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August 4/03 9:05 am - Canada Cup XC Complete

Posted by Editoress on 08/4/03

Canada Cup XC Calgary AB
Courtesy organizers

Under 13 (10-12) Men
1. Cody Grant (Juventus) AB38:24.41
2. Kenneth Lubon (Independent) AB7:15.61
3. Jonathon Urton (Rock 'n Road) SK8:54.80
Under 13 (10-12) Women
1. Charlotte Batty (Bay Cycle/3 Rox Racing) ON41:43.81
Under 15 (13-14) Men
1. Drew Smith (Rundle Mtn Cycling Club) AB28:22.70
2. Leo Lacourciere (Rundle Mtn Cycling Club) AB0:04.28
3. William Urton (Rock 'n Road) SK2:01.86
4. Chris Jackson (Gears Racing Team) ON2:10.53
5. Spencer Smitheman (Juventus) AB2:10.53
6. Daniel Thorpe (Bay Cycle/3 Rox Racing) ON2:14.45
7. Robert McPhalen (Dynamic Cycle) AB2:40.44
8. Logan Brauer (Fort Sask. Bicycle Club) AB3:24.85
9. Justin Middleton (Juventus) AB3:45.13
10. William Monteath (Juventus) AB10:56.30
Under 15 (13-14) Women
1. Torie Grant (Juventus) AB40:51.15
2. Lindsey Walker (Juventus) AB1:01.03
Under 17 Sport Men
1. Scott Duggleby (Rundle Mtn Cycling Club) AB1:04:02.82
2. Anthony Killick (Independent) AB1:20.54
3. Mark Hazlett (Rocky Mtn Bike n Board) AB3:49.91
4. Jordan Brietzke (Snakebite Society) AB6:21.23
5. Paul MacDonald (Sport Chek Cycling) AB10:09.57
6. Michael Wheaton (Juventus) AB16:08.63
7. Kevin Fox (Juventus) AB30:29.84
Under 17 Expert Men
1. Kevin Bowser (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters) AB1:24:55.01
2. Mike Bidniak (Juventus) AB4:58.89
3. Blair Dryden (Freewheel Cycles / Kona) BC5:14.37
4. Codey May (Skiis & Biikes) ON5:14.39
5. Cory Hancock (Bay Cycle/3 Rox Racing) ON6:11.80
6. Eric Magee (Rundle Mtn Cycling Club) AB10:30.31
7. Vincent Blanchette (VW - Kaltire) MB 14:38.18
8. Pat Berry (Dead Goat Racing) AB15:56.60
Junior Sport Men
1. Kevin Lega (United Cycle) AB1:44:18.13
2. Jared Wilson (River Valley Cycle) AB12:08.38
3. Kevin McMahon (Independent) AB22:27.25
Junior Expert Men
1. Max Plaxton (Gears Racing Team) ON1:40:23.62
2. Jamie Lamb (Cyclesmith) NS2:25.40
3. Jonathan Boulanger (Nestea/ Perigny) QC3:29.83
4. Jean-Francois Vennes (Equipe Record) QC5:06.08
5. Jean Sebastien Perron (Independent) QC5:14.09
6. Chris Thorpe (Bay Cycle/3 Rox Racing) ON5:58.85
7. Mark Batty (Bay Cycle/3 Rox Racing) ON9:50.33
8. Kyle Douglas (Bay Cycle/3 Rox Racing) ON13:21.70
9. Vincent Scigliano (Critical Speed) AB17:20.51
10. Jean-Nicolas Laverte (Durand Sports) QC18:04.06
11. Tyler Foy (Rock 'n Road) SK43:41.87
DNF. Andrew Erb (Jolley's Altern. Wheels) ON
DNF. Steven Yau (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters) AB
Junior Expert Women
1. Olivia Gagne (Club Cycliste Beauport) QC1:34:46.35
2. Emily Batty (Bay Cycle/3 Rox Racing) ON2:55.38
3. Catherine Vipond (Gears Racing Team) ON5:08.19
4. Kylie Case (VW - Kaltire) MB 7:21.75
Senior Beginner Men
1. Orrin Little (Pedalhead) AB37:14.66
Senior Sport Men
1. Matthew Wex (British Army) GB 1:22:41.12
2. Colin Bell (Team Bianchi/Bike Shop) AB0:53.86
3. Earl Nolan (Dead Goat Racing) AB1:03.02
4. Andrew Royle (Calgary Cycle) AB1:56.27
5. Jamie Rasmussen (United Cycle) AB7:41.36
6. Roy Custodio (Terrascape Racing) AB8:51.66
7. Jesse Cook (Rundle Mtn Cycling Club) AB10:02.90
8. Jon Shalapay (United Cycle) AB11:31.24
9. Michael Vukadinovic (Skookum Cycle & Ski) BC12:31.79
10. Trevor Sutherland (Dead Goat Racing) AB12:58.36
11. Fred Roy (Northern Bush Rastas) SK17:59.83
12. Steve Vinci (Snakebite Society) AB28:53.26
13. Mark Shaw (Dynamic Cycle) AB35:39.10
14. Carl Bilodeau (Independent) AB36:37.54
15. Josh Silbernagel (Spokes 'n Attire) AB1:18:03.88
16. Adam Currie (Blizzard) BC1:20:19.95
DNF. Simon Richard (River Valley Cycle) AB
DNF. Jon Keech (Synergy) AB
DNS. Dion Clark (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters) AB
Senior Sport Women
1. Bridget Linder (Snakebite Society) AB1:10:19.78
2. Kathleen Pistak (Independent) BC7:03.83
3. Stephanie Carreau (Fly Gurlz) ON10:38.64
DNF. Kim Churchill (Pedalhead) AB
Senior Expert Men
1. Dave Kennedy (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters) AB1:47:56.95
2. Richard Giberson (Pedalhead) AB0:53.30
3. Jonathan Nutbrown (Independent) AB1:16.10
4. Adam Bailey (Black Sheep Mtb.) ON1:55.90
5. Gord Kennedy (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters) AB4:32.34
6. Devin Erfle (Dead Goat Racing) AB4:45.41
7. Gary Chambers (Dead Goat Racing) AB4:51.99
8. David Roberts (Snakebite Society) AB8:24.95
9. Paul Ignatiuk (ERTC) AB8:56.53
10. Jonathan Keats (Pedalhead) AB9:46.29
11. Kirk Hamilton (River Valley Cycle) AB9:51.55
12. Ryan May. 9:52.50
13. John Twells (Pedalhead) AB10:40.05
14. Dion Clark (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters) AB12:47.20
15. Darren Anderson (Pedalhead) AB14:58.50
16. Dominic Gauvin (Rocky Mtn Bike n Board) AB19:01.91
17. Rylan Lundgren (VW - Kaltire) MB 22:33.06
18. Graeme Wright (Rocky Mtn Bike n Board) AB31:37.67
19. Brian Kullman (Terrascape Racing) AB33:23.96
20. Duane Epp (Independent) ON36:17.27
Senior Expert Women
1. Christine Misseghers (Mtn. Bike City/Tatonka) AB1:44:58.52
2. Carrie Williamson (Terrascape Racing) AB3:26.39
3. Melanie Clark (Independent) AB4:17.17
4. Marisa Tosi (Terrascape Racing) AB4:22.60
5. Erica Musyj (Northern Bush Rastas) SK7:29.98
6. Maria Dacruz (Dirt Girls) AB11:53.93
DNF. Nicole Gemel (Dead Goat Racing) AB
Master Sport 30+ Women
1. Laura-Lee Dyck (Independent) AB1:13:12.54
2. Susan Sutherland (Synergy) AB7:34.53
Master Expert 30+ Women
1. Leslie Schlebach (Bicisport) AB1:44:24.73
2. Sherry Huybers (Spokebenders) NS 9:22.05
Master 40+ Sport Men
1. Henry Yau (Dead Goat Racing) AB1:01:55.61
2. Tommy Mak (Eurotech Cycle) AB0:05.76
3. Ron Bourget (Pedalhead) AB0:10.71
4. Wieslaw Zychowicz (Dead Goat Racing) AB0:17.62
5. Michael Zelensky (Pedalhead) AB0:26.35
6. Don Dagg (Independent) AB4:08.67
7. Steve Schiefler (Calgary Cycle) AB6:47.33
8. Don Fox (Juventus) AB7:23.93
9. Lawrence Keller (Dead Goat Racing) AB10:51.44
10. Peter Churchill (Pedalhead) AB10:52.57
11. Paul Mollins (Independent) AB11:37.61
12. Robert Carleton (Independent) ON30:17.55
13. Bruce Jackson (Gears Racing Team) ON30:53.47
Master Sport 30-39 Men
1. Mark Fedoroshyn (Mtn. Bike City/Tatonka) AB1:27:27.12
2. Edward Daykin (Calgary Cycle) AB1:08.49
3. Dan McDonogh (Independent) AB1:50.56
4. Wayne Calder (Dead Goat Racing) AB2:16.72
5. John Bence. 2:48.07
6. Jack Vandyk (Terrascape Racing) AB3:20.68
7. Allan Wray (Pedalhead) AB4:02.49
8. Ted Anderson (Dead Goat Racing) AB4:54.54
9. Kevin Walsh (Independent) AB8:15.70
10. Rob Novotny (Independent) AB10:20.49
11. Brent Clark (Independent) AB10:59.76
12. Frank Kovacs (Snakebite Society) AB11:47.00
13. Steve Walsh (Independent) AB12:14.63
14. Murray Aubin (ERTC) AB12:50.72
15. Mike Vander (Pedalhead) AB14:30.42
16. Gord McGuire (Independent) AB18:10.91
17. Don Reichert. 25:12.31
18. Terry Williams (River Valley Cycle) AB25:43.91
19. Ken Masse. 46:57.78
DNS. Wade Wallace (Terrascape Racing) AB
Master Expert 30-39 Men
1. Craig Stappler (Calgary Cycle) AB1:46:46.97
2. Kelly Servinski (Dead Goat Racing) AB1:35.80
3. Ross Andersen (Calgary Cycle) AB2:31.33
4. Clayton Paradis (Pedalhead) AB2:50.83
5. Pete Leibel (Flash-5 / Norco) BC4:31.43
6. Stephen Couse (Spokebenders) AB6:32.60
7. Lonn Bate (Terrascape Racing) AB7:29.67
8. Jim Brogden (Alter Ego Sports) MB 7:42.55
9. Greg Ashtem (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters) AB9:02.35
10. Jeff Seaborn (Independent) AB12:04.52
11. Mike Prinz (Single Track Cycle) AB16:16.07
12. Daniel Bierd (Bicisport) AB18:53.73
13. Ed Garvin (Single Track Cycle) AB19:09.34
14. Jason Nadeau (Independent) AB31:28.08
15. Chris Check (Pedalhead) AB43:21.84
DNF. David Caswell (Full Boar) BC
DNF. Brent Hambleton (Bicisport) AB
DNF. Rik Tykwinski (Pedalhead) AB
DNS. Phil McDonald (Snakebite Society) AB
Master 40+ Expert Men
1. Rod Smith (Calgary Cycle) AB1:21:55.39
2. Tim Berznyak (Dead Goat Racing) AB4:47.34
3. Graham Smith (Rundle Mtn Cycling Club) AB23:27.52
DNF. Brent MacDonald (Dead Goat Racing) AB
DNF. Craig Fraser (Single Track Cycle) AB
DNF. Phil Rayner (Headwinds) AB
DNF. Gary Dearing (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters) AB
DNF. Stan Magee (Rundle Mtn Cycling Club) AB
DNF. Gil Siminiuk (Independent) AB
DNF. Darcy Jones (Dead Goat Racing) AB
Senior Elite Men
1. Peter Wedge (Kona Clarks) NB1:59:46.34
2. Mathieu Toulouse (Gears Racing Team) ON0:02.06
3. Jesse Jakomait (Team Hardwood Hills) ON0:38.19
4. Carter Hovey (Rider's Cycles) BC0:42.20
5. Andrew Watson (Team Bianchi Canada) ON1:24.64
6. Mark Webster (Team Bianchi/Bike Shop) AB1:46.27
7. Mike Garrigan (Team Bianchi Canada) ON2:03.08
8. Marc Bomhof (Headwinds / Bike Shop) AB3:06.23
9. Kris Sneddon (Kona Clarks) BC3:50.55
10. Ricky Federau (Gears Racing Team) ON4:18.36
11. Matthew Hadley (Radical Edge) NB 5:10.93
12. Greg Reain (Gears Racing Team) ON5:36.95
13. Derek Zandstra (Bay Cycle/3 Rox Racing) ON5:56.52
14. Eric Batty (Bay Cycle/3 Rox Racing) ON6:48.89
15. Matt Patterson (Gears Racing Team) ON7:19.74
16. Adam Coates (Gears Racing Team) ON8:21.57
17. Frederic Bussieres (Gears Racing Team) ON8:56.79
18. Jason Shenkariuk (Independent) AB9:46.68
19. Jeremy Trudel (le Yeti) QC9:50.22
20. Tim Oliver (Gears Racing Team) ON9:55.67
21. Pierre-Alexandre Couture (Club Sportif Bromont) QC11:37.48
22. Stefan Widmer (Independent) BC12:19.87
23. Gerry Noble (Bike Barn) BC12:57.04
24. Yoshito Tsuji (Oak Bay Bicycle) BC13:18.88
25. Menno Hubregtse (Pedalhead) SK13:52.18
26. Shawn Bunnin (Cycledelia/Spoke 'n Sport ) SK 14:10.98
27. Evan Sherman (United Cycle) AB15:54.55
28. Nick Lynem (Independent) AB16:30.32
29. Brian Cooke (Bicycle Cafe) AB16:51.94
30. Michael Dennis (Gears Racing Team) ON17:03.07
31. Andre Sutton (Hardcore) AB17:13.60
32. Steve Martins (Hardcore) AB17:30.91
33. Martin Lazarski (Gears Racing Team) ON18:03.42
34. Brad Kerr (Off Road Syndicate) SK18:34.49
35. Byron Davis (Pedalhead) AB18:35.56
36. Cory Zetterstom (Bruce's Cycle Works) SK18:52.27
37. Mike Lawford (Independent) AB19:53.67
38. Per Strom (Bicisport) AB20:08.19
39. Matt Spurgin (Evans Cycles R.T.) GB 22:13.29
40. Leith Mcleod (VW - Kaltire) MB 22:20.21
41. Tim Carleton (Sport Swap) ON22:52.10
42. Tim Ogryzlo (Pedalhead) AB23:08.56
43. Julian Hine (Gears Racing Team) ON24:46.67
44. Paul Daniel (Pedalhead) AB28:13.74
45. Steven Elm (Calgary Cycle) AB28:34.03
46. Edmond Blanchette (VW - Kaltire) MB 31:22.38
47. Roddi Lega (United Cycle) ABDNF
48. Matt Douglas (Bay Cycle/3 Rox Racing) ONDNF
49. Thomas Skinner (KHS Bicycles) BCDNF
50. Kai Jenkins (Independent) BCDNF
51. Duane Ashley Myers (Terrascape Racing) ABDNS
Senior Elite Women
1. Marie-Helene Premont (Oryx Procycle) QC1:49:05.89
2. Karen DeWolfe (CA. Prunes/Orbitz) NS 2:48.01
3. Sarah Noble (Bike Barn) BC10:54.97
4. Annie Tykwinski (Pedalhead) AB12:19.09
5. Sandra Walter (Marin Canada) BC13:19.73
6. Danelle Kabush (Gears Racing Team) ON13:28.64
7. Martina Feldmann (Independent) BC13:56.00
8. Madelanie Bate (Terrascape Racing) AB14:21.40
9. Mical Dyck (Terrascape Racing) AB15:31.91
10. Tanis Banks (Gericks) BC16:48.06
11. Linda Robichaud (Norco Performance Bicycle ) BC 21:14.89
12. Heather King (Gears Racing Team) ON22:04.04
13. Lisa Licis (Hardcore) AB22:46.72
14. Anne-Marie Jobin (SOS Velo Ski) QC23:47.28
15. Sophie-Anne Blanchette (Gears Racing Team) ON24:07.49
16. Kasandra Cote (Normandin/CBSF) QC24:28.85
17. Stefanie Gauv


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