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September 14/03 10:17 am - T-Mobile International: Women's Report and Complete Results

Posted by Editoress on 09/14/03

T-Mobile International San Francisco, USA
Report Courtesy Team Saturn, Results Organization

T-Mobile paid the North American women their due today when they sponsored the T-Mobile International in downtown San Francisco. For the past two years the infamous Fillmore Street climb hosted only men, challenging even the toughest with its 18% grades. For the first time the women were able to face the same course as the men, testing the mettle of some of the best women in the world, including World Cup titlist Nicole Cooke, former World Champion Diana Ziliute and Tour de L'Aude winner Judith Arndt. With only 50 miles to race, the tests of the T-Mobile International came not only from the high caliber competitors but the course itself.

As early morning runners and recreational cyclists enjoyed the run rising over the bay, splashing onto 140 women lined on Embarcadero Street under the jumbotron TV. Although a startlingly early start at 7 am, spectators began to line the streets, enjoying the cool air before the heat settled on the city. With the smell of the fish and salt in the air, the race got off to a brisk start with everyone eager to get to the main feature of the day - the leg busting climb on Fillmore. Prior to getting there the women raced two laps of a 1.3 mile loop and a one mile of a five mile lap including the Taylor street climb. As the women worked their way through the first 8 miles of the race it was clear there was no hesitancy as the group headed out of the wharf area to do battle in the streets of the city.

Saturn's Ina Teutenberg was the first to get thing started with an early attack on the medium sized lap. T-Mobile had her marked by Kristin Armstrong and soon a gap expanded. Although Cooke and Ziliute's team was represented with Katie Longhin sitting on, the Acca Due machine finally brought the gap back just before the climb.

Once on the ascent, it was Cooke forcing the pace, with Dede Demet Barry and Ziliute. With Ziliute and Cooke there, the break had the ingredients of making the break one that could stay away to produce the race winner. However, Ziliute suffered and unfortunate crash on one of the descents and was forced to withdraw from the race, leaving Demet-Barry and Cooke on their own. Having missed the move, Saturn was forced to chase the break, and got the job done efficiently.

But again Cooke went on the climb, this time Mactier went with her. The group became seven riders, and not liking their odds, the Saturn Team had Mactier sit on. In the final lap, the Saturn Team still had sprinter Laura Van Gilder, Amy Moore, and Manon Jutras in the bunch. Moore and Jutras dialed up the pace, bringing back the 40 second gap in time to recover before the final climb. Cooke, content to wait until the road went up, paced herself in the group. Hitting the base of the climb the young rider stomped on the pedals and the gap widened, shattering the field. Over the top, Demet-Barry tried to make it on her own, with Mactier and Arndt chasing hard behind to try and reclaim time lost, but Cooke was in full cry for the finish line. Coming around the final corner it was clear she would chalk up another impressive victory to pad her already sizable list for the 2003 season. Mactier dashed to the line coming around Arndt for second, and a strong finish for the Saturn Team.

For many the T-Mobile International marked the end of their season, but for the top riders, like Cooke, Mactier, Arndt and Ziliute, this race was the perfect preparation for the upcoming World Championships, held in Hamilton Ontario in October.

1. Nicole Cooke2:11:18
2. Katie Mactier0:05
3. Judith Arndt
4. Mode Vzesniauskaiteboth s.t.
5. Dede Barry0:07
6. Christine Thorburn0:08
7. Susan Palmer Komar0:11
8. Tina Mayolo Pic0:38
9. Laura Downey
10. Katia Longhin
11. Sandy Espeseth
12. Laura Van Gilder
13. Katheryn Curi
14. Magen Long
15. Madeleine Lindberg
16. Carmen D'alvisio
17. Dotsie Cowden
18. Julie Hutsebaut
19. Mari Holden
20. Shani Bloch
21. Alisha Little
22. Amy Moore
23. Kristin Armstrong
24. Karen Brems
25. Stacey Peters
26. Chrissy Ruiter
27. Nicole Demars
28. Heather Albert
29. Megan Monroe
30. Catherine Malone
31. Linda Jackson
32. Rhonda Quick
33. Cybil Diguistini
34. Birgit Soellner
35. Manon Jutras
36. Kori Kelly
37. Kimberly Anderson
38. Felicia Greerall s.t.
39. Meredith Miller1:32
40. Gina Halls.t.
41. Johanna Buick4:03
42. Michelle Beltran5:23
43. Lisa Magness
44. Gina Grain5:59
45. Giorgia Bronzini
46. Rochelle Gilmore
47. Zoe Owers
48. Iona Wynter
49. Kristin Drumm
50. Liza Rachetto
51. Joanne Kiesanowski
52. Anna Milkowski
53. Kate Sherwin
54. Kim Cunningham
55. Yukie Nakamura
56. Lisa Norris
57. Christine Vardaros
58. Becky Broeder
59. Zita Urbonaite
60. Joan Wilson
61. Kate Maher
62. Jennifer Eyerman
63. Maggie Shirley
64. Keri Silk
65. Rook Campbell
66. Jessica Phillips
67. Candice Blickem

All others DNF


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