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June 17/98 10:20 am - Fraser Wins, HP Women's Classic, Tour de Suisse

Posted by Editor on 06/17/98

Fraser Takes Beauce Stage

Canadian sprinter extraordinaire Gord Fraser has chalked up another win for his Mercury team - his first after signing on for an additional two years. Under cloudy skies - much preferred to the wind and rain of the evening before - Fraser won the field sprint of an otherwise uneventful first stage of the GP Cycliste de Beauce. The 158 kilometre stage from Quebec City to Sainte Marie featured numerous attacks, but the major squads, such as Mercury and race leader Frank McCormack‚s Saturn team quickly shut everything down. Tomas Konecny (ZVVZ) took second place, and his team mate Slavomir Heger third. Chann McRae (Saturn) repeated his fourth place result for the second straight stage, as did Andrzei Sypytkowski (Mroz) in fifth place.

McCormack finished in the pack, and maintained his race leading position.

Stage 1 - Québec to Sainte-Marie, 158 km

1. Gord Fraser (CAN) Mercury, 3:48:13
2. Tomas Konecny (CZE) ZVVZ
3. Slavomir Heger (CZE) ZVVZ
4. Chann McRae (USA) Saturn
5. Andrzei Sypytkowski (POL) Mroz
6. Frank McCormack (USA) Saturn
7. Piotr Wadecki (POL) Mroz
8. Brian Walton (CAN) Saturn
9. Trent Klasna (USA) Navigators
10. Mark Walters (CAN) Mercury all s.t.

Other Canadians

12. Pierre Chevrier CAN Radio Energie
19. Jonathan Bolduc CAN Espoirs de Laval
20. Peter Wedge CAN Radio Energie
23. Sylvain Beauchamps CAN Radio Energie
24. Jacques Landry CAN Radio Energie
25. Joe Guillano CAN Jet Fuel
26. Michael Barry CAN Radio Energie
29. Jason Crookham CAN Jet Fuel
30. Andrew Randell CAN Jet Fuel
36. Eric Wohlberg CAN Espoirs de Laval
39. Antoine Varghese CAN Jet Fuel
42. Roland Green CAN Canadian National all s.t. as leaders
47. Seamus McGrath CAN Canadian National at 0:19
48. Andreas Hestler CAN Canadian National 0:36

Stage 1 Course Profile

Tour of Switzerland

Stage 2 - Biel to Villars-sur-Ollon, 178 km

1. REBELLIN Davide (Ita) Team Polti 4:49:43
2. JALABERT Laurent (Fra) ONCE-Deutsche Bank at 0:17
3. ZBERG Beat (Sui) Rabobank 0:26
4. GARZELLI Stefano (Ita) Mercatone Uno-Bianchi 0:29
5. BELLI Wladimir (Ita) Festina-Lotus 0:34
6. GARCIA CASAS Felix M. (Esp) Festina-Lotus s.t.
7. LUTTENBERGER Peter (Aut) Rabobank 0:35
8. NOE Andrea (Ita) Asics-CGA 0:36
9. CASAGRANDE Francesco (Ita) Cofidis 0:42
10. TONKOV Pavel (Rus) Mapei-Bricobi s.t.


1. REBELLIN Davide (Ita) Team Polti 4:49:53
2. JALABERT Laurent (Fra) ONCE-Deutsche Bank at 0:27
3. ZBERG Beat (Swi) Rabobank 0:32
4. GARZELLI Stefano (Ita) Mercatone Uno-Bianchi 0:39
5. BELLI Wladimir (Ita) Festina-Lotus 0:44
6. GARCIA CASAS Felix M. (Spa) Festina-Lotus s.t.
7. LUTTENBERGER Peter (Aut) Rabobank 0:45
8. CASAGRANDE Francesco (Ita) Cofidis 0:46
9. NOE Andrea (Ita) Asics-CGA s.t.
10. TONKOV Pavel (Rus) Mapei-Bricobi 0:52

HP International Women‚s Classic

Stage 2 - Boise to Park City, 85 km

1Anna WilsonAUS1:54:480:00:00
2Petra RossnerGER1:54:480:00:00
3Kendra WenzelUSA1:54:480:00:00
4Karen LivingstonUSA1:54:480:00:00
5Zita UrbonaiteLIT1:54:480:00:00
6Karen Kurreck**USA1:54:480:00:00
7Carmen RichardsonUSA1:54:480:00:00
8Sarah Ulmer*USA1:54:480:00:00
9Evi Gensheimer*GER1:54:480:00:00
10Julie YoungUSA1:54:480:00:00
17Leigh HobsonCAN1:54:480:00:00
23Chrissy ReddenCAN1:54:480:00:00
32Anne SamploniusCAN1:54:480:00:00
37Lyne BessettCAN1:54:480:00:00
39Stacey SpencerCAN1:54:480:00:00
42Melanie McQuaidCAN1:54:480:00:00
49Kim LangtonCAN1:54:480:00:00
53Cybil DiGuistini*CAN1:54:480:00:00
61Trish SinclairCAN1:54:480:00:00
63Leah GoldsteinCAN1:54:480:00:00
65Sandy EspesethCAN1:54:480:00:00
66Lesley TomlinsonCAN1:54:480:00:00
75Muffy Roy**CAN1:54:480:00:00
81Alison SydorCAN1:54:480:00:00


1Linda Jackson**CAN2:02:010:00:00
2Edita Pucinskaite*LIT2:02:070:00:06
3Diana Ziliute*LIT2:02:110:00:10
4Jeannie Longo**FRA2:02:110:00:10
5Valentina PolkhanovaRUS2:02:150:00:14
6Kathy WattAUS2:02:150:00:14
7Alessandra CappellottoITA2:02:180:00:17
8Meike de BruijnNED2:02:230:00:22
9Mari HoldenUSA2:02:240:00:23
10Alison SydorCAN2:02:240:00:23
23Lyne BessettCAN2:02:420:00:41
33Leigh HobsonCAN2:02:500:00:49
39Cybil Di Guistini*CAN2:02:550:00:54
42Sandy EspesethCAN2:02:560:00:55
44Anne SamploniusCAN2:02:590:00:58
51Kim LangtonCAN2:03:050:01:04
56Lesley TomlinsonCAN2:03:090:01:08
62Trish SinclairCAN2:03:140:01:13
65Melanie McQuaidCAN2:03:170:01:16
67Stacey SpencerCAN2:03:190:01:18
68Chrissy ReddenCAN2:03:190:01:18
75Muffy Roy**CAN2:03:270:01:26
76Leah GoldsteinCAN2:03:280:01:27
83Annie GariepyCAN2:06:390:04:38
84Darnelle MooreCAN2:06:420:04:41
88Marg FedynaCAN2:07:010:05:00
94Mandy PoitrasCAN2:07:070:05:06
96Sophie St. JacquesCAN2:07:080:05:07
112Nicole GinglesCAN2:11:220:09:21
120Karen TimewellCAN2:13:080:11:07
122Gina GrainCAN2:13:140:11:13
131Louise PenkmanCAN2:22:250:20:24

More Canadian stage 1 results:

23. Lyne Bessette 7:54
34. Leigh Hobson 8:02
40. Cybil DiGuistini 8:07
43. Sandy Espeseth 8:08
45. Anne Samplonius 8:11
52. Annie Gariepy 8:17
53. Kim Langton 8:17
56. Darnelle Moore 8:20
60. Lesley Tomlinson 8:21
67. Trish Sinclair 8:26
70. Melanie McQuaid 8:29
73. Stacey Spencer 8:31
74. Chrissy Redden 8:31
87. Marg Fedyna 8:39
88. Leah Goldstein 8:40
99. Mandy Poitras 8:45
101. Sophie St Jacques 8:46
116. Nicloe Gingles 9:03
120. Louise Penkman 9:07
124. Karen Timewell 9:13
130. Gina Grain 9:19


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