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September 17/03 10:12 am - San Rafael Results, Chrissy Redden Update, Master's Track Worlds

Posted by Editoress on 09/17/03

San Rafael Cycling Classic San Rafael, CA - September 13
Courtesy Organization

1. Susan Palmer-Komar (Genesis Scuba/Ffcc)
2. Kori Kelly (Diet Rite Women Cycling)
3. Modeleine Hempel (Nurnberger)
4. Mari Holden (T-Mobile)
5. Gina Grain (Victory Brewing/Amoroso's Cycling)
6. Laura Downey (Minute Maid/Dasani/La Grange)
7. Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing/Amoroso's Cycling)
8. Carmen D'Alusio (Clif Bar)
9. Nicole Freedman (Team Basis)
10. Kimberley Cunningham (Morgan Stanley Specialized)
11. Laura Van Gilder (Saturn Cycling Team)
12. Tina Mayolo-Pic (Diet Rite Women Cycling)
13. Candice Blickem (Genesis Scuba/Ffcc)
14. Gina Hall (Clif Bar)
15. Audrey Lemieux (Cca/Hamilton 2003)
16. Christina DeKraay (Team Fuji)
17. Nicole Beandt (Minute Maid/Dasani/La Grange)
18. Julie Hutsebaut (CCA/Hamilton 2003)
19. Magen Long (Obru/The Bicycle Store)
20. Sherri Stedje (Bbc)
21. Laurel Green (Team Spine)
22. Lara Kroepsch (T-Mobile)
23. Tania Duff-Miller (Diet Rite Women Cycling)
24. Liza Rachetto (Ico)
25. Melissa Sanborn (Ico)

1. Viktor Rapinski (Saturn Cycling Team)
2. Michael Sayers (Health Net)
3. Miguel Meza (Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling)
4. John Lieswyn (7up/Maxxis Pro Cycling)
5. Mark Walters (Navigators Cycling Team)
6. Kirk O'Bee (Navigators Cycling Team)
7. Ben Jacques-Maynes (Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar)
8. Eric Wohlberg (Saturn Cycling Team)
9. Jacob Erker (Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling)

10. Chris Wherry (Navigators Cycling Team)
11. Nathan Russell (Colavita Bolla)
12. Chris Horner (Saturn Cycling Team)
13. Ivan Dominguez (Saturn Cycling Team)
14. Malcolm Elliot
15. Gregg Jr Medinilla (Monex)
16. Jason van Marle (Whittaker Meyer - Specialized)
17. Adam F. Hodges Myerson (Sportsbook.Com)
18. Jesse Lawler (Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team)
19. Rahsaan Bahati (Saturn Cycling Team)
20. Russell Hambey (Ofoto-Lombardi Sports)
21. Chad Hartley (Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team)
22. Cesar Grajales (Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team)
23. David Fuentes (Clif Bar)
24. Jamiel Danesh (McGuire Racing)
25. Rob Kamppila (Kb Home Cycling Team)
26. Shawn Oliver (Morgan Stanley Specialized)
27. Karl Bordine (Colavita Bolla)
28. Ernie Lechuga (Sol De Oro)
29. Neil Shirley (Kb Home Cycling Team)
30. Keith Szolusha (Santa Cruz Spokesman)
31. Paul A Sumner (Rocknasium/Cba)
32. Doug Ollerenshaw (Health Net)
33. Bob Newman (Pacific Velo)
34. Matthew T Svatek (Sportsbook.Com Allstars)
35. Geoff Rapoport (Minute Maid/Dasani/La Grange)
36. Zachary Walker (Olympic Club)
37. Viktor Ayala (Minute Maid/Dasani/La Grange)
38. Daniel Ethan Hopley (Rocknasium/Cbe)
39. Tyler Farrar (Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing)
40. Cameron Hughes (Lemond Fitness/Captain Cra-Z Soap)
41. John Hunt (Health Net)
42. Justin England (Team Spine)
43. Erik Saunders (Ofoto-Lombardi Sports)
44. Todd Terlecki (Kb Home Cycling Team)
45. Jeff Louder (Navigators Cycling Team)
46. Benjamin John Haldeman (Santa Cruz Spokesman)

I have over a hundred photos to go through and will put them up later today - editoress

Chrissy Redden Update

We have heard from Chrissy. She is back in Victoria and sent us this update on her situation.

I had a double fracture of the right radius and a dislocation of the ulna. After surgery I had 3 pins and went back to Victoria to heal and get therapy. Upon seeing a wrist specialist, he decided that my best option would be to have one more pin put in the ulna where there is a small break where it may be insignificant to a seditary individual..... So, more surgery tomorrow.

I'll let you know more as things develop.

take care,

Master Track World's Wrap up
Thanks to Rob Onodera

Final Medal Standings

Great Britain112314
South Africa522
Finland 1

Canadian medals


Men 30-34 Points 30KM - 120 Laps
1st Scott Laliberte CAN 58 points 38.47.082

Men 35-39 3000m Pursuit
1st Robert Veroba CAN 3.32.761

Men 45-49 Points 10 KM - 40 Laps
1st John Sutherland CAN 25 points 13.43.502


Men 35-39 1000M Time Trial
2nd Robert Veroba CAN 1.08.198


Women 30-34 500M Time Trial
3rd Sara Laliberte CAN 43.590

Men 50-54 2000m Pursuit
3rd Gerard Louis Robert CAN 2.29.931

Men 55-59 2000m Pursuit
3rd Christopher Anstey CAN 2.30.893

Best Rider Awards


50+ Terry Roach (USA)
45-49 Marion Bax (Netherlands)
40-44 Paul Noah (South Africa)
35-39 Bronwyn Law-Viljoen (South Africa)
30-34 Carine Van Schie (Netherlands)


65+ Roland Crayford (Great Britain)
60-64 Victor Copeland (USA)
55-59 Mark Rodamaker (USA)
50-54 Steve Davies (Great Britain)
45-49 Larry Nolan (USA) & Gilbert Hatton (USA)
40-44 Geoff Stoker (Australia) & Shaun Wallace (Great Britain)
35-39 Robert Veroba (Canada)
30-34 Peter Coulson (Australia)

Top Female - Marion Bax (Netherlands)
Top Male - Victor Copeland (USA)
Overall Top Rider - Victor Copeland (USA)


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