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August 18/03 1:53 am - Nova Scotia XC Championships

Posted by Editor on 08/18/03

Nova Scotia XC Provincial Championships
Courtesy Kevin MacCuish

Results from the Nova Scotia Provincial XC Championships (Race Name: The Hillbilly Hammerfest), held at Londonderry, NS on Sunday, August 17.

Open Elite Male
1Jason EaglesHub Racing2:28:50
2Mark FosterCyclesmithat 0:51
3Ed RushtonCyclesmith7:17
4Dan SmithCyclesmith10:53
5Justin St. OngeSpokebenders20:16
6Chris GrahamHub Racing33:27
DNFJamie LambCyclesmith
DNFTerry TomlinOutdoor Gear Canada (OGC)
Open Elite Female
1Amanda SinIndependent2:28:28
2Kate ScallionNorco Performance Bikesat 26:14
Open Expert Male 19-29
1Paul BelhumeurCyclesmith2:29:58
2Andrew MyattIndependentat 6:14
3Andrew RockwellGiant Bicycles8:01
4Troy BaillieSpokebenders8:15
5Kyle SwainCyclesmith15:39
6Randy GrayCyclesmith16:38
DNFSimon MyattCyclesmith
Junior Expert Male
1Jonathan BurgessIndependent2:29:21
2Liam AtkinsonSpokebendersat 13:58
DNFDaniel ComeauSportwheels
Master Expert Male 40+
1Peter CampbellCyclesmith1:59:15
DQBrian AdamsOutdoor Gear Canada (OGC)
Senior Sport Men
1Richard MacDonaldRamsay's Cycle & Sport2:00:51
2Steve PurcellCyclesmithat 1:48
3Rob KlueCyclesmith8:14
4Martin AustinCyclesmith18:22
5Anthony LacopiaCyclesmith29:21
6Adam HorneIndependent32:30
DQMichael ChaulkIndependent
U17 Expert & Junior Sport Men
1Ryan van KroonenburgCyclesmith2:22:15
2Joel BurkeIndependentat 27:45
DNFLandon UrquartIndependent
Masters 30-39 Sport Men
1Loche MacKinnonIndependent1:35:04
2Bruce RobertsSpokebendersat 3:04
3Bob BustinCyclesmith4:03
4Ian WhiteheadIndependent6:49
5Andrew PeacockIndependent10:15
6Brad CameronSpokebenders12:44
7Scott SedgewickBicycles Plus13:17
8Jason VardyIndependent26:20
9Derek OzonIndependent33:12
10Mike StrangCyclesmith33:18
11Stephen GallantIndependent36:07
12Craig BezansonIndependent48:03
DNFTrent BoswickIndependent
Masters 40+ Sport Men
1Douglas MacDougallSea Level Cycling1:37:49
2Walter FurlanIndependentat 1:37
3Pedro CarvahloIndependent13:34
4John Van KroonenburgIndependent22:34
5Lawrence MacNeilIndependent26:36
6Steve MitchellCyclesmith30:56
7Ritter UrsIndependent42:47
8John RossIndependent45:01
9Gerry GassIndependent48:54
DNFPeter McLeodValley Stove and Cycle
DNFDan PottierIndependent
Senior Sport Women
1Lisa McInnisSpokebenders1:24:53
2Jill CameronIndependentat 9:55
3Gwen MaderSpokebenders11:45
4Enid SchallerIndependent32:54
U17 Sport Male
1Mark PennellCyclesmith1:11:34
2Garrett MacLeodValley Stove and Cycleat 0:24
3Adrien ComeauSportwheels4:36
4Mark TrusslerCyclesmith14:41
5Kyle DimmockSpokebenders22:55
DNFGeoff O'TooleCyclesmith
U15 Sport Male
1Jeremy GassIndependent0:38:59
2Joe RobertSpokebendersat 0:27
3Kyle GallantIndependent1:41
4David TowerCyclesmith3:06
5Mark RushtonCyclesmith5:29
6Leigh MitchellIndependent6:12
7Shawn BoucherIndependent6:18
U13 Mixed
1Liam McInerneyIndependent0:49:57
2Kris SimmonsIndependentat 0:22
3Andrew SedgewickIndependent1:29
4Justin GloadeSpokebenders13:12
DNFMariel MacLeodValley Stove and Cycle


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