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November 19/03 4:38 am - Ontario `Cross, Nova Scotia `Cross, Grassroots Women's Programs Wanted, Minnaar Released From Haro/Lee Dungarees

Posted by Editoress on 11/19/03

New Cyclo-Cross Event Added for this Weekend

The Ontario Cycling Association is please to announce that Skiis & Biikes have organized a replacement cyclo-cross event for the ill-fated Heart Lake Cyclo-Cross. Once again, Skiis & Biikes have found another great new venue with an exciting course with the Coulson's Hill 'Cross. The Coulson's Hill 'Cross will take place this Sunday (November 23rd) at Coulson's Hill, just outside of Bradford. This event is included in the Southern Ontario Cyclo-Cross Series.

Schedule of Events

Master B/C/D (40+ Men)50 min11:00 AM $20
Women50 min11:00:30 AM$20
Senior Master A Men60 min1:00 PM$20
Junior/U17 Men55 min1:00:30 PM$20

Directions from Toronto
- Highway 400 north
- Hwy 88 East to 10th line (left at first set of lights)
- 10th line to 11th line (turn left)
- Park in Bradford Town Office (turn left)

Contact Info
Scott Doel

The event flyer is available at and

2003 Kona Supa Cup-A-Soup Supa Kross Series Halifax, Nova Soctia

Overall Points Series

Open Male
1. Jamie Lamb, 300 points
2. Pierre Nie, 265
3. Ed Rushton, 230
4. Kevin Noiles, 210
5. Chris Graham, 197
6. D. MacBurnie, 175
7. Roger Nelson, 160
8. Rob Klue, 158
9. Jason Eagles, 140
10. Kyle Swain, 111
11. Andrew Canning, 110
12. Steve Mitchell, 107
13. Marc Trussler, 100
14. Dwayne White, 96
15. Ian Whitehead, 95
16. Bruce Hickey, 94
17. Mark Pennell, 84
18. David Regan, 59
19. Dan Gallagher, 56
20. Tim Farmer, 56
21. Mark Wood, 54
22. Martin Austin, 50
23. Norman Lai, 46
24. Steve Purcell, 46
25. H. Van Voorst, 41
26. Zach Gammage, 34
27. Scott Hickman, 30
28. Jim Trussler, 28
29. A. Lacopia, 28
30. Paul Shaw, 25
31. Geoff O'Toole, 25
32. Chad Smith, 24
33. Steve Williams, 22
34. Matt Morford, 20
35. Craig DeGier, 20
36. Jeff White, 18
37. S. Moulin, 12
38. Mark Davignon, 10

Open Female
1. Dawn Jardine, 300 points
2. Melanie Jardine, 170

Under 17
1. A. L'Esperance, 355 points
2. David Tower, 335
3. Geoff O'Toole, 100
4. Marc Trussler, 100
5. P. L'Esperance, 75
6. Bryson Vardy, 65
6. Colin Saulnier, 65
7. Trent Blanchard, 60

Calling All Grassroots Women's Cycling Programs!
Courtesy Giana Roberge

It's time for a little good news about women's cycling - some very successful grassroots programs are out there - programs that are making the sport accessible to hundreds of new women racers every year. The variety of these programs is impressive - successful clubs, clinics, rides and seminars, all focused on getting more women involved with racing. Some of these are programs for women only and some are part of existing co-ed programs.

At the 2nd Yoplait Women's Cycling Summit held on October 13th, a task force was formed to identify these successful programs and to help develop similar programs that would be successful in other parts of the country as well.

We need your help in identifying successful local, regional, and national women's cycling programs. If you know of a successful grassroots women's cycling program, please forward contact information (program name, website address and email contact) to

World Champion Greg Minnaar Released From Haro/Lee Dungarees Team
From Haro Bicycle Corporation

November 18, 2003 - Vista, California, Haro Bicycle Corporation announced today the release of Greg Minnaar from the Haro/Lee Dungarees Team. Haro President and CEO, Jim Ford, made this statement regarding the departure of the 2003 Downhill World Champion and NORBA downhill champion, "Greg is both a great person and a great athlete, but we choose not to match an offer presented to Greg to ride for Honda in 2004. Although the financial terms of the offer were significant, money wasn't the real issue. Greg and I talked and after hearing his desire to work with Honda on this project, I felt that it was best for both of us to end the relationship on a positive note".

Greg, who raced only one season for the Haro Lee Dungarees Mountain Bike Team, was quick to praise the team that assisted him to his World Championship title. "Obviously this was a difficult decision for me after having had such a great year with the Haro team and all they have done for me. I have been very fortunate in my career already, and I am very much indebted to all at Haro for their support and genuine loyalty this year".

Currently, Haro has no plans to replace Minnaar and will instead rely on Australian team-mate Mick Hannah to pick up where Greg left off in downhill and 4X competition. The Haro Team enjoyed its best season ever in 2003 thanks to Minnaar's accomplishments and another NORBA title in Short-Track won by Canadian Seamus McGrath. Cross-country and short-track rider Chris Sheppard and 4X specialist Mike King are expected back, along with Hannah and McGrath for the 2004 season.

Honda will issue a formal press release about the 2004 program and line up of Team G Cross Honda once that has been finalised


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