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September 11/03 6:15 am - Tour De Hokkaido, Wrandees TT, Win a Merckx, AB Masters RR Champs

Posted by Editoress on 09/11/03

Tour De Hokkaido
Courtesy Martin Willock

Canadian Team Results

Prologue - 2.3 kms -Asahikawa City

2. Jean-Francois Laroche
14. Carter Hovey
42. Derek McMaster
52. Ryan McNamara
53. Roddi Legga 53rd

Wrandees XC TT Halifax, NS - Sept 9th
Courtesy Randy Gray, Cyclesmith

1. Dan Smith, 23:11
2. Rob Klue, 24:36
3. Jamie Lamb, 25:10
4. Ian Whitehead, 26:15
5. Randy Gray 26,:18
Neil Sinclar, 26:18
6. Scott McFarland, 27:42
7. Mike Ritter, 28:22
8. Guy (wrongway) Gensey, 31:25
9. Kelly (?), 43:35
10. Keith Freeman, 46:32
11. Corey Mood 46,:43
DNF. Lorenzo Caterini

Foster better look out, Jamie says he can take 5 minutes off his time next week!

BTW, a survey regarding the Long Lake Provincial Park (wrandees) is available at Cyclesmith. Please come in and fill one out.

Win a Merckx

Fundraiser for the Cancer Centre Of The Southern Interior, Kelowna, British Colombia, Canada

1st Prize Merckx bike, Campagnolo components, your choice of size

2nd Prize Framed Poster Autographed by 5 Time Tour De France Champion Eddy Merckx!

Tickets $10 each
Philip Meyer
Wedgewood Hotel,
845, Hornby Street, Vancouver
T(604) 608 5311
Draw takes place at Fender Autobody and Paint in Kelowna, October 22nd at 1pm

Alberta Masters' Road Race Championships
Courtesy ABA

Sunday, September 7 near Davisburg (which is near Okotoks, which is close to Calgary and High River ...)

Master A Men (30 - 39 yrs) 110 Kilometres
1. Gary Alexander (TRS Racing)3:19:22
2. Sean Williams (Kelowna Cycle)st
3. Ryan Robinson (Part One)3:22:50
4. Niclas Christofferson (Independent)st
5. Stephen German (Revoluzione)3:27:14
6. Kevin Rokosh (ERTC)3:27:21
7. Craig Horon (Velocity)3:35:47
8. Dennis Bland (Crankmasters)3:53:10
dnf. John Bence (bicisport)
dnf. Rich Wegerhoff (Deadgoat)
dnf. Wade Wallace (TRS Racing)
dnf. Trent Corney (Independent)
dnf. Michael Fix (EBTC)
dnf. Scott Anderson (Independent)
dnf. Chris Wright (Juventus)
Master B Men (40 - 49 yrs) 92 Kilometres
1. Zbigniew Szymanski (Velocity)2:52:19
2. Gregg Menard (Juventus)2:53:44
3. David Watson (Velocity)2:55:11
4. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead)2:55:22
5. Tim Deschenes (Velocity)st
6. Tommy Mak (Eurotech)2:56:16
7. Michael Johns (CABC/Projekt 1)2:56:56
8. Francois Belanger (Eurotech)3:12:37
9. Pat Donnelly (Independent)st
10. Don Fox (Juventus)3:23:56
dnf. Don Halliday (Bow Cycle/CMC)
dnf. Phil Rayner (Headwinds)
dnf. Jeff Coward (EBTC)
dnf. Grant Such (Independent)
dnf. Greg Taylor (Crankmasters)
dnf. Gil Siminiuk (Independent)
Master C Men (50 - 59 yrs) 60 Kilometres
1. Paul MacDonald (Independent)1:55:38
2. Wayne Long (Edmonton Masters CC)st
3. Peter Heppleston (Edmonton Masters CC)2:02:27
4. Steve Sampson (Crankmasters)2:02:31
5. Lev Krivitsky (Crankmasters)2:05:31
6. Steve Slip (Independent)2:08:29
7. Paul Jackson (Independent)2:14:46
8. Gabe Scigliano (Crankmasters)2:19:57
dnf. Claude Breau (Bicisport)


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