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September 21/03 9:38 am - Kevin Lacomb Update, Univest GP, Tour of Tobago: Results to Stage 4 and GC

Posted by Editoress on 09/21/03

Kevin Lacomb Update

We have conflicting reports regarding the condition of Canadian Junior National Champion Kevin Lacombe, who is racing in Europe with the national team. According to the Giro di Basilicata website, Lacombe was in a crash in the first stage and broke his clavicle. However, his Équipe cycliste Volkswagen Trek team manager, Josée Robitaille, reports to us that he banged up his knee, but is otherwise fine and will be okay for the Worlds. A third report, via Brandon Crichton (who is also on the project), said nothing about Lacombe's knee, but confirmed no collarbone break and said that he needed stitches in his hand... Ahh, Italy - always an opera!

Univest GP

Men 160 km
1 Ted Huang (USA) Webcor Cycling Team, 3:56:35
2 Kevin Bouchard-Hall (USA), at 0:05
3 Matthew Svatek (USA) Team Sportsbook, 0:09
4 Craig Upton (NZl) CRCA/Breitling/Tradeware Racing
5 Mike Dietrich (USA) Fiordifrutta/Wheelworks
6 Ian Dille (USA) Team Snow Valley
7 Stig Somme (Nor) Jet Fuel Coffee Cycling Team, all s.t.
8 Giancarlo Ginestri (Ita) Highgear Cycling Team, 0:20
9 James Mattis (USA) Webcor Cycling Team
10 Cameron Hughes (Aus) LeMond Captain Cra-Z Soap

12 Alex Lavallee (Can) Volkswagen Trek, all s.t.
19 Bruno Langlois (Can) Volkswagen Trek, 2:00
25 Martin Gilbert (Can) Volkswagen Trek, 3:27
41 Kevin (Buck) Miller (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee Cycling Team, 5:06
58 Ryan Roth (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee Cycling Team, 6:03
62 Matthew Bonin (Can) Team Suburban Home Sales/Wolverine, 6:05

Elite Women 55 km
1 Ashley Kimmet (USA) Colavita Womens Elite Cycling Team, 1:37:00
2 Laura Van Gilder (USA) Saturn
3 Liza Rachetto (USA) ICO
4 Candice Sullivan (USA) Australian Women's Development
5 Sue Palmer-Komar (Can) Geneses Scuba/FFCC
6 Kate Nichols (Aus) Australian Women's Development
7 Sarah Uhl (USA) Saturn
8 Tara Parsons (USA) CRCA/EAS
9 Anne Marie Miller (USA) CRCA/Verizon Wireless
10 Heather Albert (USA) Team Basis

16 Merrill Collins (Can) La bicicletta-J Lindeberg, all s.t.

1 Susan Palmer-Komar (Geneses Scuba/FFCC), 30 points

Tour of Tobago
Report courtesy of Peter Morse (Midweek CC), Results organization

Stage 2 TT, rolling course. 1st Eric Murphy, 2nd Hugh Moran, 3rd Jason Sager (all USA), 4th Emile A (Tobago-all Toshiba Aerospace), 5th Willem Verheart (Belgium-Bovwelse Weilervrienden), 6th Joe G (Midweek). 8th Bruce Krip.

The Austrian U23 tt Champion went off course. Joe dropped to 3rd on GC behind Eric Murphy, and Hugh Moran. Peter moved down to 10th, Bruce moved up to 14th, with Fry and Atkins further down.

Stage 3, Scarborough circuit race.
After 5 laps of 20x7, race was stopped due to too much traffic getting onto the course. This was a new circuit, and the police thought they could control the roads, not so. Stage was nullified.

Stage 4, 100km hilly circuit. Very hot.
Emile Abraham soloed for 65 km to take the win. Joe Giuliano was constantly under attack by Aerospace, but they could not shake him. He finished 4th, and dropped to 4th overall. Peter and Bruce finished together, 12th and 13th. Peter stayed in 10th overall, Bruce moved up to 13th.

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 4GC
1. Emile Abraham (Trinidad & Tobago) Toshiba3:13:20.622:30.92:55:19.36:31:10.8
2. Eric Murphy (USA) Toshiba3:10:56.922:02.02:58:12.46:31:11.3
3. Hugh Moran (USA) Toshiba3:10:56.922:19.03:01:33.66:34:49.5
4. Joe Giuliano (Canada) Midweek3:10:36.922:43.43:01:33.66:34:53.9
5. Harald Berger (Austria) Scott - Lattella3:10:46.923:33.13:01:33.66:35:53.6
6. Ragot Olivier (Martinique) Selection3:10:56.923:31.83:01:33.66:36:02.2
7. Jason Sager (USA) Toshiba3:13:07.222:26.93:01:23.66:36:57.6
8. De Vries Wim (Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden3:13:20.624:30.13:03:13.26:41:03.9
9. Bessiere Alexandre (Martinique) Selection3:16:38.523:25.43:03:13.26:43:17.1
10. Guy Costa (Trinidad & Tobago) Heatwave3:16:38.523:33.13:03:13.26:43:24.8
11. Peter Morse (Canada) Midweek3:13:20.623:59.33:10:20.46:47:40.3
12. Stephen Mangroo (Trin Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden3:13:20.624:09.63:11:41.36:49:11.5
13. Traxl Andreas (Austria) Scott - Lattella3:16:38.523:08.03:10:20.46:50:06.9
14. Bruce Krip (Canada) Midweek3:16:38.523:12.03:10:20.46:50:10.9
15. Luis Ruberte (Puerto Rico) Caico3:16:38.524:44.03:09:02.66:50:25.1
16. Cremers Ben (Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden3:16:38.523:50.33:10:20.46:50:49.2
17. Humbert Max (Martinique) Selection3:16:38.524:35.43:11:41.36:52:55.2
18. Stephen Rambaran (Trinidad & Tobago) Southhampton3:16:53.125:40.33:11:41.36:54:14.8
19. Eudaldo Ascenio (Puerto Rico) Caico3:19:17.726:32.73:09:25.76:55:16.2
20. Nebut Rosemond (Barbados) Mutual Wheelers3:19:17.724:24.33:11:41.36:55:23.3
21. Joshua Alexander (Trinidad & Tobago) Warriors3:19:17.724:44.03:11:41.36:55:43.1
22. David Alves (Trin Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden3:19:17.725:08.93:11:41.36:56:07.9
23. Verhaert Willem (Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden3:13:07.222:40.63:24:26.07:00:13.8
24. Darren Reid (Trinidad & Tobago) Heatwave3:19:17.723:46.03:17:29.57:00:33.2
25. Frank Travieso (Cuba) Toshiba3:10:26.923:56.33:27:06.27:01:29.4
26. Phillip Clarke (Barbados) 3:19:17.724:20.23:19:58.67:03:36.6
27. Johan Dibandi (Martinique) Selection3:16:38.523:16.03:24:26.07:04:20.5
28. Tom Linten (Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden3:16:38.523:31.33:24:37.47:04:47.2
29. Traxl Mario (Austria) Scott - Lattella3:16:38.524:50.23:24:37.47:06:06.1
30. Jaime Perestrelo (Curacao) Pedal Pushers3:19:17.726:19.93:26:27.67:12:05.3
31. Roger Smart (Trinidad & Tobago) Pl Singh Sonics3:19:17.725:44.93:27:21.67:12:24.3
32. Dominic Ollivierre (St. Vincent) 3:19:28.729:11.73:24:37.47:13:17.8
33. Shanon Metivier (Trinidad & Tobago) Madonna3:19:17.725:28.13:28:44.67:13:30.4
34. Daniel Gredler (Austria) Scott - Lattella3:19:17.726:59.63:28:52.67:15:10.0
35. Matt Denby (Uk) Avrt3:19:17.726:11.83:30:06.57:15:36.1
36. Marlon An Troosus (St. Vincent) 3:26:20.728:18.13:24:26.07:19:04.8
37. Carlos Torres (Puerto Rico) Caico3:30:12.725:28.23:24:26.07:20:06.9
38. Sheldon Ramjit (Trinidad & Tobago) Hummingbird3:19:17.725:05.33:36:34.37:20:57.3
39. Adam Baskin (USA) Avrt3:30:12.725:01.03:27:21.67:22:35.3
40. Charles Bryan (Anguilla) Anguilla Cycling3:29:41.125:33.53:28:44.67:23:59.2
41. Chris Atkins (Canada) Midweek3:30:12.725:09.13:28:52.67:24:14.3
42. Devaughn Grant (Trinidad & Tobago) Nova Sports3:29:41.127:45.83:28:44.67:26:11.4
43. David Fry (Canada) Midweek3:30:12.727:09.73:28:52.67:26:15.0
44. Jessette Bromfield (Jamaica) 3:48:52.026:54.63:11:19.67:27:06.3
45. Franco Font (Puerto Rico) Caico3:30:12.725:03.23:35:20.57:30:36.3
46. Kurt Maraj (St. Lucia) 3:41:20.626:22.23:28:49.27:36:32.0
47. Kirk Maraj (St. Lucia) 3:46:18.529:27.63:24:37.47:40:23.5
48. Christopher Gill (Trinidad & Tobago) Heatwave3:28:07.025:53.03:47:03.97:41:03.8
49. Albertus James (Grenada) Team Wave Crest3:46:18.528:35.33:26:39.87:41:33.5
50. Junior Telesford (Grenada) Team Wave Crest3:48:44.127:29.93:26:39.87:42:53.7
51. Ronnie Bryan (Anguilla) Anguilla Cycling3:41:20.625:25.93:36:45.07:43:31.5
52. Maarten Vesltjens (Curacao) 3:41:20.627:12.83:36:45.07:45:18.4
53. Richard Mc Cartney (Trinidad & Tobago) Heatwave3:41:20.624:16.33:41:30.17:47:07.0
54. Christoph Kluge (Austria) CC Dynamo Tiral3:46:18.528:32.73:37:38.77:52:29.9
55. Jojo Polzl (Austria) CC Dynamo Tiral3:46:05.126:42.53:43:11.37:55:58.9
56. Aichel Magdalena (Curacao) Sscc3:41:20.627:34.43:50:25.67:59:20.6
57. Loek Smith (Curacao) Bellisima4:09:30.026:07.23:36:45.08:12:22.2
58. Benno Manr (Austria) CC Dynamo Tiral3:46:18.527:45.94:01:45.58:15:49.9
59. Pircher Fredi (Austria) CC Dynamo Tiral3:51:50.130:07.54:06:27.98:28:25.6
60. Winston Williams (St. Lucia) 3:58:29.828:53.74:06:27.98:33:51.4
61. Nobert Niederacher (Austria) CC Dynamo Tiral4:12:00.029:58.54:06:27.98:48:26.4
62. Simon Thompson (Uk) Avrt3:19:17.728:06.6DNF0
63. Adam Alexander (Trinidad & Tobago) Warriors3:19:17.725:08.9DNF0
64. Kenardo Donn (Jamaica) 3:16:38.525:17.3DNF0
65. Tyron Thomas (Grenada) Team Wave Crest3:29:41.127:03.2DNF0
66. Kevin Alexis (Grenada) Team Wave Crest3:58:29.827:54.5DNF0
67. Paul v.d. Loo (Curacao) Klm3:51:16.927:55.0DNF0
68. Deptor Culzac (St. Vincent) 3:41:20.628:10.7DNF0
69. Troy Felix (Grenada) Team Wave Crest3:41:20.628:41.9DNF0
70. Ian "Pretty" Charles (Trinidad & Tobago) Mercury Rising4:10:30.030:35.2DNF0
71. Dexter Henry (Trinidad & Tobago) Nova Tobago4:10:00.034:31.1DNF0

Sunday is the hardest day with two 10 km climbs through the rainforest. Hot weather is expected again.


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