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March 3/04 10:17 am - Coaching Scholarships, Cape Epic Stage 3

Posted by Editor on 03/3/04

Coaching Scholarships at PacificSport
Courtesy CCA

March 2nd, 2004 - The National Coaching Institute of BC (NCI-BC) is offering five scholarships of up to $8,000 for suitably qualified NCCP Level 3 coaches as apprentice coaches at the PacificSport Canadian Sport Centre Victoria in the core sports of:

- Athletics
- Cycling
- Rowing
- Rugby
- Swimming
- Triathlon

The scholarship enables the applicant to study in the Diploma Program for Sport Coaching at the NCI-BC from August 21st, 2004 to April 2005 while coaching national level athletes under the mentorship of a national level coach.


For more information, please visit or CALL (250) 721-7589

Cape Epic - South Africa
Report courtesy organizers

Stage 4 - Riversdal to Swellendam 122 km

Heavy rainfalls made the fourth stage of the inaugural Cape Epic to Swellendam, the Historic Heart of the Overberg Region, even more demanding than the first gruelling leg of the Cape Epic.

Yesterday's hottest day of the race so far was followed by a cold night. As temperatures dropped from 38 degrees to 12, it started to rain. Weather forecasts predicted five millimetres of rainfall, however it poured down thirty. And the downpour transformed twenty kilometres of enjoyable single track in the beautiful setting of the Langeberg Mountain Range into a mud battle on mountain bikes second to none. Furthermore, some of the rivers on the track had swollen so much that they were impossible to traverse and the race organisation had to reroute part of today's stage for safety matters.

The detour increased the distance of the stage up to 122 kilometres, therefore the cut-off time was extended to 18h00. the Cape Epic teams needed between five-and-a-half and eleven hours for the arduous stage struggling with dirty gearshifts and ankle deep mud. When the riders finally reached the finish line in Swellendam, the third oldest permanent settlement in South Africa, they were totally exhausted, covered with dirt from head to toe and desperate for a long hot shower.

Mannie Heymans (NAM) and Karl Platt (GER) of Team Focus Rocky Mountain defended their yellow leader jerseys and extended their gap up to ten minutes to the second placed team adidas Fiat Rotwild with Andi Strobel (GER) and Silvio Wieltschnig (AUT). South Africa's best team in the Men's category - GT Africa with Jacques Rossouw and Shan Wilson - came in third today and placed again third in the overall rankings.

After a weak start on the first day of the Cape Epic, Master team Willie Engelbrecht with Brian Strauss (RSA) and Mc Franken (RSA) has now found it's way back to their normal strength by winning the third stage in a row and finishing sixth overall today. Both have trained for three months and cycled an average of 100 kilometres per day to prepare for their epic race. "We expected it to be hard", says McFalken, "but we didn't think that every day would be as hard as a one day classic. Today was my toughest race ever." The two master riders aim to win the inaugural Cape Epic.

"We are not only physically but also mentally strong", explains McFalken, "and we get along very well since we have been mountain biking together for many years." The two South Africans admire their fellow countryman, UCI Downhill World Champion Greg Minnaar for his performance in race. "Now you can see why he is a World Champion. Greg is an exceptional mountain biker and he is very fit. I take my hat of his achievement today."

Kirsten Rosel (GER) who is riding in the Mixed category with Rober Eder (GER), team HAI-Bike/Scott, will certainly never forget the fourth stage of the Cape Epic as she was riding eighty kilometres of the muddy way on her small chain ring. With their victory today the team was able to extend their lead and defend the green leader jersey one more time. "The mud today was insane, it was very difficult to ride and it clogged up my gearshift. At kilometre twenty I couldn't shift any more. Luckily my chain didn't break." Kirsten and Robert prepared well for the Cape Epic. They were one of the first international teams to sign up. "I think on the first day we shocked the South Africans a bit, but we were just riding our pace. I am feeling great this year and so does Robert. We are both ambitious, so we ride to win."

Team Speedy/Smith with Yolanda Speedy (RSA) and Christi Smith (RSA) celebrated their first stage win today. "I love technical riding", says Yolanda, "so today was my day with many technical sections in the forest. I am now feeling stronger in the climbs and today there were a lot of climbs. And the scenery was awesome, too." In terms of racing the fourth stage was also the most exciting one for the women. "It was like a juggling game today", explains Yolanda. "Everyone passed the other several times a long the way, there was a real battle going on." Former TransRockies and La Ruta Champion Louise Kobin (USA) of team Cateye Kenda Enduro, who placed second today with her team partner Hillary Harrison (USA), enjoyed the stage. "This day was definitely the most fun for me so far. I like single track and technically challenging terrain, so this was perfect for me. I don't mind the mud. Unfortunately Hillary dehydrated towards the end of the stage and she is really shattered. I hope she will feel better tomorrow."

1 Focus/Rocky Mountain (Mannie Heymans/Karl Platt) 5:22:33
2 Adidas/Fiat Rotwild (Andreas Strobel/Silvio Wieltschnig) at 7:35
3 GT Africa (Jacques Rossouw/Shan Wilson) 10:30
4 Breitling/Vineyard Hotel (Geddan Ruddock/Kevin Evans) 24:38
5 Tom Tailor/Santos/Walkabout 1 (Jaap Viergever/Dennis Teeuwen) 29:45

1 Focus/Rocky Mountain (Mannie Heymans/Karl Platt) 18:50:42
2 Adidas/Fiat Rotwild (Andreas Strobel/Silvio Wieltschnig) at 10:19
3 GT Africa (Jacques Rossouw/Shan Wilson) 19:09
4 Breitling/Vineyard Hotel (Geddan Ruddock/Kevin Evans) 1:05:52
5 Tom Tailor/Santos/Walkabout 1 (Jaap Viergever/Dennis Teeuwen) 1:07:18

1 Smith/Speedy (Yolande Speedy/Christi Smith) 6:58:53
2 Yellow Jacket (Hanlie Booyens/Sharon Laws) at 0:56
3 Cateye - Kenda Enduro Team (Louise Kobin/Hillary Harrison) 4:34
4 Team Rotwild/Hr (Monika Birk/Christine Hoelzl) 35:08
5 Magura/Bodyglide (Cristina Begy/Simone Otto) 45:26

10 Canucks2 (Martie Du Plessis/Marlene Van Heerden) 2:51:32

1 Yellow Jacket (Hanlie Booyens/Sharon Laws) 23:27:35
2 Cateye - Kenda Enduro Team (Louise Kobin/Hillary Harrison) at 41:51
3 Smith/Speedy (Yolande Speedy/Christi Smith) 52:00
4 Team Fair Lady (Adrienne Cobb/Christelle Van Niekerk) 3:00:01
5 Team Rotwild/Hr (Monika Birk/Christine Hoelzl) 3:19:55

10 Canucks2 (Martie Du Plessis/Marlene Van Heerden) 9:44:54


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