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January 30/04 9:50 am - Chico Racing's 24 Hours at Hardwood Hills Cancelled

Posted by Editoress on 01/30/04

Chico Racing's 24 Hours at Hardwood Hills Cancelled

Uxbridge, ON - In its bid to run the 24 Hours of Hardwood Hills on August 21 & 22, 2004, Chico Racing has decided to withdraw from organizing the event. The decision was based on a long and drawn out legal battle it would have with another cycling organizer claiming rights to run a 24 hour event at Hardwood Hills on the same weekend. Despite Chico Racing having a contract with Hardwood Hills, the other promoter, Twenty 4 Sports (formerly Trilife) has continued to advertise the event, accept registrations, based on a contract, they claim, was purchased from the bankruptcy of Trilife Inc.

Adam Ruppel of Chico Racing states, "Had we gone ahead despite another organizer advertising the same event, it would cause too much turmoil in the small mountain bike community. Riders can't have 100% confidence in this event until this issue is resolved. Twenty4 Sports is promoting an event without Hardwood's consent, or want, to deal with them."

Chico Racing is withdrawing from the event early to preserve their reputation, but this does not mean a 24 hour event at Hardwood will be run by Twenty4 Sports in 2004. Twenty4 Sports does not have a venue agreement with Hardwood Hills, as confirmed by Hardwood Hills.

Despite this stumbling block, Chico Racing will continue a strong relationship with Hardwood Hills and are still working with them on Bonham & Co. Ontario Cup races and look forward to a fun and challenging event for the 2004 Ontario Provincial Championships.

Thanks for your support.

Chico Racing


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