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August 11/03 9:09 am - Montréal-Québec Full Results

Posted by Editor on 08/11/03

Montréal-Québec August 10th

237.4 km (Average speed - 39.7 kmph)

1. Tim Johnson (USA) Saturn Cycling Team5:58:38
2. Alexandre Nadeau (CAN) AD OPTat 0:52
3. Ciaran Power (IRL) Navigators Cycling Team2:02
4. Phil Zajicek (USA) Saturn Cycling Team2:21
5. Jeff Louder (USA) Navigators Cycling Team2:37
6. Siro Camponogara (ITA) Navigators Cycling Team3:13
7. Kevin Miller (CAN) Jet Fuel Coffee/Healthnets.t.
8. Adam Garlapow (USA) Shickluna3:58
9. David Degrandpré (CAN) AD OPTs.t.
10. Ariel De Cardenas (CAN) Premier Tech4:20
11. Oleg Grichkine (RUS) Navigators Cycling Team8:40
12. Gordon Fraser (CAN) Jet Fuel Coffee/Healthnet
13. Charles Dionne (CAN) Saturn Cycling Teamboth s.t.
14. Mark McCormack (USA) Saturn Cycling Team8:42
15. Joe Guliano (CAN) Atlas Cold/Italpasta
16. Richard Strasser (USA) Shickluna
17. Mathias Letendre (CAN) Ste-Foy (Qué métro)
18. Maxime Vives (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
19. Stig Somme (NOR) Jet Fuel Coffee/Healthnet
20. Andrew Randell (CAN) Jet Fuel Coffee/Healthnet
21. Greg Boileau (CAN) Velocity Racing
22. Claude Samson (CAN) Ste-Foy (Qué métro)all s.t.
23. Stéphane Déry (CAN) Dynamiks de Contrecoeur8:49
24. Mathieu Roy (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
25. Bruce Ketchum (CAN) Midweek Elite/Thornhill SAAB
26. Tom Danielson (USA) Saturn Cycling Team
27. Paul Migner (CAN) Bernard Hinault
28. Don Zuck (CAN) Pavan Cycling Team
29. Justin Spinelli (USA) Navigators Cycling Team
30. Jean-Pierre Doré (CAN) Velocity Racing
31. Alexi Richer (CAN) Premier Tech
32. Giovanni Traina (CAN) Opus/Élio Pizzeria
33. Manuel Jean (CAN) Premier Tech
34. Kirk O'Bee (USA) Navigators Cycling Team
35. Mario Piccoli (CAN) Opus/Élio Pizzeria
36. Patrick Béland (CAN) Ste-Foy (Qué métro)
37. Jean-François Racine (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
38. Mark Walters (CAN) Navigators Cycling Team
39. Jérome Coté (CAN) Ste-Foy (Qué métro)
40. Will Frishkorn (USA) Saturn Cycling Teamall s.t.
41. Yves Lefebvre (CAN) Dynamiks de Contrecoeur9:03
42. Mark Comaniuk (CAN) AD OPT9:17
43. Jean-Francois Fortin (CAN) AD OPT
44. Martin Prud'Homme (CAN) AD OPT
45. Stacy Wall (CAN) Pavan Cycling Team
46. Patrick Shea (CAN) Atlas Cold/Italpasta
47. Harold Duguay (CAN) Dynamiks de Contrecoeurall s.t.
48. Robin Bolduc (CAN) Velocity Racing9:21
49. John Roden (USA) Shickluna
50. Jean-François Gagné (CAN) AD OPT
51. Carl Desrochers (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
52. Carl Dessureault (CAN) Colnago-Carrera
53. Stéphane Tremblay (CAN) Nestea-Périgny
54. David Fry (CAN) Midweek Elite/Thornhill SAAB
55. Chris Atkins (CAN) Midweek Elite/Thornhill SAAB
56. Collin Burn (CAN) Jet Fuel Coffee/Healthnet
57. David Moustakif (CAN) Premier Tech
58. François Doyon (CAN) Colnago-Carrera
59. Sébastien Pilotte (CAN) Colnago-Carrera
60. Rino Lapiccirella (CAN) Pavan Cycling Team
61. Rino Lapiccirella (CAN) Pavan
62. Kevin Lemman (CAN) Midweek Elite/Thornhill SAABall s.t.
63. Chris Garlapow (USA) Shickluna9:31
64. Yves St-Louis (CAN) Ste-Foy (Qué métro)s.t.
65. Bryan Ruche (CAN) Atlas Cold/Italpasta9:40
66. Bruce Krip (CAN) Midweek Elite/Thornhill SAAB9:45
67. Anthony Byrne (USA) Shicklunas.t.
68. Gervais Bernier (CAN) Bernard Hinault9:49
69. Alain Gosselin (CAN) Dynamiks de Contrecoeurs.t.
70. Joel Coté (CAN) Espoirs de Laval9:52
71. Gérald Chen (CAN) Velocity Racings.t.
72. Robert Brisson (CAN) Bernard Hinault9:54
73. Christian Ouellet (CAN) AD OPT9:56
74. Éric Desjardins (CAN) Nestea-Périgny10:01
75. Anthony Prior (CAN) Velocity Racing
76. Karl-Harol Mercier (CAN) Bernard Hinaultboth s.t.
77. Antoine Studner (CAN) Espoirs de Laval10:04
78. Greg Janssen (USA) Shickluna10:07
79. Pierre Boilard (CAN) Ste-Foy (Qué métro)10:09
80. Sébastien Deschenes (CAN) Premier Tech10:17
81. Yvan Dion (CAN) Bernard Hinault10:20
82. Bernard Vives (CAN) Espoirs de Laval10:26
83. Nicolas Ferland (CAN) Opus/Élio Pizzeria
84. Louis-François Guimont (CAN) Premier Techboth s.t.
85. Francois Billette (CAN) Bernard Hinault10:29
86. Luc Dionne (CAN) Dynamiks de Contrecoeur
87. Yohann Deshaies (CAN) Premier Tech
88. Alexandre Odulinski (CAN) Nestea-Périgny
89. Andrew Mcdonald (CAN) Pavan Cycling Teamall s.t.
90. Ryan Roth (CAN) Jet Fuel Coffee/Healthnet10:37
91. Carl Grenier (CAN) Colnago-Carrera10:40
92. Greg Wells (CAN) Pavan Cycling Team10:48
93. Joel Pelletier (CAN) Premier Tech10:52
94. Sébastien Rousseau (CAN) Premier Techs.t.
95. Philippe Planet (CAN) Nestea-Perigny12:05
96. Charlie Gorman (CAN) Velocity Racing13:05
97. Mike Ruthledge (CAN) Pavan Cycling Team13:40
98. Roy Zuchetto (CAN) Pavan Cycling Team14:43
99. Jean-Sébastien Béland (CAN) Colnago-Carrera15:06
100. Andrew Pinfold (CAN) Atlas Cold/Italpastas.t.
101. Howard Moody (CAN) Bernard Hinault15:54
DNF. Howard Berridge (CAN) Opus/Élio Pizzeria
DNF. Alexandre Morin (CAN) Nestea-Périgny
DNF. Benoit Poirier (CAN) AD OPT
DNF. Daniel Boilard (CAN) AD OPT
DNF. Sylvestre Champagne (CAN) AD OPT
DNF. Malcom Monro (CAN) Midweek Elite/Thornhill SAAB
DNF. Christopher Bolton (CAN) Midweek Elite/Thornhill SAAB
DNF. Chris Shwabe (USA) Shickluna
DNF. Frédéric Millette (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
DNF. Éric Ménard (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
DNF. Matthew Hansen (CAN) Atlas Cold/Italpasta
DNF. Andrews Lees (CAN) Velocity Racing
DNF. Sylvain Bourque (CAN) Dynamiks de Contrecoeur
DNF. Jean-Sébastien Maheu (CAN) Opus/Élio Pizzeria
DNF. Thorben Weiditz (CAN) Midweek Elite/Thornhill SAAB
DSQ. François Parisien (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
DSQ. Peter Morse (CAN) Midweek Elite/Thornhill SAAB
DSQ. Sébastien Moquin (CAN) Colnago-Carrera
DSQ. Czeslaw Lukaszewickz (CAN) Opus/Élio Pizzeria
DSQ. Steve Rover (CAN) Opus/Élio Pizzeria
DSQ. Jeff Hansen (CAN) Atlas Cold/Italpasta
Team GC
1. Navigators 18:03:46
2. Saturn 18:06:55
3. AD OPT18:10:01
4. Jet Fuel18:16:29
5. Premier Tech 18:17:52
6. Shickluna 18:17:55
7. Ste-Foy18:22:07
8. Espoirs Laval18:22:14
9. Velocity 18:22:46
10. Dynamiks18:23:03
11. Pavan18:23:21
12. Thornhill Saab18:23:25
13. Colnago-Carrera18:23:57
14. Bernard Hinault18:24:26
15. Nestea-Perigny18:25:45
16. Opus / Elio PizzeriaNot Classified
17. Atlas Cold / Italpasta Not Classified


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