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January 17/04 9:39 am - Zierfuss Tributes, 2004 National Team Announced

Posted by Editor on 01/17/04

Hans Zierfuss Tributes

Marcel and Rene Zierfuss provided this release on the passing of their father Hans Zierfuss, which we have reprinted from the OCA website.

"It is with great sadness that Marcel and Rene Zierfuss announce the sudden passing away of their father Hans on December 31st.

Although being detached from the sport and the community for some time, our father's life was forever touched by the wonderful people he met and the moments he shared with them through cycling. Marcel and Rene would like to particularly thank the following families and people for their contribution to our father's memories and life. The Davidge's, Barry's, Jube's, Sharpe's, Dingle's, Langton's, Seganfrado's, Hansen's, Mulholland's, Currie's, Berend's, Giancarlo Serrafero, Tony Beek (Kevin from the Shop), Johnny from Jet Fuel, Ryan Lamb, and all the former members of the Colnago Cycling Team. To all of those that knew him and were not mentioned you have not been forgotten, you are in our thoughts.

Dad, you will always be remembered with a wink, smile and laugh. Your contribution to our lives will never be forgotten and your presence will always be felt wherever we are. Een laatste groet."

Marcel and Rene Zierfuss

Editor's Note: I worked numerous events as an official with Hans, and we regularly ran into each other at races. Hans was always passionate about the sport, whether his boys were racing or not, and never failed to share his enthusiasim and ideas. We will miss him.

In Memory Of Hans Zierfuss

by Christian Hansen

It was some time ago when I last saw Hans, probably when I was racing cadet and junior in the late 80's and early 90's, but he definitely had a big impact back then. He will always remain in my mind as a mentor. Marcel and Rene are quite lucky to have grown up with a father so supportive and eager like Hans: he loved to watch his boys race bikes. I know what it is like to grow up with a father who is excited to watch his sons race, and I can now say that having my father watch me race when I was young made a world of difference, I felt proud to race in front of my Dad. I know that Hans had the same impact on his sons. I can remember racing cyclo-cross and road races with Rene, Marcel, Michael Barry, my two brothers, and having our fathers Hans, Mike and Jorn, there cheering us on. I remember Hans driving Rene, Marcel, my brothers and myself to some big races early in my cycling career, and I remember his tremendous enthusiasm: it was inspiring. It makes me very sad to hear that Hans is no longer with us; I express my condolences to Rene and Marcel. Hans will be missed by everyone who ever got the chance to know him and there will be a void left where he once was. I know that his spirit and his love of cycling will live on forever within his sons.

Thank you Hans Zierfuss, you will not be forgotten.

by Valerie Davidge

Hans was very active in cycling while Rene and Marcel were Minimes, Cadets and Juniors. He ran the Colnago team for both young men and women three of whom were National Team Members and one went on to a professional career. Nothing was too much for him. The team would be all over - at the track, at stage races in Quebec and in the US. He looked after them all very well.

As a Dutch ex-pat., Hans had contacts in Holland and for several years organized trips to Assen where a series of events are held annually for youth in a festival type fashion. In fact, it was on one of these trips that Michael Barry first got his taste of European racing. That was some time ago when Michael, Rene, Marcel and the many others in the group were very young.

For a short while, Hans was a member of the OCA's Racing Committee and he was an active commissaire.

He will be remembered as a good, fun loving friend with a quick wit and big smile.

Hans returned to Holland in the early 1990's and lived there until his passing.

God Bless Hans. We miss you.

by J Sharp

Hans was a great man and friend. He was very passionate but the sport of cycling helping me a lot when I was starting out and for that he will be remembered.

My family sends our condolences.

CCA News
Courtesy CCA

The CCA would like to welcome Ray Duggan he will be our Development Program Coordinator which would focus on the development of coaches, officials and youth programs in collaboration with the Provincial Cycling Associations. The Athlete Development model for all cycling disciplines will be a point of reference. Please note that Ray's email address will be

The CCA has also released the official list of members of the national team for 2004 (discipline in brackets).

1. Phil Abbott (Track)
2. Dustin Adams (MTB DH)
3. Spencer Atkinson (Track)
4. Michael Barry (Road)
5. Julie Belanger (Road)
6. Cynthia Beaulieu (Track)
7. Lyne Bessette (Road)
8. Kiaro Bisaro (MTB XC)
9. Sophie-Anne Blanchette (MTB XC)
10. Pierre-Olivier Boily (IPC)
11. Magalie Boulay (Road)
12. Marc Breton (IPC)
13. Shawn Bunnin (MTB XC)
14. Frederic Bussieres (MTB XC)
15. Erin Carter (Track)
16. Murray Carter (Road)
17. Kylie Case (MTB XC)
18. Alex Cloutier (Track)
19. Adam Coates (MTB XC)
20. Ian Condron (Road)
21. Marsh Cooper (Road/Track)
22. Stephane Cote (IPC)
23. Brian Cowie (IPC)
24. Brandon Crichton (Road)
25. Andrew Davidson (Road)
26. Nicole Demars (Road)
27. Craig Deveer (IPC)
28. Karen DeWolfe (MTB XC)
29. Cybil DiGuistini (Road)
30. Charles Dionne (Road)
31. Mark Ernsting (Track)
32. Sandy Espeseth (Road)
33. Cameron Evans (Road)
34. Bradley Fairall (Road)
35. Ricky Federau (MTB XC)
36. Gord Fraser (Road)
37. Olivia Gagne (MTB XC)
38. Mike Garrigan (MTB XC)
39. Martin Gilbert (Road/Track)
40. Gina Grain (Road)
41. Roland Green (MTB XC)
42. Matt Hadley (MTB XC)
43. Ryder Hesjedal (MTB XC)
44. Andreas Hestler (MTB XC)
45. Carter Hovey (Road)
46. Julie Hutsebaut (Road)
47. Chris Isaac (Road)
48. Jesse Jakomait (MTB XC)
49. Paul Jalbert (IPC)
50. Amy Jarvis (Road)
51. Cory Jay (Road)
52. Genevieve Jeanson (Road)
53. Manon Jutras (Road)
54. Geoff Kabush (MTB XC)
55. Kevin Lacombe (Road)
56. Jean-Francois Laroche (Road)
57. Jamie Lamb (MTB XC)
58. Cory Lange (Road)
59. Alexandre Lavallee (Road)
60. Genevieve Leblanc (Road)
61. Roddi Lega (Road/MTB XC)
62. Audrey Lemieux (Road)
63. Breanna Loster (Track)
64. Cam Mackinnon (Track)
65. Steen Madsen (Track)
66. Lars Madsen (Track)
67. Jean-Sebastien Maheu (Road)
68. Richard Marsolais (IPC)
69. Shawn Marsolais (IPC)
70. Alexandre Maurais (Track)
71. Mark McDonald (Track)
72. Seamus McGrath (MTB XC)
73. Ryan McKenzie (Track)
74. Jean-Ann McKirdy (MTB XC)
75. Christian Meier (Road)
76. Lori-Ann Muenzer (Track)
77. Alexandre Nadeau (Road)
78. Sue Palmer-Komar (Road)
79. Francois Parisien (Road)
80. Dominique Perras (Road)
81. Max Plaxton (MTB XC)
82. Andrew Pinfold (Road)
83. Mandy Poitras (Track)
84. Marie-Helene Premont (MTB XC)
85. Jean Quevillon (IPC)
86. Andrew Randell (Road)
87. Chrissy Redden (MTB XC)
88. Dominique Rollin (Road)
89. Ryan Roth (Road)
90. Will Routley (MTB XC)
91. Emilie Roy (Road)
92. Anne Samplonius (Road)
93. Chris Sheppard (MTB XC)
94. Trish Sinclair (MTB XC)
95. Travis Smith (Track)
96. Kris Sneddon (MTB XC)
97. Murray Solem (IPC)
98. Lisa Sweeney (IPC)
99. Katy St. Laurent (Road)
100. Martin St. Laurent (Road)
101. Alison Sydor (MTB XC)
102. Warren Tilbroock (Road)
103. Mathieu Toulouse (MTB XC)
104. Raphael Tremblay (Road)
105. Jeremy Trudel (MTB XC)
106. Carrie Tuck (Road)
107. Svein Tuft (Road)
108. James Van Toever (MTB XC)
109. Catherine Vipond (MTB XC)
110. Maxime Vives (Road)
111. Sandra Walter (MTB XC)
112. Mark Walters (Road)
113. Andrew Watson (MTB XC)
114. Peter Wedge (MTB XC)
115. Erinne Willock (Road)
116. Eric Wohlberg (Road)
117. Laura Yoisten (Track)


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