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August 10/03 12:21 pm - Vancouver Critical Mass Ride, Faulkner Wins, Alberta Track

Posted by Editor on 08/10/03

Critical Mass Bike Brigades to Under The Volcano

Leaving Grandview Park on Commercial Drive at 10am, 11am, noon and 1pm.

Return rides at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm. (leaving from behind the festival main stage on the pavement.) These critical masses go at the speed of the slowest rider so all levels are welcome. When there are enough riders and everyone riding agrees, the lane will be taken, otherwise, we ride 1 or 2 abreast.


Faulkner Wins New Hampshire Race

Nat Faulkner won a crit Saturday in Concord NH.

"The 1.8 km loop had a little hill, and I went away solo with 4 laps to go. A group of 4 caught me after a lap and with 1 to go we still had a slender lead. I just sat on, as the Trek VW team had a strong sprinter in the field (Skip Foley). Midway through the final lap Mark McCormack (US Professional National Champion) came past our break with Skip on his wheel. When they slowed down with 300 m remaining, I jumped to force Mark to start sprinting. As it turned out I won by inches over Skip."

FVK Track Finale/Alberta Masters' Championships Track Meet
Courtesy Andy Holmwood

Held Saturday, August 2 at the Glenmore Velodrome in Calgary.

2000M Pursuit
Jr Women
1Laura BrownBow Cycle/CMC2m55.1s
2Monique SullivanBicisport3m04.8s
1Anthony StadnykBicisport2m48.9s
2Eric SmithBow Cycle/CMC2m50.5s
3James AufrichtOlympic Oval2m58.3s
4Neal GregoryOlympic Oval2m58.8s
Master C
1Wayne LongEMCC2m46.4s
2Norm KalmanovitchBow Cycle/CMC2m49.4s
Master E
1Peter BiggEMCC3m14.6s
2Geoff BroadbentEMCC3m30.5s
3000M Pursuit
Jr Men
1Zach GrantJuventus3m51.1s
2Rene RegimbaldSynergy Racing4m08.8s
3Ross HarbottleBow Cycle/CMC4m22.1s
Master A
1cp WalshSynergy Racing3m55.0s
2Craig GoodSynergy Racing4m02.7s
3Kevin CoghlanPedalhead4m08.4s
4Sean Huggins-ChanBicisport4m13.0s
5Greg YanickiBicisport4m23.5s
Master B
1Peter TothERTC4m05.5s
2Ted DahmsPedalhead4m10.2s
3David WatsonVelocity4m18.3s
4Don HallidayBow Cycle/CMC4m25.0s
5Roger TetraultVelocity4m30.0s
6Rob OnoderaGS Campione4m47.8s
4000M Pursuit
1Bob VerobaBicisport4m49.9s
2Zach BellSynergy Racing5m03.0s
3Tom AmberiadisMBC5m23.8s
4Joel RegimbaldSynergy Racing5m32.1s
5Jeff SmithBow Cycle/CMC5m33.3s
6Ryan CorreySynergy Racing5m51.2s
500M Time Trial
Jr Women
1Laura BrownBow Cycle/CMC40.17s
2Monique SullivanBicisport41.24s
1Eric SmithBow Cycle/CMC39.94s
2James AufrichtOlympic Oval40.12s
3Anthony StadnykBicisport40.52s
4William MonteathJuventus42.93s
5Neal GregoryOlympic Oval44.22s
Master B
1Peter TothERTC39.02s
2Roger TetraultVelocity39.74s
3Ted DahmsPedalhead39.75s
5Rob OnoderaGS Campione43.26s
6David WatsonVelocity44.49s
Master C
1Norm KalmanovitchBow Cycle/CMC38.16s
2Wayne LongEMCC40.33s
Master E
1Peter BiggEMCC49.74s
2Geoff BroadbentEMCC51.39s
1000M Time Trial
Junior Men
1Zach GrantJuventus1m11.94s
2Rene RegimbaldSynergy Racing1m12.67s
3Ross HarbottleBow Cycle/CMC1m24.05s
Master A
1cp WalshSynergy Racing1m13.62s
2Kevin CoghlanPedalhead1m17.74s
3Craig GoodSynergy Racing1m17.85s
4Sean Huggins-ChanBicisport1m18.72s
5Greg YanickiBicisport1m23.48s
1Bob VerobaBicisport1m07.94s
2Tom AmberiadisMBC1m08.82s
3Zach BellSynergy Racing1m11.99s
4Joel RegimbaldSynergy Racing1m14.62s
5Jeff SmithBow Cycle/CMC1m16.85s
6Ryan CorreySynergy Racing1m22.82s
Flying 200M
Master E
1Geoff BroadbentEMCC16.62s
2Peter BiggEMCC16.69s
Master C
1Norm KalmanovitchBow Cycle/CMC12.66s
2Wayne LongEMCC13.77s
Master B
1Roger TetraultVelocity12.61s
2Peter TothERTC12.89s
3Ted DahmsPedalhead13.04s
4Don HallidayBow Cycle/CMC14.21s
5David WatsonVelocity14.76s
6Rob OnoderaGS Campione 14.79s
Master A
1cp WalshSynergy Racing12.20s
2Kevin CoghlanPedalhead12.68s
3Craig GoodSynergy Racing13.08s
4Sean Huggins-ChanBicisport13.69s
5Greg YanickiBicisport13.70s
1Eric SmithBow Cycle/CMC13.20s
2Anthony StadnykBicisport13.77s
3William MonteathJuventus14.01s
4James AufrichtOlympic Oval14.10s
5Neal GregoryBicisport15.08s
Jr Men
1Zach GrantJuventus12.42s
2Rene RegimbaldSynergy Racing12.43s
3Ross HarbottleBow Cycle/CMC13.32s
1Tom AmberiadisMBC11.52s
2Joel RegimbaldSynergy Racing11.83s
3Bob VerobaBicisport11.88s
4Zach BellSynergy Racing12.01s
5Ryan CorreySynergy Racing12.82s
6Jeff SmithBow Cycle/CMC13.01s
Jr Women
1Laura BrownBow Cycle/CMC13.49s
2Monique SullivanBicisport13.67s
Scratch Race
1James AufrichtOlympic Oval
2Anthony StadnykBicisport
3Neal GregoryBicisport
4Eric SmithBow Cycle/CMC
5William MonteathJuventus
Jr Women
1Laura BrownBow Cycle/CMC
2Monique SullivanBicisport
Master C
1Wayne LongEMCC
2Norm KalmanovitchBow Cycle/CMC
Master E
1Peter BiggEMCC
2Geoff BroadbentEMCC
Jr Men
1Zach GrantJuventus
2Rene RegimbaldSynergy Racing
3Ross HarbottleBow Cycle/CMC
Master B
1Peter TothERTC
2Ted DahmsPedalhead
3David WatsonVelocity
4Don HallidayBow Cycle/CMC
5Roger TetraultVelocity
6Rob OnoderaGS Campione
Master A
1cp WalshSynergy Racing
2Kevin CoghlanPedalhead
3Sean Huggins-ChanBicisport
4Craig GoodSynergy Racing
5Greg YanickiBicisport
1Zach BellSynergy Racing
2Bob VerobaBicisport
3Joel RegimbaldSynergy Racing
4Jeff SmithBow Cycle/CMC
5Ryan CorreySynergy Racing
Omnium Points
1Eric SmithBow Cycle/CMC30
2Anthony StadnykBicisport29
3James AufrichtOlympic Oval25
4Neal GregoryBicisport12
5William MonteathJuventus10
Jr Men
1Zach GrantJuventus40
2Rene RegimbaldSynergy Racing28
3Ross HarbottleBow Cycle/CMC20
Jr Women
1Laura BrownBow Cycle/CMC40
2Monique SullivanBicisport28
1Bob VerobaBicisport32
2Zach BellSynergy Racing25
3Tom AmberiadisMountain Bike City22
4Joel RegimbaldSynergy Racing18
5Jeff SmithBow Cycle/CMC8
6Ryan CorreySynergy Racing6
Master A
1cp WalshSynergy Racing40
2Kevin CoghlanPedalhead26
3Craig GoodSynergy Racing20
4Sean Huggins-ChanBicisport14
5Greg YanickiBicisport8
Master B
1Peter TothERTC37
2Ted DahmsPedalhead24
3Roger TetraultVelocity21
4David WatsonVelocity13
5Don HallidayBow Cycle/CMC12
6Rob OnoderaGS Campione5
Master C
1Wayne LongEMCC37
2Norm KalmanovitchBow Cycle/CMC31
Master E
1Peter BiggEMCC37
2Geoff BroadbentEMCC31


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