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June 19/98 11:49 am - Stage 4 HP International Womens Challenge, Ontario News, N. Brunswick News

Posted by Editor on 06/19/98

Stage 4 Results - Hewlett-Packard International Women‚s Challenge

1 Diana Ziliute LIT 2:31:27
2 Marie Holjer SWE
3 Alison Dunlap USA
4 Susy Pryde NZL
5 Mari Holden USA
6 Alessandra Cappellotto ITA
7 Karen Kurreck USA
8 Julie Young USA
9 Edita Pucinskaite LIT
10 Valentina Polkhanova RUS
12 Linda Jackson CAN
21 Alison Sydor CAN all s.t.
31 Melanie McQuaid CAN at 0:00:40
33 Chrissy Redden CAN 0:00:40 (penalty of 00:20)
36 Leigh Hobson CAN 0:00:40
47 Lyne Bessett CAN 0:00:40
51 Muffy Roy CAN 0:00:40
55 Stacey Spencer CAN 0:06:31
56 Cybil Di Guistini CAN 0:06:31
58 Leah Goldstein CAN 0:06:31
61 Sandy Espeseth CAN 0:06:31
71 Nicole Gingles CAN 0:06:31
72 Lesley Tomlinson CAN 0:06:31
76 Marg Fedyna CAN 0:08:28
80 Kim Langton CAN 0:08:28
83 Annie Gariepy CAN 0:08:28
84 Karen Timewell CAN 0:08:28
89 Gina Grain CAN 0:10:57
106 Trish Sinclair CAN 0:14:43
109 Sophie St. Jacques CAN 0:14:57
114 Anne Samplonius CAN 0:16:15
115 Mandy Poitras CAN 20:16:15
0 Darnelle Moore CAN DNF

GC after Stage 4

1 Linda Jackson CAN 8:13:56
2 Valentina Polkhanova RUS 0:00:50
3 Rasa Polikeviciute LIT 0:01:12
4 Diana Ziliute LIT 0:01:15
5 Edita Pucinskaite LIT 0:01:18
6 Jeannie Longo FRA 0:01:22
7 Alessandra Cappellotto ITA 0:01:39
8 Barbara Heeb SWZ 0:01:39
9 Meike de Bruijn NED 0:01:48
10 Alison Sydor CAN 0:02:05
21 Lyne Bessett CAN 0:03:40
32 Chrissy Redden CAN 0:05:02
33 Leigh Hobson CAN 0:05:07
42 Melanie McQuaid CAN 0:06:10
48 Muffy Roy CAN 0:07:42
53 Cybil Di Guistini CAN 0:14:07
54 Sandy Espeseth CAN 0:14:08
55 Lesley Tomlinson CAN 0:14:11
56 Kim Langton CAN 0:14:31
66 Leah Goldstein CAN 0:21:28
68 Stacey Spencer CAN 0:27:29
72 Trish Sinclair CAN 0:29:40
77 Annie Gariepy CAN 0:31:30
78 Marg Fedyna CAN 0:32:09
94 Nicole Gingles CAN 0:39:44
96 Karen Timewell CAN 0:40:15
99 Sophie St. Jacques CAN 0:42:21
94 Nicole Gingles CAN 0:39:44
96 Karen Timewell CAN 0:40:15
99 Sophie St. Jacques CAN 0:42:21

121 Participants remain

I spoke with Chrissy Redden, who is riding with Alison Sydor, Melanie McQuaid and Trish Sinclair on Team Canada (currently 6th in team GC) earlier this evening. There was a crash 5 km from the climb which involved Chrissy, Cybil Di Guistini (and I think Melanie McQuaid also) which meant that they had to chase like crazy to get back with the pack. The weather has been a bit wild. Everyone was woken up at 7am Friday morning by a thunderstorm. At the top of the climb today there was snow, so out came the gloves, arm and leg warmers.

Ziliute Wins Stage As Jackson Keeps Overall Lead At Hewlett-Packard International Womens Challenge
(courtesy Frank Stanley USA Cycling

The Dream Team won the day, but Linda Jackson kept a comfortable overall lead after the third stage of the Hewlett-Packard International Womens Challenge.
Lithuanian Diana Ziliute (HP Toner), one of eight members of the Italian-based Dream Team competing in this race, came from behind to win the sprint over 21 other riders at the end of the 62.3-mile (approx 100km) stage. Ziliute edged Dede Demet (Saturn) in the final 100 meters for the win.

"It was very difficult and I didn‚t ever believe I could win this race," Ziliute said through an interpreter.

Ziliute was not among the first 15 riders to crest the 8,700-foot summit of Galena Pass, 32 miles into the windy, chilly race. First over the climb was Jeannie Longo (Longo-Ebly) followed by Jackson (Saeco-Timex) and Valentina Polkhanova (Office Depot). The trio led for six miles to the bottom of the climb, where they were joined by eight other riders, including four more Dream Team members. Soon four more riders, including Demet and Alison Dunlap (Office Max) -- winner of this stage each of the past two years -- joined the lead group.

"I could still see the cars when I hit the top, so I thought I would go for it and catch them," Demet said.

Throughout the final 20 miles, Demet, Mari Holden (Office Depot) and Kathy Watt (Texas Premier) kept pushing the pace as Ziliute was among a group of seven riders still chasing to catch them. That final group did not catch the leaders until the final three miles, setting up the final sprint.

"Longo attacked with a kilometer to go," Demet said. "I was pretty far back and I just kind of snuck up the left side. Diana was all the way over on the right. She got me at the line."

Demet was relegated to 22nd place -- last among the lead group -- for "cutting the course to gain an advantage in the sprint," a move noted by several other riders.

The revised finish put Marie Holjer (Ralph‚s-Klein) in second place, followed by Dunlap, one of three top mountain bikers to finish in the lead group.

"I definitely wanted to win this," Dunlap said. "I just don‚t have that snap anymore."

For Jackson, who finished 12th in the stage, it was a perfect finish. By finishing with the same time as her competitors, she maintained her 50-second lead over Polkhanova. Rasa Polikeviciute (HP Toner) is 1:12 behind, followed by Ziliute, 1:15 behind.

"Today was hump day for us, really," Jackson said. "It was a difficult stage for us and we were pretty vulnerable."

During the stage‚s opening stretch from Stanley to the base of Galena Pass, Jackson‚s Saeco-Timex teammates were forced to work continually to bring small breaks back, mainly driven by an aggressive Australian team. Once those were absorbed, Polkhanova‚s teammate Ina Teutenberg moved to the front and forced the tempo for about eight miles. The field reached the base of the Galena climb together.

Tomorrow‚s stage five is the Idaho Statehouse Criterium, covering 34.7-miles.(approx. 56km)

Woodstock Mountainbike Club's"Mystery Tour"

When? - June 21st Sunday.

Time? - 10am.

Starts where? - Roth Park, Woodstock at Pittock lake.

How far? - 52 miles (approx 85-90k).
Where are we going? - Are you serious? It's a Mystery!
Nothing shorter? Yep, a 30mile (50k) ride for the Kilometrically Challenged.
How long? - Approx 4hrs riding time. (2-3h for the 50k)
Terrain? - Flattish/rolly dirt roads, some paved, some trails, maybe some mud.
How? - Map provided. Ride with the group or do it self-guided.
Cost? - Free!!

**There will be a water stop at half-distance (marked on map). Bring food and be self-sufficient as there are no services or stores on the route. Bring your camera and take time out to check the tiny villages and interesting cemetaries that you will pass.

Phone Mike Tierney for further details
519-539-8859 or eee him at

Race number 3 of the Velo NB MTB cross country series will be held Sunday, June 21, in Rothesay, near Saint John. Details & location map on Velo NB web page at:


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