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August 31/03 7:48 am - Masters Worlds DH Full Results

Posted by Editor on 08/31/03

2003 Masters Montain Bike World Championships - Downhill

Women 30-34
1. Cara Leonard (USA) Independant3:44.9
2. Donna Fletcher (USA) Independant4:04.5
3. Lisa Reinhard (USA) Team Oxygen4:25.8
4. Josée Tremblay (CAN) Independant6:41.6
Women 35-39
1. Paula Santerior (USA) Independant3:53.1
Women 50-54
1. Kathy Burns (USA) Table rock Tours8:50.6
Women 60+
1. Doris Matyasovich (USA) Independant7:34.7
Men 30-34
1. Lars Tribus (USA) Chumba Racing2:44.6
2. Tim Ponting (GBR) Independant2:47.5
3. Sébastien Chovet (FRA) Ayton/Giant2:49.4
4. Stéphane Fichant (FRA) Sud 29 VTT Quimper2:50.0
5. Patrick Sorbier (FRA) Independant2:54.5
6. Paul May (GBR) Independant2:55.7
7. Shaun Evans (USA) Turner2:58.0
8. Graham Beatty (CAN) Independant3:00.4
9. Claudio Lujan (ARG) Maxxis Argentina-Karen3:04.3
10. Michael Hutchison (USA) Turner Race Development3:04.3
11. Nelson Auerbach (USA) Phluid Racing3:04.7
12. Juan Martinez (MEX) Rocnbikes3:04.8
13. André Lecompte (CAN) Independant3:05.4
14. Fred Bassett (USA) Avalanche Downhill Racing/Brooklyn Machine Works3:05.9
15. Paul Meiklejohn (CAN) Independant3:05.9
16. Guy Roberge (CAN) Independant3:07.1
17. Sean Barron (CAN) Independant3:09.5
18. Michel Jacques (CAN) Independant3:09.7
19. Nicola Giancola (CAN) Independant3:10.5
20. David Cox (CAN) Independant3:11.2
21. Stephane Arial (CAN) Independant3:11.3
22. Stephen Porraro (USA) Independant3:12.2
23. Aaron Potter (USA) Independant3:14.6
24. Martin Lessard (CAN) Sentiers Plein Air3:17.8
25. André Guilbault (CAN) Independant3:18.3
26. Patrick Oleary (USA) Vision SF3:18.9
27. Anthony Wroblewski (USA) Independant3:19.8
28. John Milby (USA) Privateer3:23.5
29. Igor Hoogendoorn (CAN) Independant3:25.6
30. Sébastien Turmel (CAN) Independant3:27.5
31. James Roy (USA) Independant3:28.0
32. Benjamin Robles (MEX) Independant3:28.9
33. François Desjardins (CAN) Independant3:29.4
34. Jerome Couppey (FRA) Om Off Downhill 223:29.8
35. Chris Reinhard (USA) Independant3:32.3
36. Dean Wilson (CAN) Independant3:36.5
37. Serge Turcotte (CAN) Independant3:39.0
38. Jean-Sebastien Lemay (CAN) Le Suroit Cycle et Ski3:39.2
39. Robert Rice (CAN) Independant3:39.8
40. Eddy Savard (CAN) Independant3:41.0
41. Christopher Kring (USA) High Gear Racing3:41.8
42. Luke Borg (RSA) Helderberg Cycle Club3:46.6
43. Michael Petsche (CAN) Independant3:50.4
44. Théo Gagnon (CAN) Independant3:53.9
45. William Martinen (CAN) Independant4:05.8
46. Jacob Adriaan Bosman (RSA) Helderberg Cycling Club, South African Team4:19.1
47. Gonzalo Bonilla- Morett (MEX) Liberty Club4:24.6
48. Greg Austin (USA) Madcatz/IronHorse4:31.3
David C. Walker (CAN) IndependantD.N.F.
Men 35-39
1. John McCann (USA) Independant2:55.0
2. Damon Kirchmeir (USA) Independant3:05.4
3. John Galli (USA) Independant3:10.6
4. Stevens Grenier (CAN) Independant3:11.2
5. John Leslie (USA) High Gear Racing3:15.1
6. Sean Heimdal (USA) Independant3:16.2
7. Chris Gullett (CAN) Independant3:18.5
8. Kevin Matthes (USA) Independant3:18.8
9. Martin Daris (CAN) Independant3:19.1
10. Michel Massia (CAN) Independant3:21.2
11. Charles Conlen (USA) Independant3:22.2
12. Yanick Desnoyers (CAN) Independant3:22.2
13. Michael Kulp (USA) Dirt Works / land Rover3:22.5
14. Mark Latham (NZL) Wellington MTB Club3:25.3
15. Keith Fowler (CAN) Independant3:28.2
16. Jose Humberto Jaquez (MEX) Independant3:28.9
17. Torsten Sinnemann (CAN) Independant3:29.2
18. Eric Longpré (CAN) Independant3:32.3
19. Ward Wilson (USA) Independant3:36.2
20. Eric Belanger (CAN) Independant3:44.5
21. Steve Guertin (CAN) Independant3:45.3
22. Arturo Gonzalez (MEX) Liberty Club3:50.5
23. Carlos Mendoza (MEX) Liberty Club3:53.5
24. Mitsuyoshi Kimura (JPN) cheap style racing3:54.9
25. Dominique Desmeules (CAN) Independant4:01.1
Bernard Blackburn (CAN) IndependantD.N.F.
Brian MacDonald (CAN) IndependantD.N.F.
Men 40-44
1. Jean-Pierre Bruni (FRA) Independant2:57.0
2. David Forbis (USA) FOES, Azonic3:01.7
3. Lenny Ricketts (USA) Santa Cruz / Michelin3:05.0
4. Anthony Watkins (USA) DirtWorks / LandRover3:08.0
5. Craig Van Cleve (USA) Team Solo3:13.5
6. Bernard Unhasyobiscay (USA) Intense3:14.6
7. Bill Kieffer (USA) Team Psycho3:17.0
8. Jay Barrows (USA) Independant3:26.0
9. Eduardo de Maria y Campos (MEX) Rocnbikes3:32.9
10. Ghislain Dubé (CAN) Independant3:33.2
11. John Pallotto (USA) Independant3:34.4
12. Tom Richardson (USA) WCWC3:38.3
13. Morris Martini (CAN) Independant3:43.0
14. Victor Ramirez (MEX) Independant3:55.2
15. Denis Simard (CAN) Independant4:01.7
16. Dennis Villeneuve (CAN) Independant4:03.9
17. Nicholas Schaut (CAN) Independant4:04.8
18. Bill Devlin (USA) TITUS4:06.1
Men 45-49
1. Tracy Oswell (USA) Independant3:07.2
2. Mike Jennings (USA) Independant3:16.8
3. Don Younie (CAN) Independant3:23.1
4. Andrew James (USA) Independant3:51.6
5. Tom Anderson (CAN) Independant3:57.6
6. Karl Gberhardt (USA) Independant4:06.1
7. Brian Lawless (USA) Independant4:30.9
8. Nedd Velagic (CAN) 4:43.8
Men 50-54
1. Scott Smith (USA) Independant3:25.1
2. Mike Edward (USA) Independant3:36.2
3. Joel Creed (USA) Gillis Cycles & Fitness4:05.2
4. Steve Cihylik (USA) Independant4:21.1
5. Chris Brooke (USA) Independant5:51.2
Men 55-59
1. Pierre Gendron (CAN) Independant4:34.5
2. Augustine Jochec (USA) Westwood Cycle4:34.6
3. Tom Lamb (USA) Independant4:49.6
Men 60-64
1. Frank Lively (USA) Pinnacle Peak Racing5:25.5
2. James Wagner (USA) Ti Cycles7:51.3
Men 60+
1. Peter Hawks (USA) Independant6:20.4


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