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October 6/03 2:02 am - Nella Cramero Grand Prix, United Cycle Cyclo

Posted by Editoress on 10/6/03

Nella Cramero Grand Prix Pelham ON
>i>Courtesy St. Catherines CC

1. Pieter Jacobs (Belgium)2:47:42
2. Jurgen Roelands (Belgium)
3. Mikhail Ignatyev (Russia)
4. Michiel Van Nelbrook (Belgium)all s.t.
5. Igor Klak (Poland)at 1:00
6. Brandon Crichton (Canadian National)
7. Joris Costermans (Belgium)
8. Wilson Matentes (Columbia)1:20
9. Pawel Cieslik (Poland)
10. Luke McCarthy (New Zealand)
11. Pawet Wachnik (Poland)
12. Milosz Szymczak (Poland)
13. Zach Taylor (USA)
14. Justas Volungevicius (Lithuania)
15. Mark Pozniak (St. Catharines CC)
16. William Thompson (New Zealand)
17. Stian Sommerseth (Norway)
18. Raphael Trembley (Canadian National)
19. Zach Grabowski (USA)3:12
20. Ruslan Sambris (Moldova)
21. Jelle Vanendert (Belgium)4:15
22. Juan Pablo Suarez (Columbia)10:06
23. Charly Vives (Canadian National)27:09
1. Preben Van Hecke (Belgium)4:02:48
2. Jens Renders (Belgium)
3. Maxime Monfort (Belgium)all s.t.
4. Johan Vansummern (Belgium)at 0:27
5. Jonas Holmkvist (Sweden)0:42
6. William Frishkorn (USA)1:04
7. Philip Deignan (Ireland)2:01
8. Andres Cardenas (Columbia)3:00
9. Mauricio Neisa Alvarado (Columbia)7:38
10. Buck Miller (Ontario A)1 lap
11. Jeff Schiller (Ontario A)1 lap

United Cycle Cyclo - Cross Sunday October 5th
Courtesy Brys Francis, United Cycle Racing

The Strathcona Science Park played host to United Cycle's first annual cross race, the 4th stop of the ABA Cyclo Cross season. Typical prairie October weather (24 C) prevailed, and resulted in 56 starters from the across the province attending, along with a growing crowd of rabid cross fans. A course featuring screaming fast descents, chicanes, wooded x-country ski trails with high speed paved and dirt sections made for an exciting day of racing.

1. Kevin Lega (United Cycle)53:10
2. William Montceath (Juventus)56:04
1. Brian Kullmann (Terrascape)53:18
2. James Rasmussen (United Cycle)
3. Tracy Shearer (Juventus)
4. "Naked" Jon Shalapay (United Cycle)
5. Don Fox (Juventus)
6. Harley Desprey (Velocity)
7. Kevin Noble (United Cycle)
8. Darin Johnson (United Cycle)
9. Jeremy Smid (United Cycle)
10. Tim Riess (Independent)
11. Kevin Bladon (United Cycle)
12. Simon Richard (River Valley Cycle)
13. Don Bradey (ERTC)
14. Kyle Saranchuk (United Cycle)
15. David McDowell (Synergy)
16. David Lilley (United Cycle)
DNF. Mark Kildaw (United Cycle)
Open Women
1. Samantha Nicholson (Bianchi/Bike Shop)43:09
2. Lisa Licis (Hardcore)43:32
3. Jessica DeMars (Bianchi/Bike Shop)46:43
4. Rebecca Morris (Project 1)49:22
5. Jennifer Barr (Pedalhead)-1 lap
Master Men
1. Craig Good (Synergy)50:44
2. cp Walsh (Synergy)50:45
3. Brennan Bagdan (Hardcore)52:07
4. Will Carry (Pedalhead)52:45
5. Ross Anderson (Calgary Cycle)52:50
6. Brian Licis (Hardcore)53:00
7. John Riess (Independent)53:15
8. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead)54:02
9. Darrel Shettleworth (Pedalhead)56:02
10. Bob McKerrell (Project 1)58:17
11. Michael Moores (Project 1)- 1 lap
12. Tommy Mark (Independent)- 1 lap
DNF. Andy Achuff (Pedalhead)
DNF. Ryan Robinson (Part One)
Open Men
1. Roddi Lega (United Cycle)64:08
2. Mathew Decore (Pedalhead)65:39
3. Sean Barr (Pedalhead)66:00
4. Todd Barraclough (Juventus)66:17
5. Jason Shankariuk (Snakebite)66:34
6. Andre Sutton (Hardcore)66:35
7. Andy Achuff (Pedalhead)66:52
8. Peter Toth (ERTC)68:30
9. Ryan Robinson (Part One)69:30
10. Guri Randhawa (Pedalhead)69:30
11. Craig good (Synergy)70:14
12. Per Strom (Bicisport)-1 lap
DNF. Byron Davis (Pedalhead)
DNF. John Twells (Pedalhead)
DNF. Evan Sherman (United Cycle)
DNF. cp Walsh (Synergy)


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