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August 3/03 1:52 am - Canada Cup XC #5, 'Toona, Track Worlds

Posted by Editor on 08/3/03

Canada Cup XC #5 - Calgary, Alberta

Preliminary Results from yesterday's cross-country.

Senior Elite Men - 5 laps, 36.0 km
1. Peter Wedge (Kona/Clarks) 1:59:46.34
2. Mathieu Toulouse ( at 0:02.06
3. Jesse Jakomait (Team Hardwood Hills) 0:38.19
4. Carter Hovey (Rider's Cycles) 0:42.20
5. Andrew Watson (Bianchi Canada) 1:24:.64
6. Mark Webster (Bianchi Canada) 1:46.27
7. Mike Garrigan (Bianchi Canada) 2:03.08
8. Marc Bomhof (Headwinds Bike Shop) 3:06.23
9. Kris Sneddon (Kona/Clarks) 3:50.55
10. Ricky Federau ( 4:18.36

Jesse Jakomait (Team Hardwood Hills) takes the men's series lead after former leader Roddi Lega DNF'd.

Senior Elite Women - 4 laps, 28.8 km
1. Marie-Helene Premont (Oryx/Procycle) 1:49:05.89
2. Karen DeWolfe (Orbitz/Dried Plums) at 2:48.01
3. Sarah Noble (Bike Barn) 10:54.97
4. Annie Tykwinski (Pedalhead Racing) 12:19.09
5. Sandra Walter (Marin Canada/Shimano) 13:19.73
6. Danelle Kabush ( 13:28.64
7. Martina Feldman (Independent) 13:56.00
8. Madelaine Bate (Terrascape Racing) 14:21.40
9. Mical Dyck (Terrascape Racing) 15:31.91
10. Tanis Banks (Gerricks Cycle) 16:48.06

Sandra Walter (Marin Canada/Shimano) continues to lead the women's series.

Junior Expert Men - 4 laps, 28.8 km
1. Max Plaxton ( 1:40:23.62
2. Jamie Lamb (Cyclesmith) at 2:25.40
3. Jonathan Boulanger (Nestea/Periguy) 3:29.83
4. Jean-Francois Vennes (Equipe Record) 5:06.08
5. Jean Sebastien Perron (Independent) 5:14.09
6. Chris Thorpe (Bay Cycle/3 Rox) 5:58.85
7. Mark Batty (Bay Cycle/3 Rox) 9:50.33
8. Kyle Douglas (Bay Cycle/3 Rox) 13:21.70
9. Vincent Scigliano (Critical Speed) 17:20.51
10. Jean-Nicolas Laverte (Durand Sports) 17:20.51

Max Plaxton ( continues to lead the Junior Men's category.

Junior Expert Women - 3 laps, 21.6 km
1. Olivia Gagne (Club Cycliste Beauport) 1:34:46.35
2. Emily Batty (Bay Cycle/3 Rox) at 2:55.38
3. Catherine Vipond ( 5:08.19
4. Kylie Cast (VW-Kaltire) 7:21.75

Emily Batty (Bay Cycle/3 Rox) continues to lead the Junior Women's category.

Tour de 'Toona - Pennsylvania

Report courtesy Team Saturn

The final stage of the men's International Stage Race and the women's penultimate stage was held on a 93.7 mile loop around Altoona, visiting many of the roads and climbs the riders had tackled earlier in the week. Coming into the deciding day, Saturn's Lyne Bessette had a mere 27 seconds over rival Canadian rider Genevieve Jeanson. Today's stage was a true test of the climbers with three major climbs and undulating roads in between. In the men's race, Navigator's Chris Baldwin seemed to have a tenacious hold on the lead; however, the day would end with the Yellow Fleece being shouldered by Saturn's Tom Danielson.

The women's race stayed together until mile 22, which featured the first point's sprint. From there a few attacks were launched, but it took a bit of time for a break of five to finally get established. All the major teams had representation in the break save for the Saturn Team, who was content to manage the gap at a 2:30 minute range for 25 kilometers. With Megan Elliott and Ina Teutenberg setting the pace, the break of five was at thirty seconds at the bottom of Blue Nob Mountain. From there it was Jeanson and Bessette setting the pace, and by the top a small group had assembled including Bessette and her teammate Jessica Phillips. The Rona team had very strong representation with eventual race winner Karen Bockel, Erinne Willock, Magalie LeFloch and Jeanson. Leah Goldstein, Sue Palmer, and Cybil Diguistini, all strong climbers, had also made the selection.

With the four Rona riders forcing the pace, this group soon had seven minutes on the next chasing bunch containing Heather Albert, who had begun the day in third overall. Up front, the group hit the second challenge, a steep dirt climb of a little over 2 kilometers. Jeanson flatted at the bottom of the climb, and as an honorable sportswoman, Bessette waited patiently as Jeanson's Rona team brought her back to the front of the group. The break crested the climb together, heading toward the final climb of the day.

The Rona Team, clearly focused on winning the team classification, set a moderate pace on the last climb so as not to lose Erinne Willock who was suffering from setting a hard tempo on the Blue Nob climb and bringing Jeanson back to the group after her flat. Without any attacks, the group remained complete, arriving to the final ten miles together.

Jeanson tried to escape on the way into town; however, Phillips was there to counter it. With some relatively fresh and still eager legs left in the group, no one was able to escape and the last kilometer saw a wind up for the final sprint by Phillips. It was Bockel taking the victory over Bessette with LeFloch in third. Bessette's second place earned her 15 additional seconds, bringing her lead going in to tomorrow's criterium to 42 seconds. Bockel's 20 second time bonus moved her into third overall, six seconds in front of fourth placed Phillips. With the final race a criterium, the Saturn Team should be quite capable of defending Bessette's Yellow Jersey.

The men's race wrapped up today (Saturday) so that the pro men could travel to NY for the NY Cycling Championship taking place tomorrow. With this the final day, Navigators must have felt optimistic that they could defend race leader Baldwin's jersey.

An early break containing Tim Johnson escaped after the sprint at mile 22, and quickly gained time. On the Blue Nob climb, Johnson received word that his Saturn teammate Danielson was rocketing his way up to him. Not wanting to have Danielson catch him mid-way up the climb, Johnson attacked the break he was with taking Brice Jones (7-UP) with him. The two crested the hill as they were caught by Mark Walters and Danielson.

With Johnson and Danielson establishing the gap, the four were never to be seen again. By the final climb, the group was down to three, with Walters sitting on the two Saturn riders. Johnson collected the mountain points, regaining his lead in the competition and sealing his King of the Mountain jersey.

Coming into the finish, Walters sprinted for the win, taking it over Danielson and Johnson in third. Danielson's second place finish earned him the International Tour title, rounding out a near perfect day for the Saturn Team.

While the women wrap up the International here in Pennsylvania tomorrow, the Saturn men will race the NY Cycling Championships. Next stop on the calendar is the US Pro Criterium Championships in Downer's Grove on August 17.

1. Mark Walters - Navigators
2. Tom Danielson - Saturn
3. Tim Johnson - Saturn

Final GC
1. Danielson - Saturn

1. Karen Bockel - Rona
2. Lyne Bessette - Saturn
3. Magalie LeFloch - Rona

1. Bessette - Saturn
2. Jeanson - Rona at 0:42

3. Bockel - Rona
4. Phillips - Saturn

Track Worlds - Stuttgart, Germany

Day 4

Men's Madison

1 Switzerland 13 points
2 New Zealand
3 Argentina

Women's Sprint

1/4 Finals

Heat 1
1 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Bielorussia) 12.656 & 11.370
2 Tamilla Abasova (Russia)

Heat 2
1 Svetlana Grankovskaya (Russia) 11.989 & 11.717
2 Cuihua Jiang (China)

Heat 3
1 Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain) 11.784 & 12.028
2 Katrin Meinke (Germany)

Heat 4
1 Nancy Contreras Reyes (Mexico) 11.801 & 11.646
2 Daniela Larreal (Venezuela)


Gold Medal Race

1 Svetlana Grankovskaya (Russia)
2 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Belarus)

Bronze Medal Race

1 Nancy Contreras (Mexico)
2 Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)

Men's Team Sprint

Gold Medal Race
1 Germany 49.957
2 France 50.071

Bronze Medal Race

1 Great Britain
2 Australia


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