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February 25/04 8:04 am - No U.S. Licence for Jeanson, T.O. Bike Show Video Schedule, Win a Bike

Posted by Editor on 02/25/04

Jeanson Does Not Have U.S. Licence

The Genevieve Jeanson licence saga just got more complicated. We reported yesterday that Jeanson did not have a racing licence, since the FQSC had not issued one to her. Today, La Presse reported that she had taken out a U.S. licence, based on information supplied by Team Rona.

However, Andy Lee, Director of Communications for USA Cycling, just sent us an e-mail, stating:

"USA Cycling has not issued Genvieve a racing license for 2004. She has indeed expressed her interest in obtaining a USA Cycling license, but nothing has been granted."

So, does this mean Rona thought that Jeanson was going to get a licence, or was it a pressure tactic to push the FQSC into issuing a licence?

2004 Toronto Bike Show Video Premier Schedule

12 pm Self Titled
1 pm Monkey Style II
2 pm Kranked 5
3 pm Manifesto
4 pm New World Disorder IV
5 pm North Shore 7
6 pm Front II
7 pm Red Bull Rampage III (World Premiere)
8 pm ESII Fully Loaded
9 pm Match #5 (World Premiere)

10 am A Sunday In Hell - Paris Roubaix 1976 (Special Screening)
11 am ESII Fully Loaded
12 pm Earthed (World Premiere)
1 pm Manifesto
2 pm Red Bull Rampage III
3 pm Monkey Style II
4 pm ESII Fully Loaded
5 pm Match #5
6 pm New World Disorder IV
7 pm Self Titled
8 pm Earthed

10 am A Sunday In Hell - Paris Roubaix 1976 (Special Screening)
11 am ESII Fully Loaded
12 pm Earthed
1 pm Manifesto
2 pm Red Bull Rampage III
3 pm Monkey Style II
4 pm ESII Fully Loaded
5 pm Match #5
6 pm New World Disorder IV

Peterborough Bike Giveaway

Life is so much better when you're on two wheels. To prove that, Wild Rock Outfitters, along with two of its suppliers, is awarding 10 lucky Peterborough (Ontario) residents with the use of a bicycle for the summer in a contest that starts today.

"We thought this would be a fun way to educate people on the benefits of cycling as well as help them overcome some of the barriers to cycling that exist in Peterborough," says Dave Woodfine, manager of Wild Rock Outfitter's bike division, and initiator of the Peterborough Bike Town Contest. "Plus, it's pretty cool to get a new bike," he adds.

The contest coincides with Peterborough Green-Up's environmental campaign, Shifting Gears Workplace Transportation Challenge, an initiative to increase the use of more environmentally conscious means of transportation to get to and from work. Like the workplace challenge, Bike Town is a method to encourage more Peterborough residents to use a bike as a means of transportation. The ultimate goal is to increase awareness of the positive influence and improvements to quality of life that bicycle ownership and use can have. The folks at Wild Rock will ask participants to track their usage in kilometers and time and then will use this information to calculate calories burned and fuel saved. They will also conduct interviews and profiles of the winners to highlight the positive aspects of bicycle ownership.

"Peterborough could be the perfect place to ride a bike whether it's for transportation or for fun," says Jackie Donaldson, Coordinator, Air Quality Program for Peterborough Green-Up. "We're fortunate to already have much of the infrastructure to make Peterborough a bike town," says Ms Donaldson referring to the city's many bicycle paths and designated bicycle lanes on major downtown streets.

"We want Peterborough residents, especially motorists, to know that there are ways other than a car to get to where you need to go," says Mr. Woodfine. "It's also important to continue to make motorists aware that cyclists have the right to use the road and to educate cyclists on how to use our roads safely and responsibly."

Getting more people on bikes seems like the perfect way to do it. And, if 10 people get to ride a bike for the summer for free, well that's just even better!

To enter the contest, City of Peterborough residents need to simply express their need and desire for a new bike in a creative format such as an original essay, poem, artwork or song. Entries can be dropped off at Wild Rock Outfitters at 169 Charlotte Street in Peterborough or by email to Winners will receive a Devinci Stockholm hybrid bicycle to use between April 2 and September 3rd 2004. The lucky cyclists will also receive a helmet and lock to keep from Louis Garneau. The bicycles will be maintained and serviced by Wild Rock Outfitters. Official contest rules can be found on their web page


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