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February 28/04 8:55 am - Het Volk Cancelled, Jeanson to Ontario?, Tour Teams Announced

Posted by Editoress on 02/28/04

Omloop Het Volk Cancelled

Due to snow, the Omloop Het Volk was cancelled today in Belgium. Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne, which is scheduled for tomorrow, is tentatively still on, with the organizers discussing a modified loop to avoid snow covered sections.

Jeanson Tries Ontario

We have learned that Team Rona's Genevieve Jeanson has also approached Ontario about taking out a racing licence in that jurisdiction. Jeanson is locked in a battle with the Quebec cycling federation (FQSC), who so far have refused to issue a licence to her, citing a need for further information to determine health risks after her high hematocrit reading in Hamilton last October. The lack of a licence has prevented Jeanson from entering early season races in Arizona.

We spoke with CCA Director-General Pierre Hutsebaut on the situation, who explained that the CCA can cannot become involved: "under the CCA constitution, licences are strictly a provincial jurisdiction. Paragraph 11-A of the Constitution makes it quite clear."

Hutsebaut also pointed to the relevant sections of the UCI rules, governing where a rider may apply for a licence:

1.1.006 - Federations shall issue licences according to such criteria as they may determine.

1.1.011 - The licence shall be issued by the Federation of the country where, according to the legislation of that country, the applicant has his main residence at the time of application. He shall remain affiliated to that Federation until the expiry of the licence even if he changes country of residence.

1.1.014 - If a National Federation does not react to a licence application within 30 days of its being filed, the applicant may lodge the licence application with the UCI.

1.1.015 - If the UCI or a Federation deems that it cannot issue the requested licence, it shall inform the applicant to that effect stating its reasons by registered letter with recorded delivery. Similarly, the applicant shall be invited to defend his application, as appropriate, before such person or commission as may be designated by the President of the UCI or as indicated in the regulations of the Federation or, where the regulations contain no such mention, by its president.

The applicant shall be entitled to consult his file. He shall be entitled to present his argument and to enlist the assistance of or be represented by any person of his choice bearing a proper power-of-attorney.

1.1.016 - The applicant shall be informed of both the refusal to issue the licence and of the reasons for the refusal by registered letter with recorded delivery.

1.1.017 - A refusal to issue a licence shall be open to appeal before the UCI Appeals Board in following cases:

- if he applicant has not had the possibility to present his arguments
- if no reason was given for the decision
- it the reasons for the refusal contain factual errors
- if the refusal be abusive.

The appeal shall be lodged within 30 days of reception by the applicant of the notification of refusal.

1.1.018 - A National Federation may bring an appeal, before the UCI Appeals Board, against the issuing of a licence by another Federation if the issuing Federation did not have territorial jurisdiction or if the licence was abusively issued.

This appeal shall be lodged within 15 days of the Federation being informed about the issue of the licence, but at the latest within three months of the licence being issued.

Jeanson applied in the USA and, according to a report in La Presse last week, had been issued a US licence. However, we subsequently received a message from the Director of Communications at USA Cycling stating that no licence had been granted. The Ontario application has also not been granted at this time, according to our sources.

At this time, there appears to be a stalemate between the two sides, with other jurisdictions (ie, the USA and Ontario) not wanting to get drawn into the battle.

Tour Teams Announced

Team CSC
Fassa Bortolo
Illes Balears-Banesto
US Postal Service presented by Berry Floor

Wildcard selections:

Brioches la Boulangère
Crédit Agricole
Domina Vacanze
Phonak Hearing Systems
RAGT Semences-MG Rover

There is one spot still open, which is expected to go to Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme, once they satisfy administrative and financial requirements.


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