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September 4/03 12:18 pm - Mississauga Midweek Final

Posted by Editoress on 09/4/03

La Bicicletta Jack Wierzbicki Prestige # 5 and Final Standings Criterium
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Hershey Centre long circuit, 49 km
Average Speed - 45.5 kph (fastest this season)

Heath Cockburn La Bicicletta - S1)1:04:54
Thorben Wieditz (ThornhillSaab/BICI - S1)at 0:01
Peter Morse (Midwek Elite - S1)s.t.
Jeff Hansen (Ital Pasta/Atlas Cold Storage - S1)0:03
Chris Atkins (Midweek Elite - S1)0:24
Ed Makarchuk (KHS - MA)
??? (Pavan - S1)both s.t.
Don Zuck (Pavan - S1)0:30
Rob Sule (38?) (Chain Reaction - MA)0:33
Ed Maset (Pavan - S1)0:41
Blair Purvis (KHS - S2)0:41
Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta - S1)
Marc Polsinelli (Pavan - MB)
Pauk Farrughia (MBRC - MA)
Gordon Hamish (Independent)
Mark Shaw (Midweek CC - MB)
Keith Ritchie? (Banesto Jersey) (Midweek CC - MA)
??? (Pavan)all s.t.
Alex Pond (Midweek CC - MB)0:53
Bruce Camecho (D'Ornellas - MC)
Eric Crudelli (Velo Club Bresson (France) - S2)
Stacey Wall (Independent - S2)
??? (Blue jersey, white helmet)
Dave Fry (Midweek Elite - S1)
Mike Rutledge??? (Pavan - S2)
??? (Blu & Blk Jersey, long hair)
Scott Buschlen (MBRC - MA)
Dave Wooley (St. Catharines CC - MB)
??? (342) (Newmarket???)
?? (Wht/Blk jersey???)
??? (Pavan)all s.t.

46 starters
Thanks to Ann Wilson for registration and to Anthony Simpson for cone collection.

Many riders, including most of Pavan, still don't have visible numbers.
Next season, if numbers are not clearly visible - no position and no points!

Prestige Final Standings
Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta)48 pts
Peter Morse (Midweek CC)32
Chris Atkins (Midweek Elite)28
Ed Makarchuk (KHS)27
Don Zuck (Pavan)21
Mike Rutledge (Pavan)16
Brian Truman (MBRC)16
Dan Lefebvre (Gears Racing)13
Mark Shaw (Midweek CC)13
Jeff Hansen (Ital Pasta/Atlas Cold Storage)11

La Bicicletta Midweek Series Final Standings
Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta)137 pts
Peter Morse (Midweek CC)107
Thorben Wieditz (Thornhill Saab)88
Dan Lefebvre (Gears Racing)69
Chris Atkins (Midweek Elite)68
Ed Makarchuk (KHS)54
Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta)46
Mark Shaw (Midweek CC)41
Brian Truman (MBRC)41
Dave Fry (Midweek Elite)39
Don Zuck (Pavan)38
Chris Gruber (Somset Graphics)37
Mauro Martini (Pavan)35
Mike Rutledge (Pavan)35
Rod McEwan (Independent)34
Bruce Krip (Midweek CC)33
Ed Maset (Pavan)31
Paul Hornak (MBRC)30
Brent Aquino (Pavan)29
Scott Buschlen (MBRC)29

Congratulations to Heath Cockburn for winning both 2003 series.
This is the third time Heath has clinched top place. Kudos to last year's winner, Peter Morse for holding on to second place in both series.
A total of 180 riders rode in one or more events.
Next week we finish up the season with a three man Madison.
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