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September 3/03 1:27 am - 39th Annual Debaets-Devos, Millionaires' Row Stage Race

Posted by Editoress on 09/3/03

39th Annual Debaets-Devos Detroit, MI, August 31

The podium looked pretty similar to the Windsor result but crafty veteran Tim Lefebvre topped the podium. Tim won the bunch sprint with his teammates Ryan Roth and Andrew Randell providing a one lap leadout to the line. A crash during the last lap saw the field split up but the Jet Fuel team still lead the way to the line.

1. Tim Lefebvre-Jet Fuel Coffee
2. Jeff Hansen-Ital Pasta

3. Paul Martin-Go Mart

Millionaires' Row Stage RaceWilliamsport, PA - August 30-31 Sept. 1

Report by Nathan Chown - Midweek CC

The TT was a rolling out and back in the rain, 14.5 K there were some fast times with Team Snow Valley taking 1-2 with Darko third. I struggling a bit and came in 23rd and was hard pressed for a good G.C..

The road race was 100k with two 1000 ft climbs within the first 30 k. This split the field pretty much in half. It was hard but nothing could get off the front for the Team Snow Valley guys were quite content to not let anything go up the road and simply keep the pace hard. I lead Darko out on the two bonus sprints and no one could come around him in the last 150 meters and he took the 1st place bonus However his Snow valley rival also scored and keep Darko's gain to a minimum. He is no Cippo but when he gets up to speed he moves pretty quick! I had to lead out from 800-900 meters to go and he took it from 200 in, no not text book but it worked.

A small group got a gap of 15 seconds on the last climb ( about 700 ft and 2.5 k) about 10k from the finish, Darko made it into this group. However with 1 k to go 4 of them were caught but two were about 6 seconds up the road . It was a sharp left then 200m to the finish with myself taking third in the field sprint 5th overall (15 or so left at that time) The two stayed out for 1-2 finish. Darko was 11th.

A lot of the top 20 in the G.C. either got dropped on the climbs or could not handle the hard pace on the rolling terrain ( rolling by their standards is any hill less than 1 k long it seemed) the leader got dropped with about 20K to go and that is when Darko moved into second ( behind one of the leaders snow valley teammates).

The crit (basic four corner square 1.4 k long) was held in a a torrential downpour and due to three bad crashes in the cat 3 race our race was cut down form 65 to 50 k. The race actually was not that bad once you got over the fear of crashing and creating a huge "yard sale" in the corners. The pace again was high and nothing got more than 5 seconds off the front all day. It came down to a tough field sprint with a lot of bad lines and near crashes but everyone kept the rubber side down in the end. Average speed was 44.9 kph for the 50 k.

Merrill was very impressive in her wins. She rode at the front attacking the crit sprints very hard. Basically it looked like no one in her field really had the fire power to give her a challenge. That being said she raced extremely hard and deserved the win. I only saw her race the crit but I do believe she also was solo in the road race for quite some time. Again she won all three races.


Wallis Run Time Trial - 14.5km
1. Joshua Frick (Team Snow Valley)19:19.3
2. Russ Langley (Team Snow Valley)19:19.9
3. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta)19:32.1
4. Kris Hedges (Team Snow Valley)19:42.7
5. Michael Miller (Carrera)19:50.4
6. Trey Reinhardt (Team Lite Bites)19:53.9
7. Bartolo Torre (LSV/Trek/VW)19:55.6
8. Adam Garlapow (Shickluna)19:55.7
9. Michael Norton (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)19:56.6
10. Craig Upton (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)19:56.7
11. Steve Speaks (Team Lite Bites)19:59.8
12. Jason Bremer (GS Mengoni USA)20:00.0
13. Jeffrey Miller (Nittany Velo Club)20:01.4
14. Jason Meidhof (NCVC/Edge Technologies)20:15.1
15. Brad Viera (Hottubes Development Cycling Team)20:19.6
16. Ian Dille (Team Snow Valley)20:29.9
17. Michael White (NCVC/Edge Technologies)20:33.4
18. Robert Hacker (Team Lite Bites)20:35.6
19. Stephen Prokopiw (Hammer Racing Team)20:37.9
20. Ryan Mckinney (Team Snow Valley)20:38.4
21. Eugene Boronow (GS Mengoni USA)20:39.4
22. Paul Tower (LSV/Trek/VW)20:40.4
23. Nathan Chown (Midweek)20:52.5
24. Chris Rozdilsky (REMAX/CRCA)20:52.9
25. John Whittington (NCVC/Edge Technologies)20:54.7
26. Ivan Cassas (NCVC/Edge Technologies)20:54.9
27. Rafal Urzedowski (Watchung Wheelmen)20:55.3
28. Amos Brumble (CCB/Volkswagon/GT)20:58.3
29. Alex Meyer (CJCT / Northeastern Hardware)20:59.9
30. Brian Trdina (Monkeyhill Cycle Sport/Green Mt.)21:01.1
31. Glen Rendall (Ride With Rendall)21:01.9
32. David Gitt (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)21:02.6
33. Jason Schneider (GS Mengoni USA)21:06.5
34. Richard Wolter (Central Jersey Cycling Team/Northeastern Hardware)21:10.5
35. Michael Henson (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)21:12.3
36. Andrew Shaw (Tri-Speed/Atlantic Elite Racing)21:12.6
37. Ben Lindsay (Ride With Rendall)21:14.7
38. Gunnar Shogren (ESSM/GPOA Cycling Team)21:19.6
39. Rob Rigg (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)21:26.4
40. Lincoln Brown (CJCT / Northeastern Hardware)21:28.2
41. George Suter (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)21:28.4
51. Brett Bailor (Lake Erie Velo)21:30.2
42. Blair Saunders (First State Velo Sport)21:33.3
43. Ryan Leech (ESSM/GPOA)21:35.7
44. Todd Elenz ( )21:37.4
45. John Mahoney (NCVC/Edge Technologies)21:38.7
46. Ben Harper (Verge Sport/Test Pilot)21:41.9
47. John Evanko (ESSM/GPOA)21:49.9
48. Igor Misicki (NECSA/Cuevas Development)21:51.7
49. Dean Rittenhouse (Team Lite Bites)21:56.9
50. Mark Warno (Evolution Cycling/Pedal N Spoke)21:58.5
52. Chip Kogelmann (ESSM/GPOA)22:02.2
53. Paul Mica (Tri Speed)22:07.8
54. Tod Schmidt (NCVC/Edge Technologies)22:08.2
55. Greg Ferguson (ESSM/GPOA)22:16.3
56. Conor Coffey (CCB/Volkswagon/GT)22:16.6
57. Keith Gerber (Main Line Cycling-Bikyle)22:18.1
58. Karl Woitas (Team Lite Bites)22:24.2
59. Brian Walburn (Frisco Cycling Club)22:27.5
60. Chris Jones (BCRC)22:29.2
61. Fred Billet (Main Line Cycling-Bikyle)22:29.7
62. Marc Silberman (Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery)22:40.1
63. Justin O'Malley (NCVC/Edge Technologies)22:44.4
64. Nicholas Shaffer (Main Line Cycling-Bikyle)22:46.4
65. Jorma Mueller (NECSA/Cuevas Development)23:25.3
66. Mark Nicoll (ESSM/GPOA)23:29.8
67. Mark Light (Team Lite Bites)24:37.0
DNS. Mateusz Jasinski (LKS Stomil Belchatow)
DNS. Przemyslaw Korytkowski (LKS Stomil Belchatow)
DNS. Jeff Bakal (Multi-Laser Racing)
DNS. John Lenart (Team Lite Bites)
Bald Eagle Mountain Road Race - 100km
1. Ian Dille (Team Snow Valley)2:39:56
2. Craig Upton (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)at 0:14
3. Rafal Urzedowski (Watchung Wheelmen)0:00
4. Russ Langley (Team Snow Valley)0:14
5. Nathan Chown (Midweek)0:00
6. Kris Hedges (Team Snow Valley)0:00
7. Eugene Boronow (GS Mengoni USA)0:00
8. Ivan Cassas (NCVC/Edge Technologies)0:00
9. Rob Rigg (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)0:00
10. John Mahoney (NCVC/Edge Technologies)0:00
11. Gunnar Shogren (ESSM/GPOA Cycling Team)0:00
12. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta)0:16
13. Michael White (NCVC/Edge Technologies)0:00
14. Robert Hacker (Team Lite Bites)0:00
15. Brad Viera (Hottubes Development Cycling Team)0:00
16. Alex Meyer (CJCT / Northeastern Hardware)0:00
17. Ryan Mckinney (Team Snow Valley)0:00
18. Brian Trdina (Monkeyhill Cycle Sport/Green Mt.)0:00
19. Bartolo Torre (LSV/Trek/VW)0:04
20. Jason Bremer (GS Mengoni USA)0:00
21. Ben Lindsay (Ride With Rendall)0:00
22. Ryan Leech (ESSM/GPOA)0:00
23. Jorma Mueller (NECSA/Cuevas Development)0:00
24. John Whittington (NCVC/Edge Technologies)0:00
25. Amos Brumble (CCB/Volkswagon/GT)0:00
26. Michael Norton (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)0:00
27. Igor Misicki (NECSA/Cuevas Development)0:00
28. Todd Elenz ( )0:00
29. Jason Meidhof (NCVC/Edge Technologies)0:00
30. Richard Wolter (Central Jersey Cycling Team/Northeastern Hardware)0:00
31. Lincoln Brown (CJCT / Northeastern Hardware)0:00
32. Mark Warno (Evolution Cycling/Pedal N Spoke)0:00
33. Steve Speaks (Team Lite Bites)0:00
34. Jason Schneider (GS Mengoni USA)0:02
35. Andrew Shaw (Tri-Speed/Atlantic Elite Racing)0:00
36. Joshua Frick (Team Snow Valley)0:00
37. Jeffrey Miller (Nittany Velo Club)0:02
38. Ben Harper (Verge Sport/Test Pilot)0:00
39. Brett Bailor (Lake Erie Velo)0:04
40. Michael Miller (Carrera)0:00
41. Dean Rittenhouse (Team Lite Bites)0:00
42. George Suter (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)0:00
43. Blair Saunders (First State Velo Sport)0:00
44. Paul Mica (Tri Speed)0:00
45. Adam Garlapow (Shickluna)0:00
46. Paul Tower (LSV/Trek/VW)0:00
47. Chris Rozdilsky (REMAX/CRCA)0:00
48. Glen Rendall (Ride With Rendall)0:00
49. Stephen Prokopiw (Hammer Racing Team)0:00
50. Chip Kogelmann (ESSM/GPOA)0:00
51. Michael Henson (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)0:00
52. Keith Gerber (Main Line Cycling-Bikyle)0:00
53. David Gitt (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)0:00
54. John Evanko (ESSM/GPOA)0:00
55. Greg Ferguson (ESSM/GPOA)0:00
56. Tod Schmidt (NCVC/Edge Technologies)0:00
57. Chris Jones (BCRC)0:00
58. Karl Woitas (Team Lite Bites)0:00
59. Conor Coffey (CCB/Volkswagon/GT)0:00
60. Mark Light (Team Lite Bites)0:00
61. Mark Nicoll (ESSM/GPOA)0:00
62. Brian Walburn (Frisco Cycling Club)0:00
63. Marc Silberman (Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery)0:00
Dave Wollet Memorial Criterium
1. Russ Langley (Team Snow Valley)1:07:37
2. Mark Light (Team Lite Bites)1:07:37
3. Amos Brumble (CCB/Volkswagon/GT)1:07:37
4. Adam Garlapow (Shickluna)1:07:37
5. Eugene Boronow (GS Mengoni USA)1:07:37
6. Jason Schneider (GS Mengoni USA)1:07:37
7. Brett Bailor (Lake Erie Velo)1:07:37
8. Kris Hedges (Team Snow Valley)1:07:37
9. Nathan Chown (Midweek)1:07:37
10. Ben Lindsay (Ride With Rendall)1:07:37
11. Gunnar Shogren (ESSM/GPOA Cycling Team)1:07:37
12. Ian Dille (Team Snow Valley)1:07:37
13. Ivan Cassas (NCVC/Edge Technologies)1:07:37
14. Bartolo Torre (LSV/Trek/VW)1:07:37
15. Rafal Urzedowski (Watchung Wheelmen)1:07:37
16. Jeffrey Miller (Nittany Velo Club)1:07:37
17. Craig Upton (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)1:07:37
18. Glen Rendall (Ride With Rendall)1:07:37
19. Brad Viera (Hottubes Development Cycling Team)1:07:37
20. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta)1:07:37
21. Igor Misicki (NECSA/Cuevas Development)1:07:37
22. Michael Norton (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)1:07:37
23. Ryan Mckinney (Team Snow Valley)1:07:37
24. Chip Kogelmann (ESSM/GPOA)1:07:37
25. Jason Bremer (GS Mengoni USA)1:07:37
26. Rob Rigg (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)1:07:37
27. Alex Meyer (CJCT / Northeastern Hardware)1:07:37
28. John Whittington (NCVC/Edge Technologies)1:07:37
29. Michael Miller (Carrera)1:07:37
30. Robert Hacker (Team Lite Bites)1:07:37
31. Richard Wolter (Central Jersey Cycling Team/Northeastern Hardware)1:07:37
32. Jason Meidhof (NCVC/Edge Technologies)1:07:37
33. Conor Coffey (CCB/Volkswagon/GT)1:07:37
34. John Mahoney (NCVC/Edge Technologies)1:07:37
35. Brian Trdina (Monkeyhill Cycle Sport/Green Mt.)1:07:37
36. Steve Speaks (Team Lite Bites)1:07:37
37. Dean Rittenhouse (Team Lite Bites)1:08:10
38. Karl Woitas (Team Lite Bites)1:08:23
39. Joshua Frick (Team Snow Valley)1:08:31
40. Michael White (NCVC/Edge Technologies)1:09:05
41. Ryan Leech (ESSM/GPOA)1:09:37
Final GC
1. Russ Langley (Team Snow Valley)6:35.9
2. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta)6:52.1
3. Kris Hedges (Team Snow Valley)7:10.7
4. Craig Upton (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)7:17.7
5. Bartolo Torre (LSV/Trek/VW)7:30.6
6. Jason Bremer (GS Mengoni USA)7:39.0
7. Brad Viera (Hottubes Development Cycling Team)7:58.6
8. Ian Dille (Team Snow Valley)8:01.9
9. Michael Norton (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)8:04.6
10. Eugene Boronow (GS Mengoni USA)8:09.4
11. Robert Hacker (Team Lite Bites)8:14.6
12. Ryan Mckinney (Team Snow Valley)8:17.4
13. Nathan Chown (Midweek)8:31.5
14. Ivan Cassas (NCVC/Edge Technologies)8:32.9
15. Rafal Urzedowski (Watchung Wheelmen)8:34.3
16. Alex Meyer (CJCT / Northeastern Hardware)8:38.9
17. Brian Trdina (Monkeyhill Cycle Sport/Green Mt.)8:40.1
18. Amos Brumble (CCB/Volkswagon/GT)8:55.3
19. John Whittington (NCVC/Edge Technologies)8:55.7
20. Gunnar Shogren (ESSM/GPOA Cycling Team)8:58.6
21. Rob Rigg (CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware)9:05.4
22. Ben Lindsay (Ride With Rendall)9:12.7
23. Jason Meidhof (NCVC/Edge Technologies)9:16.1
24. John Mahoney (NCVC/Edge Technologies)9:17.7
25. Michael White (NCVC/Edge Technologies)9:40.4
26. Todd Elenz ( )9:44.4
27. Igor Misicki (NECSA/Cuevas Development)9:59.7
28. Steve Speaks (Team Lite Bites)10:10.8
29. Richard Wolter (Central Jersey Cycling Team/Northeastern Hardware)10:11.5
30. Ryan Leech (ESSM/GPOA)11:33.7
31. Jason Schneider (GS Mengoni USA)12:40.5
32. Joshua Frick (Team Snow Valley)12:47.3
33. Jeffrey Miller (Nittany Velo Club)13:28.4
34. Andrew Shaw (Tri-Speed/Atlantic Elite Racing)13:47.6
35. Ben Harper (Verge Sport/Test Pilot)16:10.9
36. Michael Miller (Carrera)19:29.3
37. Adam Garlapow (Shickluna)19:34.7
38. Chris Rozdilsky (REMAX/CRCA)20:30.9
39. Glen Rendall (Ride With Rendall)20:40.9
40. Brett Bailor (Lake Erie Velo)21:05.2
41. Blair Saunders (First State Velo Sport)21:11.3
42. Chip Kogelmann (ESSM/GPOA)21:41.2
43. Paul Mica (Tri Speed)21:45.8
44. Dean Rittenhouse (Team Lite Bites)22:08.9
45. Chris Jones (BCRC)36:05.2
46. Karl Woitas (Team Lite Bites)37:42.2
47. Conor Coffey (CCB/Volkswagon/GT)38:15.6
48. Mark Nicoll (ESSM/GPOA)41:42.8
49. Mark Light (Team Lite Bites)42:49.0
50. Brian Walburn (Frisco Cycling Club)50:32.5
51. Marc Silberman (Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery)53:01.1

Wallis Run Time Trial - 14.5km
1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta)21:40.3
2. Charm Breon ( )21:58.4
3. Kristy Scheffenacker (Team Snow Valley)22:45.3
4. Elizabeth Begosh (Team Snow Valley)22:53.1
5. Laura Weislo (Spin Cycle/TRO)22:57.2
6. Tina Skelley (LSV/Trek/VW)23:14.0
7. Rosemary Garlapow (Terry Precision)23:23.7
8. Barbara Grabowski (ACA/Big Bang Bikes)23:37.8
9. Nonnie Howard (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)23:41.3
10. Chloe Black (Terry Precision)23:47.5
11. Michelle Costello (Tioga Velo Club)23:48.7
12. Julie Upton (CRCA-EAS/Fitness Magazine)23:50.0
13. Sarah Bickerstaff (Penn State Univ. Cycling)23:57.8
14. Megan Winnenberg (Team Dayton)24:01.1
15. Mary Georgetti (NEBC/Cycleloft)24:01.5
16. Elsa Gagnon (Terry Precision)24:04.9
17. Tracy Cundiff (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)24:12.3
18. Carli Figueroa (Paramount Cycling)24:20.7
19. Diane Castor (Tri State Velo / Amoroso)24:33.2
20. Jessie Peil (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)24:57.0
21. Tara Parsons (CRCA-EAS/Fitness Magazine)25:02.6
22. Alaina Gurski (QCW/Bike Addicts)25:20.5
23. Lesley Honsberger (St. Catharines C.C.)25:34.6
24. Betsy Schauer (ESSM/GPOA)25:45.2
25. Jackie Paull (Colavito Bolla)26:50.5
26. Andrea Bacik ( )26:59.9
27. Juliana Calvo (Cuevas/Develop)28:11.3
28. Laury Saligman ( )DNS
29. Erin Byrne (Multilaser Racing)DNS
30. Anne Guzman (Brampton Cycling Club)DNS
Bald Eagle Mountain Road Race - 100km
1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta)30 points
2. Charm Breon ( )29
3. Elizabeth Begosh (Team Snow Valley)28
4. Megan Winnenberg (Team Dayton)27
5. Tracy Cundiff (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)26
6. Tara Parsons (CRCA-EAS/Fitness Magazine)25
7. Betsy Schauer (ESSM/GPOA)24
8. Kristy Scheffenacker (Team Snow Valley)23
9. Laura Weislo (Spin Cycle/TRO)22
10. Sarah Bickerstaff (Penn State Univ. Cycling)21
11. Rosemary Garlapow (Terry Precision)20
12. Tina Skelley (LSV/Trek/VW)19
13. Elsa Gagnon (Terry Precision)18
14. Jessie Peil (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)17
15. Carli Figueroa (Paramount Cycling)16
16. Michelle Costello (Tioga Velo Club)15
17. Jackie Paull (Colavito Bolla)14
18. Julie Upton (CRCA-EAS/Fitness Magazine)13
19. Barbara Grabowski (ACA/Big Bang Bikes)12
20. Chloe Black (Terry Precision)11
21. Alaina Gurski (QCW/Bike Addicts)10
22. Nonnie Howard (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)9
23. Lesley Honsberger (St. Catharines C.C.)8
24. Diane Castor (Tri State Velo / Amoroso)7
25. Andrea Bacik ( )6
26. Mary Georgetti (NEBC/Cycleloft)5
27. Juliana Calvo (Cuevas/Develop)4
Dave Wollet Memorial Criterium
1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta)30 points
2. Elizabeth Begosh (Team Snow Valley)29
3. Tina Skelley (LSV/Trek/VW)28
4. Elsa Gagnon (Terry Precision)27
5. Rosemary Garlapow (Terry Precision)26
6. Julie Upton (CRCA-EAS/Fitness Magazine)25
7. Chloe Black (Terry Precision)24
8. Laura Weislo (Spin Cycle/TRO)23
9. Kristy Scheffenacker (Team Snow Valley)22
10. Carli Figueroa (Paramount Cycling)21
11. Megan Winnenberg (Team Dayton)20
12. Nonnie Howard (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)19
13. Barbara Grabowski (ACA/Big Bang Bikes)18
14. Jessie Peil (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)17
15. Tracy Cundiff (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)16
16. Betsy Schauer (ESSM/GPOA)15
17. Tara Parsons (CRCA-EAS/Fitness Magazine)14
18. Charm Breon ( )13
19. Jackie Paull (Colavito Bolla)12
20. Mary Georgetti (NEBC/Cycleloft)11
21. Sarah Bickerstaff (Penn State Univ. Cycling)10
22. Michelle Costello (Tioga Velo Club)9
23. Alaina Gurski (QCW/Bike Addicts)8
24. Lesley Honsberger (St. Catharines C.C.)7
Final GC
1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta)131 points
2. Elizabeth Begosh (Team Snow Valley)112
3. Charm Breon ( )85
4. Tina Skelley (LSV/Trek/VW)77
5. Kristy Scheffenacker (Team Snow Valley)75
6. Laura Weislo (Spin Cycle/TRO)71
7. Rosemary Garlapow (Terry Precision)70
8. Megan Winnenberg (Team Dayton)64
9. Elsa Gagnon (Terry Precision)60
10. Julie Upton (CRCA-EAS/Fitness Magazine)57
11. Tracy Cundiff (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)56.1
12. Chloe Black (Terry Precision)56
13. Barbara Grabowski (ACA/Big Bang Bikes)53
14. Carli Figueroa (Paramount Cycling)50.1
15. Nonnie Howard (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)50
16. Tara Parsons (CRCA-EAS/Fitness Magazine)49.1
17. Sarah Bickerstaff (Penn State Univ. Cycling)49
18. Betsy Schauer (ESSM/GPOA)46
19. Jessie Peil (Evolution/Pedal-N-Spoke)45
20. Michelle Costello (Tioga Velo Club)44
21. Jackie Paull (Colavito Bolla)32.1
22. Mary Georgetti (NEBC/Cycleloft)32
23. Alaina Gurski (QCW/Bike Addicts)27
24. Lesley Honsberger (St. Catharines C.C.)23

Master Men
TT PointsRR PointsCrit PointsTotal Points
1. Mike Moles ( )27442192
2. Peter Phillips (ERA cycling)26392186
3. Randall Root (Team Snow Valley)29391785
4. Desmond Slattery (Quaker City Wheelmen/Bike Addicts)30312384
5. Garnett Abbey (Dornellas Racing Team)22163775
6. Mark Dontigny (Nittany Velo Club)24221157
7. Brad Ober (GS Lancaster)10301454
8. Bob Hachadoorian (Main Line Cycling-Bikyle)14231249
9. Tom Mcmenamin (Somerset Wheelmen)1334047
10. Craig Doucet ( )2021647
11. Michael Maring (Revolutions Cycling Club)0252045
12. Paul Drees (Market Edge)0143145
13. Greg Cushing (Peterborough Cycling Club)1932143
14. Jonathan Howard (Rochester Road Racing)0152742
15. Fred Pepper ( )287742
16. Charles Kulp (Indiana Masters Racing Team)2132641
17. Roman Paczka (Kissena Cycling Club)1602440
18. Joe Manacchio (Guy's Racing)503439
20. Jonathan Phillips (First State Velo Sport)3191638
19. Tim Bryant (Summit County Cycling Club)1112638
21. Eric Larsson (GVCC Towners-Thompson Health)0102232
22. Robert Shultz (Susquehanna Bicycle Racing Team/Dutch Wheelman)189532
24. Douglass Gray (First State Velo Sport)420529
23. Richard Wolf (First State Velo Sport)218029
25. Robert Cheskey (Hamilton Cycling Club)235028
26. Jeffery Markham (GS Lancaster)1212327
27. Brian Zolper (D'Ornellas Racing Team)018422
29. Jose Hernandez (Colavita-Bolla)901019
28. Franz Verstaeten (Susquehanna Bicycle Racing Team/Dutch Wheelman)001919
30. Ken Yonemura (Aurora Cycling Club)001515
31. Doug Long (ERA Cycling)06814
32. David French (Cranford Bike Team/CTS)0099
33. William Gentile (Team Harrisburg)0011


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