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October 17/03 9:31 am - Sun Herald Tour, U.S. NRC Final Standings, New BC Club

Posted by Editor on 10/17/03

Herald Sun Tour - Australia

Stage 2 - Portarlington RR 117 km

1 Hilton Clarke (Aus) Barloworld 2:39:49
2 Bart Heirewegh (Bel) Carlton Midstrength
3 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Active For Life
4 Ivan Fanelli (Ita) Pelaco
5 Steve Cunningham (Aus) Rio Coffee
6 Jamie Drew (Aus) Jayco all s.t.
7 Brett Aitken (Aus) Rio Coffee at 0:13
8 Greg Henderson (NZL) Carlton Midstrength
9 Matt Wilson (Aus) Malaysia Airlines
10 Marek Wesoly (Pol) Pelaco

16 Michael Sayers (USA) Ballarat*Eureka!
17 Tim Johnson (USA) Active For Life
20 Alex Candelario (USA) Ballarat*Eureka!
59 Scott Moninger (USA) Ballarat*Eureka!
66 Chris Wherry (USA) Ballarat*Eureka!
67 Dominique Perras (Can) Active For Life all s.t.
83 Joseph Papp (USA) Echuca-Moama 17:32


1 Jamie Drew (Aus) Jayco 3:24:21
2 Ivan Fanelli (Ita) Pelaco at 0:04
3 Hilton Clarke (Aus) Barloworld 0:15
4 Hector Morales (Uru) Active For Life 0:27
5 Bart Heirewegh (BeL) Carlton Midstrength
6 Michael Sayers (USA) Ballarat*Eureka!
7 Simon Gerrans (Aus) Malaysia Airlines all s.t.
8 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Active For Life 0:30
9 Sean Sullivan (Aus) Barloworld 0:32
10 Steve Cunningham (Aus) Rio Coffee 0:36

17 Scott Moninger (USA) Ballarat*Eureka! 0:54
55 Tim Johnson (USA) Active For Life 1:02
56 Dominique Perras (Can) Active For Life
68 Alex Candelario (USA) Ballarat*Eureka!
69 Chris Wherry (USA) Ballarat*Eureka! all s.t.
85 Joseph Papp (USA) Echuca-Moama 24:11

New BC Club
Courtesy Todd Hansen

BC's newest club, 'Team Coastal Cycling', has started planning for 2003 & 2004. Based out of Delta, Team Coastal will be offering a host of activities for young, old, new and experienced cyclists. Rides will be available for members in the Vancouver, Delta, Surrey and Langley areas. In Vancouver, rides will be directed by Veteran rider Larry Zimich. Larry brings his 18 years of riding and racing experience to Team Coastal and will be the Team Leader for the newly formed Race Team.

Larry recently competed at the Worlds Masters cycling events and is primed to share his expertise. "I look forward to a new season with the Team Coastal group. There are lots of resources available to members. Whether they're looking to improve their own performance or simply get hooked up with a fun group to train with, we have it."

Over the South side of the Fraser, in Delta, Surrey and Langley, rides will be coordinated by Todd Hansen. Todd brings many years of cycling experience to Team Coastal. Todd has coached since 1987 and has competed at the international level representing both BC and Team Canada.

"We have some of the best roads in the world to ride and train on. I look forward to seeing everyone back out on their bikes this fall. There are so many coffee stops which have not been explored!"

The emphasis for Team Coastal is to provide a club for people who are eager to learn more about cycling in a fun yet wholesome environment. The Club will be offering riding clinics and high performance training camps. Local charities and non-profit organizations will be a focus for the new club.

Mark Diotte, Club Treasurer, says "We look forward to working with other local non-profit groups and charities. Moreover, our members will have fun in a club which they can call their own!"

Anyone wanting more information about Team Coastal Cycling can contact one the directors at: HOTLINE: 604-788-1873 and info:

U.S. NRC Final Standings

1Lyne BessetteCANSaturn2085
2Tina Mayolo-PicUSADiet Rite1621
3Genevieve JeansonCANRona-Esker1605
4Lynn GaggioliUSAVelo Bella1392
5Laura VanGilderUSASaturn1257
6Manon JutrasCANSaturn870
7Kimberly BrucknerUSAT-Mobile866
8Susan Palmer-KomarCANGenesis Scuba / FFCC774
9Karen BockelGERRona-Esker740
10Heather AlbertUSABasis701
17Amy MooreCANSaturn417
18Leah GoldsteinISRVictory Brewing-Amoroso's410
23Sandy EpsesethCANVictory Brewing-Amoroso's360
25Gina GrainCANVictory Brewing-Amoroso's351
28Cybil DiGuistiniCANDiet Rite318
56Erinne WillockCANRona-Esker149
62Andrea HannosCANRona-Esker124
64Anne SamploniusCANTDS122
90Leigh HobsonCANTeam Cervelo67
99Nicole DemarsCANVictory Brewing-Amoroso's59
107Kiara BisaroCANCanadian National50
140Marg FedynaCANVaniqa/Red Racing35
163Chrissy ReddenCANCanadian National25
164Merrill CollinsCANLa Bicicletta-J Lindeberg25
217Melanie McQuaidCANFord Outfitters11
220Alison SydorCANCanadian National10
222Carrie TuckCANRona-Esker10
223Erin CarterCANCanadian National10
224Heather ColeCANFairfield Toyota10
226Julie HutsebautCANCanadian National10
228Katy St. LaurentCAN10
1Chris HornerUSA Saturn2841
2Tom DanielsonUSA Saturn1693
3John LieswynUSA 7up/Maxxis1255
4Viktor RapinskiBLR Saturn1250
5Mark McCormackUSA Saturn1013
6Jonas CarneyUSA Prime Alliance976
7David ClingerUSA Prime Alliance913
8Danny PateUSA Prime Alliance859
9Nathan O'NeillAUS Saturn852
10Chris BaldwinUSA Navigators823
17Eric WohlbergCAN Saturn580
21Gord FraserCAN Health Net506
22Mark WaltersCAN Navigators499
41Charles DionneCAN Saturn325
43Jacob ErkerCAN Schroeder Iron315
72Michael BarryCAN US Postal207
108Andrew RandellCAN128
109Cameron EvansCAN Broadmark Capital128
157Stig SommeNOR Jet Fuel76
192Tim LefebvreCAN54
205Svein TuftCAN Prime Alliance50
234Alex LavalleeCAN Volkswagen-Trek39
283Scott PriceCAN Landis/Trek/VW28
293Marc BomhofCAN Ciclismo/Headwinds25
296Roland GreenCAN Trek VW All-Stars25
323Peter MazurPOL Lemond Fitness Cra-z Soap20
325Bruno LangloisCAN Volkswagen-Trek19
348Joe GiulianoCAN Brittans Bike16
372Glenn RendellCAN14
405Matt ToulouseCAN Canada11
414James Van ToeverCAN Morati-Honeywell10
421Peter SanowarCAN Gears Racing10
486Dylan SebelCAN Broadmark Capital5

Birthday Correction

Matt Hansen's birthday is Sunday, not Saturday.


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