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June 20/98 11:48 am - Hewlett-Packard International Women's Classic Stage 5 results and GC

Posted by Editor on 06/20/98

Stage 5 - Idaho Statehouse Criterium: 34.7-miles (55.5km)

1 Ina Teutenberg GER 1:21:26
2 Karen Livingston USA s.t.
3 Petra Rossner GER s.t.
4 Debby Mansveld NED s.t.
5 Kendra Wenzel USA s.t.
6 Dede Demet USA s.t.
7 Carmen Richardson USA s.t.
8 Svetlana Samokhvalova RUS s.t.
9 Jolanta Polikeviciute LIT s.t.
10 Karen Kurreck USA s.t.
21 Anne Samplonius CAN s.t.
23 Linda Jackson CAN s.t.
35 Alison Sydor CAN s.t.
36 Leigh Hobson CAN s.t.
41 Chrissy Redden CAN s.t.
45 Melanie McQuaid CAN + 0:00:19
54 Lesley Tomlinson CAN 0:00:19
55 Gina Grain CAN 0:00:19
56 Leah Goldstein CAN 0:00:19
64 Kim Langton CAN 0:00:19
68 Sophie St. Jacques CAN 0:00:19
73 Cybil Di Guistini CAN 0:00:19
78 Karen Timewell CAN 0:00:19
84 Stacey Spencer CAN 0:00:19
86 Nicole Gingles CAN 0:00:19
92 Annie Gariepy CAN 0:02:02
94 Sandy Espeseth CAN 0:02:08
95 Mandy Poitras CAN 0:02:28
102 Muffy Roy CAN 0:03:52
116 Marg Fedyna CAN 0:05:05
118 Lyne Bessett CAN 0:05:49
119 Trish Sinclair CAN 0:05:49

1 Linda Jackson CAN 9:35:22

2 Valentina Polkhanova RUS 0:00:50
3 Diana Ziliute LIT 0:01:15
4 Jeannie Longo FRA 0:01:22
5 Rasa Polikeviciute LIT 0:01:31
6 Edita Pucinskaite LIT 0:01:37
7 Alessandra Cappellotto ITA 0:01:39
8 Alison Sydor CAN 0:02:05
9 Meike de Bruijn NED 0:02:07
10 Jolanta Polikeviciute LIT 0:02:08
29 Chrissy Redden CAN 0:05:02
30 Leigh Hobson CAN 0:05:07
39 Melanie McQuaid CAN 0:06:29
48 Lyne Bessett CAN 0:09:29
51 Muffy Roy CAN 0:11:34
52 Cybil Di Guistini CAN 0:14:26
53 Lesley Tomlinson CAN 0:14:30
54 Kim Langton CAN 0:14:50
58 Sandy Espeseth CAN 0:16:16
65 Leah Goldstein CAN 0:21:47
75 Annie Gariepy CAN 0:33:32
80 Trish Sinclair CAN 0:35:29
85 Marg Fedyna CAN 10:37:14
90 Nicole Gingles CAN 0:40:03
92 Karen Timewell CAN 0:40:34
95 Sophie St. Jacques CAN 0:42:40
101 Mandy Poitras CAN 0:46:00
105 Gina Grain CAN 10:49:37
106 Anne Samplonius CAN 0:50:34

Courtesy Frank Stanley - USA Cycling
BOISE, Idaho -- By the width of a tire, Ina Teutenberg edged Karen Bliss Livingston at the finish line of the 34.7-mile Idaho Statehouse Criterium Saturday at the Hewlett-Packard International Women‚s Challenge.

After 45 laps, the finish between Teutenberg (Office Depot) and Livingston (Saturn) required examination of the photo finish to determine the winner.

"She didn‚t know and I didn‚t know," said Teutenberg.

Teutenberg, a German, moved into a spot behind a train of Saturn riders, led by Elizabeth Emery and including Karen Kurreck and Dede Demet.

"It wasnt easy to catch it, you know," said Teutenberg, the Tour de Vendee champion.

Teutenberg followed the Saturn express around the final lap as Emery moved out of the lead spot after the opening corners, followed by Kurreck in the back stretch and Demet in the final corners. Teutenberg finally jumped around Livingston with two corners to go.

"I hesitated just a little," Livingston said. "It made a difference in the end."

Teutenberg came around the final corner with a length lead over Livingston, but the U.S. criterium champion closed the gap to whisker at the finish line.

"She was faster, actually," Teutenberg said.

Petra Rossner (Office Max) of Germany, the First Union Liberty Champion, was third, a bike length behind the top two riders.

Overall leader Linda Jackson (Saeco-Timex) finished 23rd with the same time as the leaders, safely maintaining her 50-second lead over Teutenberg‚s teammate, Valentina Polkhanova of Russia, with one stage to go.

Jackson said the most dangerous moment of the criterium stage for her was a two-rider breakaway, involving Demet and Anna Wilson (Australia), both of whom are former overall winners of this race. The pair kept their lead for 13 laps, with Jackson‚s teammates Susy Pryde, Kendra Wenzel and Pam Schuster ensuring that the break would not get away.

"I panicked a little when Anna got off, but Kendra is such a calm captain," Jackson said. "They just brought it back."

Once Demet was finally caught with 22 laps to go, the field seemed content to have the stage end in a field sprint.

Only the final, 39-mile Emmett to Hyde Park Road Race remains between Jackson and the overall victory which eluded her a year ago. It will also be the final chance for an American to win a stage at the most important womens race in the country.


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