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June 22/97 22:02 pm - New Brunswick, Women's Challenge

Posted by Editor on 06/22/97

New Brunswick News? There was a great turnout for the Velo NB MTB Series - Race # 3 at Woolastook. Especially gratifying were the large start groups of Pee Wee, Minime and Juniors, promising a continuing growth of the sport. Feeders and fans lined the feed zone. Crash ghouls gathered at the dropoffs catching the photo ops. None were deterred by the rain ... Yesirree, it rained all Saturday just to keep the dust down on the course. Race day dawned with a gentle rain to ensure that the morning start Pee Wees and Mimime had lots of mud to play in. The soft rain continued until the middle of the afternoon race when the skies open to a full-fledged downpour, complete with thunder and lightning. The great fast course of a week ago was fully transformed into a combination of heartstopping slimey downhills, (Yeah! say the crash ghouls, shutters clicking madly) and energy-sucking slogs. All of which leads to my top three reasons why I have no results to offer yet: 1. The rain turned the timer printout to mush. Well not all of it. Anyway there are the manual backup sheets ... 2. The dog ate the manual sheets in panic from the thunder. Actually pooch didn't really eat them, maybe nibbled a few, then trampled the rest with muddy paws, the infos still there ... 3. Anyone seen some dry sheets of paper to tally up the results on ? Aw heck, who wants to sit out in the pouring rain and the lightning trying to transcribe this stuff ? Hey, did those bar ends really light up after that last flash ? I'll send the results in a day or so. Once the blow dryers have done their work. Dave Macfarlane HP International Women‚s Challenge Stage 1 - 92 km 1. Karen Bliss Livingston Saturn Quakertown, Pennsylvania USA 2:24:00 2 Karen Kurrick Klein Cupertino, California USA 3 Susy Pryde Saeco/Timex Aukland, New Zealand 4 Pam Shuster Klein Greeley, Colorado USA 5 Jennifer Evans EDS Austin, Texas USA all s.t. 20. Linda Jackson Saeco/Timex Canada s.t. 38. Sue Palmer Saturn Canada s.t. 55. Erin McGann Canada s.t. 58. Cybil Digustini Canada s.t. 60. Leah Goldstein Canada s.t. 87. Mandy Poitras Canada at 5:45 89. Barb Zimich Canada s.t. 97. Karen Timewell Canada 9:06 Mountain Competition 1. Sue Palmer Saturn Canada


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