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September 30/03 9:17 am - Cyclo-cross Plus: Ontario and Alberta results, Alberta Race Announcement

Posted by Editoress on 09/30/03


Presented by United Cycle Racing

Strathcona Science Park, Sunday October 5th 2003

10 Hay bales. Alligator ponds. Quicksand pits. And much more!!

The Race: The Alberta Bicycle Association will be sanctioning this event, in which day licenses will be available on race day for unlicensed racers.

The Course: The Strathcona Science Park will be the setting for this amazing event. Situated in Edmonton‚s river valley this course will feature the local terrain with some paved sections, X-country ski trails and of course some challenging man-made prairie obstacles surrounding the Edmonton Nordic Biathlon range.

Registration: Race day registration and sign-in will be at the Sunridge ski area. Located on the west side of 17th street, just south of Highway 16 you will find the turn in.

Fee: The race fee will be $20.00. Unlicensed racers will have to purchase a Day License in addition to the race fee; $10.00 for club members, $25.00 for non-club members. Important CASH ONLY !!

Prizing: Cash prizes will be awarded in every category, in addition to draw prizes including a Planet X Kaffenbach Cross Frame & Fork.

CategoryDescriptionSign OnStart TimeLength
Master CrossMaster Men (cross bikes only) 8:45 ˆ 9:30 10:00 am45 minutes
SportOpen to all riders except Senior Elite mountain bikers and Cat _ road riders (mountain bikes allowed)8:45 ˆ 9:30 10:00 am45 minutes
JuniorJunior Men (mountain bikes allowed)8:45 ˆ 9:30 10:00 am45 minutes
WomenSelf explanatory (mountain bikes allowed)9:30 ˆ 10:45 11:15 am45 minutes
OpenCross bikes only9:30 ˆ Noon12:30 am60 minutes

For more information please contact Mike Sarnecki or Brys Francis @ 433-1181 or by e-mail

Baldwin Farm Cyclo-cross WindyHill Farms, Kintore, Ontario - Sept 27th
Courtesy CCA

Surprisingly good weather greeted the participants at WindyHill Farms for this leg of the Southern Ontario Cyclo-cross Series. A perennial favourite course for riders and spectators alike, it provided an ideal classic cyclo-cross experience with the wide lanes, rolling terrain and wind-sheltered paths. A few slippery spots here and there due to a night of steady rain challenged the handling skills of everyone and a couple of victims were noted sporting mud-stained patches from taking a spill or two.

In the first race that included a combined group of Master B/C/D, Women and Junior Men riders, Paul Dean initially led through the opening short loop, but it was Andrew Wilson (Bay Cycle / 3 Rox Racing) who overtook the Master rider and then continually put more distance between himself and all other riders in the first group on his way to winning the Junior Men's event. Ron Spencer and Craig Doucet moved ahead of the rest of the field and then battled the entire race at the front of the Master B/C/D group before Ron got a major gap through the final two barriers and held to win the Master B/C/D Men's race.

Tara Mulder steadily put distance between herself and the other Women riders on her way to victory in the Women's race, which had a good turnout of 7 riders including 5 Master Women.

In the Master A Men's race, Stephen Heck managed to hang in with the lead Senior Men for the first few laps on his way to a wide margin of victory, eventually finishing only 0:44 down to the Senior Men's winner. Daniel Rafique held off Jason Fitzsimmons in a close race for second place.

In the Senior Men's race, Michael Dennis (Gears Racing) and Nathan Chown (Midweek CC) came through the first lap together, but after that it was Chown pulling away more and more each lap and enjoying a 1:10 lead at the start of the final lap. However, a subsequent mechanical problem with the chain on his bike cost Chown over two minutes, allowing Dennis to pass and cruise to a win. A close battle for third saw David Coughlin edge out Mark Foster (Cyclesmith).

The next event in the Southern Ontario Series is the Skiis and Biikes Oktoberfest Cross race, Oct. 5 at Mountsberg Wildlife Centre near Campbellville. Check the OCA web site for details:

Master B/C/D 40+ Men 5 laps
1. Ron Spencer (Ind.)54:34
2. Craig Doucet (Ind.)at 0:09
3. Paul Dean (Ind.)1:46
4. Roy Andrigo (Woodstock CC)1:56
5. Gord Avann (Skiis and Biikes)3:57
6. Don Perry (Newmarket Eagles)7:50
7. Simon Dearing (Ind.)10:21
8. John vanden Elzen (Newmarket Eagles)11:58
9. Phil Renaud (OMCA)at 1 lap
Junior Men 5 laps
1. Andrew Wilson (Bay Cycle / 3 Rox Racing)52:20
Women 5 laps
1. Tara Mulder (McMaster Cycling Club)1:01:27
2. Dawn Hamel (M - Ind.)at 4:36
3. Tracy Ryder (M - Fly Gurlz)7:03
4. Lisa Sharpe (M - Ind.)8:53
5. Barb Brzezicki (Ciclismo SA)11:11
6. Pat Crosscombe (M - Cycle Solutions)16:03
DNF. Christine Hauk (M - Ind.)
Master A Men 6 laps
1. Stephen Heck (Sport Swap)59:13
2. Daniel Rafique (Ind.)at 7:06
3. Jason Fitzsimmons (Ind.)8:26
4. Warren Davies (Woodstock CC)at 1 lap
5. Dave Huffman (Ind.)
6. Chris Redden (True North)
7. Richard Strong (Waterloo CC)all s.t.
DNF. Chris Hauk (Coach
Senior Men 6 laps
1. Michael Dennis (Gears Racing)58:29
2. Nathan Chown (Midweek CC)at 1:20
3. David Coughlin (Ind.)2:20
4. Mark Foster (Cyclesmith)2:30
5. Shaun Glass (Thornhill Saab)4:00
6. Andrew Cutts (LCW Racer Sportif)at 1 lap

Paskapoo/Snakebite Grand Prix Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, AB - September 28.2003
Courtesy ABA

Open Men
1. Sean Barr (Pedalhead)57:11:00
2. Andre Sutton (Hardcore)57:42:00
3. Byron Davis (Pedalhead)58:08:00
4. Gregg Achtem (Bow Cycle)1:00:43
5. Per Strom (bicisport)1:00:50
6. Rick Thiessen (bicisport)1:01::30
7. Manriquie Bautista (Pedalhead)103:09 +1lap
dnf. Jeff Smith (Bow Cycle)
dnf. Mark Knoll (Bow Cycle)
Open Women
1. Samantha Nicholson (Bianchi/the Bike Shop)48:01:00
2. Lisa Licis (Hardcore)49:20:00
3. Mical Dyck (Terrascape)49:48:00
4. Madelaine Bates (Terrascape)50:40:00
5. Jessica Demars (Bianchi/the Bike Shop)54:54:00
6. Christine Ezinga (Calgary Cycle)57:05:00
7. Rebecca Morris (CABC/Projekt 1)50:06 +1lap
8. Petrina Tulissi (Bianchi/the Bike Shop)52:19 +1lap
dnf. Jennifer Barr (Pedalhead)
Master Men
1. cp Walsh (Synergy)44:18:00
2. Gregg Achtem (Bow Cycle)st.
3. Craig Good (Synergy)44:32:00
4. Peter Toth (ERTC)45:15:00
5. Lonn Bate (Terrascape)45:36:00
6. Brendan Bagden (Hardcore)45:50:00
7. Brian Licis (Hardcore)46:10:00
8. Brys Fancis (United)49:12:00
9. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead)50:00:00
10. Daryl Shuttleberg (Pedalhead)50:57:00
11. Tommy Mak (Eurotech)52:06:00
12. Michael Meeres (CABC/Projekt 1)52:17:00
13. Rich Vervoort (Crankmasters)53:03:00
dnf. Ross Anderson (Calgary Cycle)
dnf. Ryan Robinson (Part 1)
dnf. Brian Maclennan (Bow Cycle)
Sport Men
1. Brian Kullman (Terrascape)44:38:00
2. Paul Igmatiuk (ERTC)45:59:00
3. Kevin Noble (United)47:40:00
4. James Rasmussen 48:11:00
5. Tracey Shearer (Juventus)48:34:00
6. J P Roy (Synergy)49:45:00
7. Harley Desprey (Velocity)43:10 +1lap
8. Jonathan Sehpley 47:00 + 1lap
dnf. John Impey (Bow Cycle)
Junior Men
1. Phil Abbott (bicisport)45:33:00
2. Mark MacDonald (Sportchek)45:52:00
3. Zach Grant (Juventus)42:15 +1lap
4. Brian Robinson (Olympic Oval)42:50 +1lap
5. Slowomir Szulc (United)4811 +2laps
6. Neal Gregory (bicisport)49:11 +2laps


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