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August 4/03 8:58 am - Canada Cup DH Complete

Posted by Editoress on 08/4/03

Canada Cup DH Calgary AB
Courtesy organizers

Under 17 Sport MenRun1Run2Best Time
1. Sharma, Dustin (Independent) Calgary, AB02:34.1102:29.8502:29.85
2. Selk, Ryan (Independent) Cochrane, AB02:40.0602:34.1602:34.16
3. Hodgson, Peter (Independent) Pincher Creek, AB02:40.0002:37.5902:37.59
4. Newnes, Richard (Independent) Salmon Arm, BC02:43.4602:44.7502:43.46
5. MacArthur, Cody (Independent) Fernie, BC02:48.9802:43.8802:43.88
6. Davies, Thomas (Independent) Calgary, ABDNS02:51.0002:51.00
7. Proctor, Chris (Independent) Calgary, AB03:02.2402:55.5102:55.51
8. Ewan, Mark. Golden, BC03:25.4102:55.8602:55.86
9. Sumlak, T.J. (Independent) Red Deer, AB02:56.8703:03.2402:56.87
10. Smith, Jeremy (Independent) Calgary, AB03:02.8103:32.3303:02.81
11. Hession, Dale (Ridley's) Calgary, AB03:07.6103:03.4303:03.43
12. Thomas, Iain (Independent) Fernie, BCDNF03:07.4603:07.46
13. Leibel, Patrick (Independent) Airdrie, AB03:11.08DNS03:11.08
DNS Grant, Kyle (Cranky's Cranksters) St. Albert, ABDNSDNSDNS
Under 17 Expert Men
1. Friesen, David (Mtn. Cycle / Revelution Cycle) St. Albert, AB02:33.5802:30.9502:30.95
2. Pauley, Matt (Rocky Mountain Bike 'n Board) Red Deer, AB02:41.8202:36.1202:36.12
3. Leland, Rod (Pinkbike) Calgary, ABDNF02:38.1402:38.14
4. Bell, Wriley (Rocky Mountain Bike 'n Board) Innisfail, AB02:43.5503:44.6902:43.55
DNS. Hancock, Cory (Bay Cycle / 3 Rox Racing ) Peterborough, ONDNSDNSDNS
DNS. May, Codey (Skiis & Biikes) Lisle, ONDNSDNSDNS
Junior Sport Men
1. Hall, Joel (Skookum Cycle) Salmon Arm, BC02:34.9303:03.2702:34.93
2. Hughes, Braden (River Valley Cycle) St. Albert, AB02:39.1202:40.9402:39.12
3. Klein, Jason (Independent) Bragg Creek, AB02:42.23DNF02:42.23
4. Davies, Rhys (Independent) Calgary, AB02:46.6702:43.4802:43.48
5. Newnes, Andrew (Independent) Salmon Arm, BC02:47.5102:44.3402:44.34
6. Whitehouse, Chris (Cranky's Cranksters) St. Albert, AB02:51.9502:45.5402:45.54
7. Christian, Norrie (Redbike / Norco) Devon, AB02:56.9702:47.2102:47.21
8. Conroy, Jason (Cranky's Cranksters) St. Albert, AB02:48.9802:48.6002:48.60
DNS. Amsing, Eli (Independent) Calgary, ABDNSDNSDNS
Junior Expert Men
1. Brown, Sean (Intense Cycles) Point Claire, QC02:21.4102:19.5202:19.52
2. Digiacinto, Adriano (Steedcycles / Santa Cruz) North Vancouver, BC02:20.0102:19.9502:19.95
3. Biluk, Jamie (Olympia Cycle / Sombrio) Winnipeg, MB02:20.3202:35.2102:20.32
4. Giesbrecht, Jordan (Mad March Racing) Prince George, BC02:22.4002:24.2902:22.40
5. Pighin, Tyler (Rocky's Ride & Glide / Kona) Cranbrook, BC02:25.4902:23.5802:23.58
6. Timms, Sheldon (Taws) Powell River, BC02:24.2102:26.1002:24.21
7. Sturgeon, Matt (Radical Edge / Santa Cruz / Sombrio / Spy) New Maryland, NB02:28.4602:32.2702:28.46
8. Dick, Brendan (Bits & Bikes) Acton, ON02:36.7602:59.3602:36.76
DNF. Macleod, Connor (Giant Bicycles Canada) West Vancouver, BCDNFDNSDNF
DNS. Penrose, Travis (Sombrio / Smith) Garibaldi Highlands, BCDNSDNSDNS
Senior Sport Men
1. Ellis, Kurtis (Cafe Racers / Maccan / Lifeworks) Banff, AB02:31.0502:32.6102:31.05
2. Robison, Ryan (Selkirk Sports) Golden, BC02:34.9702:33.2402:33.24
3. Crombach, Cabel (Independent) Fernie, BC02:48.4802:37.3902:37.39
4. Jenkins, Sean (Giant Bicycles) Kamloops, BC02:42.06DNS02:42.06
5. Stratton, Scott (Stratton Plumbing and Heating) Fernie, BC02:42.5502:43.7102:42.55
6. Acton, Mike (Ridley's) Calgary, AB02:49.0102:51.0402:49.01
7. Wallace, Josh (Bits & Bikes) Burlington, ON02:50.94DNS02:50.94
8. Banaga, Charlie (Independent) Calgary, AB03:12.98DNF03:12.98
9. Ross, Clarke (Pedalhead / Giant Bicycles) Calgary, AB03:16.98DNS03:16.98
Senior Expert Men
1. Clark, Aaron (Independent) Fairmont, BC02:23.5602:23.0202:23.02
2. Hons, Kevin (Block 8 / Roach / Bow Cycle) Calgary, AB03:44.5502:29.1402:29.14
3. Labbe, Patrick (Fun Stuff Kamloops) Kamloops, BC02:32.5502:30.9702:30.97
4. Edwards, Noel (Cafe Racers / Maccan /Lifeworks) Canmore, AB02:32.2802:32.3602:32.28
5. Sawatzky, Jeremy (Alter Ego Sports) Glenboro, MBDNS02:39.7802:39.78
6. Terstappen, Paul (Independent) Calgary, AB02:51.5802:48.1002:48.10
DNS. Vardy, Grant (Over the Edge) Clarenville, NLDNSDNSDNS
Senior Expert Women
1. Grunsky, Tanya (Bicycle Cafe) Kamloops, BC02:49.4902:46.9902:46.99
Master Sport 30-39 Men
1. Marjakangas, Tommy (Mountain Cycle / Revelution Cycle) Calgary, AB02:54.0202:33.0002:33.00
2. Gray, Steve (Over the Edge / Troy Lee) Ottawa, ON03:08.3602:46.6302:46.63
3. Billings, Brendan (Cafe Racers) Calgary, AB02:47.79DNF02:47.79
4. Girard, John (B & P) Pincher Creek, AB03:09.0602:55.1902:55.19
DB|NF. Ruelling, Brent (ERTC / Redbike) Calgary, ABDNFDNSDNF
DNS. Masse, Ken (Pedalhead Cycling Club) Calgary, ABDNSDNSDNS
Master Expert 30-39 Men
1. Beatty, Graham (Hate and Discontent) North Vancouver, BC02:24.6002:25.2002:24.60
2. Lehr, Darcy (ERTC / Redbike) Edmonton, AB02:27.9902:25.8702:25.87
3. Starcevic, John (Independent) Vancouver, BC02:35.55DSQ02:35.55
4. Whalen, Brian (Over the Edge / Troy Lee) Ottawa, ON02:40.8602:38.7602:38.76
5. Jerrett, Chris (Special Forces / Freeride Mtn. Sports) St. Johns, NL02:49.73DNS02:49.73
Master 40+ Men
1. Epp, Greg (Independent) Red Deer , AB02:47.4202:48.4102:47.42
2. Lange, Robert (Overtime Store) Calgary, AB02:56.5003:07.2302:56.50
3. Smith, Timothy (United Cycle) St. Albert, AB03:05.7503:30.2303:05.75
4. Tornberg, Miles (B & P Cycle) Strathmore, AB03:33.3603:26.1403:26.14
Senior Elite Men
1. Donais, Hugo (Norco Factory Team) Lacheraie, QC02:16.0702:15.7002:15.70
2. Jones, Michael (Norco Factory Team) Victoria, BC02:15.8202:28.0002:15.82
3. Laurin, Mathieu (Balfa Cycles) Ste. Adele, QC02:19.5002:16.2702:16.27
4. Lyon, Brant (Giant Bicycles Canada) Victoria, BC02:17.6602:16.4402:16.44
5. Goss, Eric (Giant Canada / Troy Lee / Smith) Fredericton, NB02:17.1002:16.6702:16.67
6. Pendrel, Geoff (Balfa Cycles) North Vancouver, BC02:19.7602:18.9902:18.99
7. Hilder, Stu (Cove Bikes/ IDUN Clothing) North Vancouver, BCDNF02:19.5802:19.58
8. Menard, Dominic (La Cordee / Tomac / CGI) Laval, QC02:21.6302:19.5902:19.59
9. Van Herk, Mike (Lifecycles Racing) Chilliwack, BC02:22.6702:20.2602:20.26
10. Czuczor, Andy (Sun Ringle / Maxxis / Scott) Delta, BC02:21.5602:20.7002:20.70
11. Chiasson, Serge (Fernie Alpine Resort) Fernie, BC02:20.8702:25.8502:20.87
12. Briggs, Nathan (Selkirk Sports / Norco / Blocks) Golden, BC02:21.6002:22.6802:21.60
13. Eheler, Daniel (Nestle Ice Cream / Jack Cycle) Sardis, BC02:22.5702:23.2802:22.57
14. Wolstenholme, Mark (Cranky' Bike Shop / Giant Bicycles) St. Albert, AB02:22.6002:26.8602:22.60
15. Pilon, Jonathan (SPA / Maxxis / Spy) Valleyfield, QC02:23.9702:22.6902:22.69
16. Chabot, Martin (FAR) Fernie, BC02:36.5602:23.2402:23.24
17. Green, Jason (Yeti / Cove) North Vancouver, BC02:23.4402:26.5202:23.44
18. Jewett, Nicholas (Independent) Keswick Ridge, NS02:32.3202:24.0702:24.07
19. Burkat, Radek ( / Calgary Cycle) Calgary, AB02:25.1002:24.5502:24.55
20. Fontaine, Marc (Intense/Truvativ/Maxxis) QC02:24.6502:24.5602:24.56
21. Sakwi, Darren (Olympia / Juiced Clothing) Winnipeg, MB02:25.7702:29.1402:25.77
22. Lemire, Jean (Intense Canada) Ste. Foy, QC02:29.2503:45.8902:29.25
23. Gosselin, Nicolas (Virago Racing) Lac- Etchemin, QC02:29.5902:30.7202:29.59
24. Sinclair, Chris (Epic Ride) Caledon, ON02:30.4602:33.9902:30.46
25. Mead, Josh (Ruthless Cycle) Aurora, ON02:30.5402:31.1102:30.54
Senior Elite Women
1. Schroeter, Danika (Simon's Bike Shop / Hoots) Vancouver, BC02:30.1502:30.2002:30.15
2. MacKillop, Deb (Norco Factory Team) Nelson, BC02:38.8902:39.6402:38.89
3. Morris, Sheila (Dropmachine / Kreater Custom Motorcycles) Cookstown, ON02:51.7202:48.3502:48.35
4. McInnis, Lisa (HUB Cycle) Wentworth, NS03:30.5702:51.2902:51.29
5. Turenne, Darcy (Kona / Smith / Mt. Washington) Comox, BC02:52.3002:51.8602:51.86
DNF. Buchar, Clair (BALFA) Whistler, BCDNFDNSDNF


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