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July 28/03 3:46 am - Fernie Canada Cup: Elite Men & Women's DH

Posted by Editoress on 07/28/03

Fernie Canada Cup DH Fernie. BC

Elite Women
1. Schroeter, Danika (Simon's Bike Shop) Vancouver BC5:08.06
2. Strand, Katrina (Be One Oakley) Vancouver BC5:27.220:19.16
3. Watanabe, Karey Matsumoto (Cannondale Japan) JP5:49.240:41.18
4. Morris, Sheila (Kreator Custom) Cookstown ON6:00.740:52.68
5. McInnis, Lisa (Hub Cycle) Wentworth NS6:07.560:59.50
6. Johnson, Cassidy (ESFR-Demers DH) Montreal, PQ6:09.781:01:72
7. Cassidy, Jenelle (Cove Bike Shop) Vancouver, BC6:11.141:03.08
8. Fortier, Mylene Kim (Quebec, PQ) 6:46.881:38.82
9. Mackillop, Deb (Norco) Nelson, BC6:50.431:42.37
10. Messinis, Alexandra (Revolution Cycle) Edmonton, AB7:48.392:40.33
Elite Men
1. Lyon, Brant (Giant Bicycles Canada) Valemont4:15.59
2.Jones, Michael (Norco) Victoria, BC4:23.150:07.56
3. Hilder, Stu (Cove Bikes) N. Vancouver4:23.950:08.36
4. Pendel, Geoff (Balfa) N. Vancouver4:25.830:10.24
5. Goss, Eric (Mazerolle, NB4:26.620:11.03
6. Jewett, Nick (ind) Keswick Ridge, NB 4:29.270:13.68
7. Donais, Hugo (Norco) Lachenaie QC4:38.420:22.83
8. Czoczor, Andy (Sun RIngle/Maxxis/Scott) Delta, BC4:38.560:22.97
9. Menard, Dominick (La Cordee) Laval QC4:40.420:24.83
10. Lemire, Jean (Intense) Ste Foy QC4:41.430:25.84


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