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August 18/03 11:15 am - Alberta, GP Laurentides, Halifax TT, Birthdays

Posted by Editor on 08/18/03

Alberta Provincial Road Race Championships
Courtesy Andy Holmwood

Held at Mink Lake (about 50 kilometre west of Edmonton) on August 17, 2003.

Open Men - 154 Km
1Taylor LittleRiver Valley Cycle4:07:03 (Gold)
2Paul Berry*Spoke 'n Motion
3Jeff BolstadTRS RacingSilver
4Geoff JohnsBianchi/The Bike ShopBronze
5Jesse James CollinsBicisport
6Mike SticklandPedalhead
7Kevin RokoshERTCall s.t.
8Chris WrightJuventus4:07:07
9Mark KnollBow Cycle/CMC
10Sean BarrPedalhead
11Dylan SnowdonBianchi/The Bike Shop
12Ted DahmsPedalhead
13Dan PetersenBow Cycle/CMC
14Sean WilliamsKelowna Cycle
15Craig GoodSynergy Racingall s.t.
16Rob SimpsonJuventus4:07:16
17Wade WallaceTRS Racing4:07:21
18Bruce CopelandJuventuss.t.
19Niall McGrathERTC4:07:24
20Gary AlexanderTRS Racing4:07:33
21Guri RandhawaPedalheads.t.
22Dave LeahyTRS Racing4:07:57
23Duane Ashley MyersTerrascapes.t.
24Roddi LegaUnited Cycle4:09:20
25Steven ElmCalgary Cycle4:09:28
26Gregg MenardJuventus4:09:39
27Mark FewsterTRS Racing4:25:00
28Shawn TaylorRundle Mountain CC4:30:00
DNFJason ShenkariukSnakebite Society
*out-of-province rider; ineligible for provincial medal
Women - 114 KmCategory
1Jessica DeMarsBianchi/The Bike ShopA3:29:01 (Gold)
2Samantha NicholsonBianchi/The Bike ShopAs.t. (Silver)
3Nola ZwarichBianchi/The Bike ShopA3:30:25 (Bronze)
4Rachel PlayfairWay Past FastBs.t. (Gold)
5Kristin CampbellPedalheadB3:37:23 (Silver)
6Petrina TulissiBianchi/The Bike ShopA3:37:24
7Tanya BagnellWay Past FastB3:39:14 (Bronze)
8Martine ChardonBow Cycle/CMCB3:41:36
9Nikki LavoieJuventusB
10Amy WoodwardBow Cycle/CMCAboth s.t.
11Anna PatonWay Past FastB4:42:39
Cat 5 Men/U17 Men/Junior Women - 55 Km
1Cliff MorrisonVelocity1:28:16 (Gold)
2Peter HepplestonEMCCSilver
3Anthony StadnykBicisportboth s.t. (Bronze/U17 Gold)
4Gilbert BilodeauBlizzard1:28:19 (U17 Silver)
5Spencer SmithemanJuventus1:28:21 (U17 Bronze)
6Tessa BilodeauBlizzard
7Lev KrivitskyCrankmastersJunior Women Gold
8Justin MiddletonJuventus
9Peter BiggEMCC
10Neal GregoryBicisportall s.t.
11Don FoxJuventus1:29:03
12Terii KovacsSnakebite Society1:36:41
13Torie GrantJuventuss.t. (Junior Women Silver)
14Myron StadnykBicisport1:36:50
15William MonteathJuventus1:43:18
16Christian ConnerJuventus1:43:24
17Sandy CousinsEMCC1:44:19
18Kevin FoxJuventus1:51:54
Category 3 Men - 130 Km
1David ArianoERTC3:34:30
2Tim OgryzloPedalhead
3Byron DavisPedalhead
4Rich WegerhoffDeadgoat
5Nick FriesenRiver Valley Cycle
6David WatsonVelocity
7Rob McCollumPedalhead
8Michael JohnsCABC/Projekt 1
9Dan BierdBicisport
10Phil MacDonaldSnakebite Societyall s.t.
11Ryan SteenbergenBow Cycle/CMC3:34:34
12Don HallidayBow Cycle/CMC3:34:35
13Bryant HebertBianchi/The Bike Shop
14Graham RudgeERTCboth s.t.
15Ross AndersenCalgary Cycle3:34:37
16Spencer RoydsTatonka3:34:40
17Brian BainBow Cycle/CMC3:34:41
18Tim DeschenesVelocitys.t.
19Mike LawfordPedalhead3:34:44
20Pat DoyleDeadgoat3:34:48
21Craig HoronVelocity3:34:58
22Andy AchuffPedalhead3:37:17
23Chris HarrisonERTC3:40:32
24Harley DespreyVelocity3:54:49
DNFBob McKerrellCABC/Projekt 1
Category 4 / Junior Men - 114 Km
1Brian KullmanTerrascape3:00:00 (Gold)
2Jayson GillespieERTCSilver
3Reid DalgleishSynergy RacingBronze
4Robert FougereIndependent
5Paul VenturelliPedalhead
6Mike BidniakJuventusJunior Men Gold
7Shawn GouletPedalhead
8Michael HeintzmanBlizzard
9Myles MarshallJuventus
10Darin SchackerRiver Valley Cycle
11Kevin CoghlanPedalhead
12Vince SciglianoCritical SpeedJunior Men Silver
13Sean WalshBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men Bronze
14John TwellsPedalhead
15Dean RawsonPedalhead
16Gary ChambersDeadgoat
17Devin ErfleDeadgoat
18Greg FulfordIndependent
19Jeremy MyersJuventusall s.t.
20Mike SarneckiUnited Cycle3:00:05
21Kevin NobleUnited Cycles.t.
22Stephen FerrisBlizzard3:00:07
23Daniel VeselicRundle Mountain CCs.t.
24Keith BaylyDeadgoat3:00:09
25Ron BourgetPedalhead3:00:15
26Michael MeeresCABC/Projekt 1
27Edward EmesERTCboth s.t.
28Gerry McCuaigDeadgoat3:00:18
29James RadfordRiver Valley Cycle3:00:35
DSQMathieu GautierRundle Mountain CC
DNFJan SacharukPedalhead
DNFDan BradleyERTC
DNFDylan MenardJuventus
DNFFrank KovacsSnakebite Society

Grand Prix des Laurentides
Courtesy Sylvain Richard

This is a Espoirs race but the organizer has opened it to second year Juniors. It is a 3 stage race with a criterium (70 km), ITT (14 km) and finally a road race (144 km), and will be held next week-end - August 23 and 24.

The organization needs more riders, and is open to composite teams. The people interested in competing can contact Luc Dubois at, or telephone him at 819-425-8752. If no more riders sign up, they will cancel this UCI event and it won't be back next year.

Wrandees Time Trial - Halifax, Nova Scotia

First race is August 18, 2003.

What: A point to point MTB time trial on some very technical singletrack. 5km worth. Fast senior elite riders can cover it in under 25 minutes, the longest it has taken has been about 45 minutes. Something for everyone. People with 35lb Kona Stinky's can beat XC types on 24lb OCLV Trek Fuels. It's true.

Where: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Cowie Hill Entrance (at the end of the Cowie Hill Connector where the traffic lights are). Race ends at the parking lot at the end of Roller Coaster (finish line is beside the Welcome to Halifax sign.)

When: Every Tuesday until it is too dark to ride. Meet at the start between 6:30 and 6:45pm. Riders will be going ASAP.

Who: Everybody with a bike (mountain bike). People who like to run low tire pressures might want to top them up.

Why? 'Cause its there'. One course that never changes, gauge yourself against everyone. No categories or age groups, just you and your bike against the clock. And it's free.

If you own a number plate, attach it to your bike before coming out. We are slowly running out of plates.

Happy Birthday To...

Jeff Hansen, today. Belated greetings to: Andrew Pinfold and Rob Hewitt (both August 14th), Elladee Brown and Nicole Demars (both yesterday).


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