min)
2. Andrea Hannos (Rona-Esker) 2:18:69
3. Corrine Issel (Symmetrics) 2:21:60


1. Andrew Pinfold (Atlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta) 1:44:26
2. Dan Petersen/Bow Cycle Calgary) 1:44:85
3. Eddy Gragus (Trek VW Allstars) 1:45:82


The Hill climb starts at the bottom of Buena Vista & Oxford near Marine Drive in White Rock. Riders from all over North America lined up to do battle up the 700 meter 16% grade hill. Grimacing was the common denominator this evening, oh and a few broken chains as well.

Ciao from the west!

Totally Todd


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