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September 22/03 8:13 am - Tobago International Classic: Stage 5 and final GC

Posted by Editoress on 09/22/03

Tobago International Classic
Courtesy Jason Morse

Stage 5, 120km.

Joe G was in the top 3 going into the final, decisive climb. Before the 10km beast started, there was a very steep and treacherous descent. Joe crashed at the bottom, and slid off the road, hitting a low, stone wall. His first response was to get on his bike and continue his plan of attacking the leader, since overall victory was still quite possible. His bike, however, was unrideable, and unfixable. He sustained some abrasions that were worthy of a trip to the hospital. He is doing fine, just wishing he could have shown his stuff on what was a great opportunity for him.

Peter Morse finished the tour 11th overall, Bruce Krip 14th, Dave Fry 34th, Chris Atkins 40th.

The results below are from the race <website and are the Official results - editoress

Stage 5Overall
1. Emile Abraham (Trinidad & Tobago) Toshiba3:31:27.610:02:38.4
2. Eric Murphy (USA) Toshiba3:32:08.610:03:19.9
3. Jason Sager (USA) Toshiba3:35:42.910:12:40.5
4. Harald Berger (Austria) Scott - Lattella3:31:37.910:07:31.5
5. Hugh Moran (USA) Toshiba3:35:42.910:10:32.4
6. Ragot Olivier (Martinique) Selection3:41:09.710:17:11.9
7. Joe Giuliano (Canada) MidweekDNF
8. Guy Costa (Trinidad & Tobago) Heatwave3:31:49.910:15:14.7
9. Bessiere Alexandre (Martinique) Selection3:44:16.210:27:33.3
10. De Vries Wim (Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden3:46:49.510:27:53.4
11. Luis Ruberte (Puerto Rico) Caico3:41:09.710:31:34.7
12. Eudaldo Ascenio (Puerto Rico) Caico3:50:39.310:45:55.5
13. Peter Morse (Canada) Midweek3:44:10.310:31:50.6
14. Cremers Ben (Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden3:44:15.610:35:04.7
15. Bruce Krip (Canada) Midweek3:50:39.310:40:50.2
16. Traxl Andreas (Austria) Scott - LattellaDNF
17. Jessette Bromfield (Jamaica)3:54:36.311:21:42.5
18. Humbert Max (Martinique) Selection3:44:24.110:37:19.3
19. Stephen Mangroo (Trin Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden3:50:40.010:39:51.5
20. Joshua Alexander (Trinidad & Tobago) Warriors3:44:33.310:40:16.3
21. David Alves (Trin Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden3:44:20.110:40:28.0
22. Nebut Rosemond (Barbados) Mutual Wheelers3:47:48.610:43:12.0
23. Stephen Rambaran (Trinidad & Tobago) Southhampton3:52:27.410:46:42.1
24. Darren Reid (Trinidad & Tobago) Heatwave3:50:39.310:51:12.5
25. Phillip Clarke (Barbados)3:50:02.710:53:39.2
26. Verhaert Willem (Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden3:50:39.310:50:53.1
27. Carlos Torres (Puerto Rico) Caico3:59:20.610:19:27.5
28. Deptor Culzac (St. Vincent)3:58:52.911:32:50.2
29. Johan Dibandi (Martinique) SelectionDNF
30. Marlon An Troosus (St. Vincent)DNF
31. Traxl Mario (Austria) Scott - Lattella4:02:50.411:08:56.5
32. Tom Linten (Belgium) Bovwelse Wielervrienden4:44:08.911:48:56.1
33. Kirk Maraj (St. Lucia)4:55:00.012:35:23.5
34. Dominic Ollivierre (St. Vincent)DNF
35. Jaime Perestrelo (Curacao) Pedal Pushers3:50:39.311:02:44.5
36. Junior Telesford (Grenada) Team Wave Crest4:08:32.911:51:26.6
37. Albertus James (Grenada) Team Wave Crest4:20:40.212:02:13.8
38. Frank Travieso (Cuba) ToshibaDNF
39. Roger Smart (Trinidad & Tobago) Pl Singh Sonics4:02:50.411:15:14.7
40. Adam Baskin (USA) Avrt3:59:20.611:21:55.9
41. Shanon Metivier (Trinidad & Tobago) Madonna4:08:32.911:22:03.3
42. Charles Bryan (Anguilla) Anguilla Cycling4:08:32.911:32:32.0
43. Devaughn Grant (Trinidad & Tobago) Nova SportsDNF
44. Kurt Maraj (St. Lucia)3:50:39.311:27:11.3
45. Daniel Gredler (Austria) Scott - Lattella3:59:22.111:14:32.1
46. David Fry (Canada) Midweek3:58:28.211:24:43.2
47. Chris Atkins (Canada) Midweek4:17:29.411:41:43.8
48. Matt Denby (UK) Avrt4:10:10.311:25:46.4
49. Franco Font (Puerto Rico) Caico4:08:30.611:39:06.9
50. Sheldon Ramjit (Trinidad & Tobago) Hummingbird4:20:40.211:41:37.5
51. Ronnie Bryan (Anguilla) Anguilla Cycling4:20:40.212:04:11.8
52. Maarten Vesltjens (Curacao)4:44:22.012:29:40.4
53. Loek Smith (Curacao) Bellisima4:33:17.912:45:40.1
54. Christoph Kluge (Austria) CC Dynamo Tiral4:20:47.212:13:17.1
55. Richard Mc Cartney (Trinidad & Tobago) Heatwave4:26:03.112:13:10.0
56. Jojo Polzl (Austria) CC Dynamo Tiral4:02:50.411:58:49.3
57. Christopher Gill (Trinidad & Tobago) Heatwave4:44:22.012:25:25.8
58. Aichel Magdalena (Curacao) SSCC4:33:17.912:32:38.5
59. Benno Manr (Austria) CC Dynamo Tiral4:44:22.013:00:11.9
60. Pircher Fredi (Austria) CC Dynamo Tiral4:44:22.013:12:47.6
61. Winston Williams (St. Lucia)5:10:00.013:43:51.4
62. Nobert Niederacher (Austria) CC Dynamo Tiral5:15:00.014:03:26.4
63. Simon Thompson (UK) AvrtDNF
64. Paul v.d. Loo (Curacao) KlmDNF
65. Troy Felix (Grenada) Team Wave CrestDNF
66. Kevin Alexis (Grenada) Team Wave CrestDNF
67. Dexter Henry (Trinidad & Tobago) Nova TobagoDNF
68. Ian "Pretty" Charles (Trinidad & Tobago) Mercury RisingDNF
69. Adam Alexander (Trinidad & Tobago) WarriorsDNF
70. Kenardo Donn (Jamaica)DNF
71. Tyron Thomas (Grenada) Team Wave CrestDNF


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