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August 24/03 5:19 am - Plouay, 6 Day Update, Faulkner 2nd, Helped Needed

Posted by Editor on 08/24/03

Plouay Women's World Cup

We have received word that the results from the Women's World Cup may be incorrect, with some lapped riders placed ahead of non-lapped riders. We have not had any official word on this yet, but the UCI has not released their version of the results yet.

NAS-Track 6 Day - Michigan

Day 3

Madison Race Results

1 Tony Bruley, Rochester Hills & Cullen Watkins, Royal Oak
2 Dave Koesel, Livonia & Hans Peterson, Northville
3 Jon Hughes, Rochester Hills & Wayne Cook, Mt. Clemens
4 Terry Palmer, Macomb Twp. & Nick Lawton, Rochester Hills
5 Pio Apostoli, Toledo & Mark Freed, Mt. Pleasant
6 Ronnie Sink, Rochester & Mike Bauhof, Troy
7 Rob Good, Toronto & Dave Teal, Toledo
8 Ray Dybowski, Waterford & Christopher Hughes, Rochester Hills

Overall Standings after Day 3

A Category
1 Dave Koesel, Livonia 99 points
2 Tony Bruley, Rochester Hills 94
3 Ronnie Sink, Rochester 88 Pts
4 Terry Palmer, Macomb Twp. 73
5 Jon Hughes, Rochester Hills 60
6 Pio Apostoli 54
7 Andre Champoux, Ypsilanti 52
8 Rob Good, Toronto 40


1 Michael Bauhof, Troy 98 points.
2 Cullen Watkins, Royal Oak 97
3 Mark Freed, Mt. Pleasant 76
4 Nick Lawton, Rochester Hills 73
5 Wayne Cook, Mt. Clemens 69
6 Dave Teal, Toledo, Ohio 60
7 Hans Peterson, Northville 54
8 Christopher Hughes, Roch. Hills 42

Day 4

1 Tony Bruley, Rochester Hills & Christopher Hughes, Rochester Hills
2 Rob Good, Toronto, Canada & Nick Lawton, Rochester Hills
3 Dave Koesel, Livonia & Dave Teal, Toledo, Ohio
4 Ronnie Sink, Rochester & Mark Freed, Mt. Pleasant
5 Andre Champoux, Ypsilanti & Wayne Cook, Mt. Clemens
6 Ray Dybowski, Waterford & Hans Peterson, Northville

Overall Standings after Day 4

A Category
1 Tony Bruley, Rochester Hills, 133 points
2 Dave Koesel, Livonia 130
3 Ronnie Sink, Rochester 116
4 Andre Champoux, Ypsilanti 77
5 Rob Good, Toronto 73
6 Terry Palmer, Macomb Twp., 73
7 Jon Hughes, Rochester Hills, 60
8 Pio Apostoli, Toledo 62

1 Nick Lawton, Rochester Hills 136 points
2 Cullen Watkins, Royal Oak 118
3 Wayne Cook, Mt. Clemens 94
4 Mark Freed, Mt. Pleasant 93
5 Dave Teal, Toledo, Ohio 86
6 Michael Bauhof, Troy 81
7 Christopher Hughes, Roch. Hills 77
8 Hans Peterson, Northville 66

Day 5

1 Dave Koesel, Livonia & Mark Freed, Mt. Pleasant
2 Andre Champoux, Ypsilanti & Christopher Hughes, Rochester Hills
3 Ronnie Sink, Rochester & Wayne Cook, Mt. Clemens
4 Tony Bruley, Rochester Hils & Dave Teal, Toledo, Ohio
5 Rob Good, Toronto, Canada & Cullen Watkins, Royal Oak
6 Pio Apostoli, Toledo & Nick Laughton, Rochester Hills

Overall Standings after Day 5

Category A
1 Dave Koesel, Livonia 169 points
2 Tony Bruley, Rochester Hills 157
3 Ronnie Sink, Rochester 146
4 Andre Champoux, Ypsilanti 103
5 Rob Good, Toronto 93
6 Pio Apostoli, Toledo 76
7 Terry Palmer, Macomb Twp. 73
8 Jon Hughes, Rochester Hills 60

1 Nick Lawton, Rochester Hills 153 points
2 Cullen Watkins, Royal Oak 144
3 Mark Freed, Mt. Pleasant 129
4 Wayne Cook, Mt. Clemens 116
5 Dave Teal, Toledo, Ohio 111
6 Christopher Hughes, Roch. Hills 98
7 Michael Bauhof, Troy 81
8 Hans Peterson, Northville 69

The final day of racing takes place this evening.

Faulkner Second in Maine

Two weeks after taking out the New Hampshire Championship, Nat Faulkner and Skip Foley (both Trek/ VW) repeated their 1-2 finish at the Maine State Crit Championships. Yasuhiro Yamamoto, of the Japanese Nippon Hodo Pro team rounded out the top 3.

Burlington BMX Track Request

We are in desperate need for volunteers - if you have ever considered helping out - we could really use your help more now than ever.

Please be understanding with us if we have to close due to lack of volunteers - we have very strict rules we must follow in order to continue to have the City of Burlington cover our insurance - no insurance - no track. We have specific rules and regulations we must follow in order to operate our track to the cities specifications - if we as volunteers, are unable to provide all of the necessary requirements we are not allowed to open the track. Please keep this in mind if we have to close due to the lack of volunteers.

For those of you who have stated they will "just hop the fence and ride" please be aware that you are trespassing if on the track when we are not open. The Halton Regional Police have been advise that they are to press charges if this is the case. We are once again trying to follow all of the rules that the city of Burlington has given us to operate this track, yes sometimes it sucks - but better than not having a track at all.

Our website has been updated please check the updated website for news and ride info -

Freeride Help Needed

The McMaster Students Union and the World Cycling Championships committee are working to put together a freeride demo to get attention to the road cycling world championships. We are looking for people interested in helping us build some stunts, 3-5 people maximum. We will write letters of reference to anyone who comes out and helps us. Work will involve building a wooden box jump and low ladder bridges. We're looking for people around the high school age.

Kris Somers
Vice-President Finance & CFO
McMaster Students Union

T: 905-525-9140 ext. 24109
F: 905-529-3208


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