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March 21/04 10:58 am - dEVo Powerbar Road Race, Cycling BC Junior Challenge Series

Posted by Editoress on 03/21/04

dEVo Powerbar Road Race Mar 21
Courtesy Jeremy Storie

A Group
1. Marsh Cooper (Symmetrics Cycling)
2. Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling)
3. Corey Lange (Marco Polo)
4. Basse Clement (Rocky Mountain Bicycles/Adobe)
5. Brad Issel (Symmetrics Cycling)

B Group
1. Mike Burns (dEVo/Powerbar)
2. Jackson Beuhler (dEVo/Powerbar)
3. Jim Kwasnicki (Team Coastal)
4. Philip Burgess (La Bicicletta)
5. Dan Schmit (Bayside)

C Group
1. Matt Law
2. Julia Hlynsky (dEVo/Powerbar)
3. Andrew Storms
4. Dave Koski
5. Naomi Cooper (dEVo/Powerbar) * punctured on last lap and still managed top 5

dEVo/Powerbar March 20-21 Road Race Omnium
Standings after March 21 races

A Group20-Mar21-MarTotal
1. Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling)81018
2. Corey Lange 7815
3. Dylan Sebel (Symmetrics Cycling)12012
4. Marsh Cooper (Symmetrics Cycling)DNF1212
5. Scott Goguen (Symmetrics Cycling)10212
. Brad Issel (Symmetrics Cycling)5611
. Luca Segato 459
. Basse Clement (Rocky Mountain )077
. Ken Johnson (Scwable)606
. Larry Zimich (Coastal)044
. Cam Evans (Symmetrics Cycling)3DNS3
. Sean Dawson (Trek/VW)213
. Carter Hovey 033
. Eric Harvey (Bayside)101
B Group 20-Mar21-MarTotal
1. Jackson Buehler (dEVo/Powerbar)121022
2. Mike Burns (dEVo/Powerbar)81220
3. Dan Schmit (Bayside)10616
4. Jim Kwasnicki (Coastal)5813
5. Tony Routley 6511
. Philip Burgess (La Bicicletta)DNS77
. Josh James (Trek/VW)7DNS7
. Allan Favell (Escape Velocity)4DNS4
. Al Gair (Bayside)044
. Eric Van Veen (Bayside)3DNS3
. Ryan Rickerts (WWU)DNS33
. David Neubeck 202
. Christina Briante 022
. Glenn Barr (Bayside)101
. Glen Hendricks (Bayside)011

Purse was generously contributed by the following companies. Open Road Communication, Ritter Aalhus Construction Mgt. Ltd., Realmortgage Services Inc., Westlam Industries, and dEVo/Powerbar Youth Cycling program. For all of the above their support for the local cycling community goes far beyond mere dollars as all of these people put endless hours into furthering the development of cycling in British Columbia. Please thank them for all they do.

Cycling BC Junior Challenge Series
Courtesy Jeremy Storie

Race #1 Escape Velocity Spring Series - March 20/04
1stU15/WomenAlyssa Garrison-dEVo/Powerbar12pts
1stU15/MenCody Campbell-Soliton12pts
1stU17/WomenMicayla Gatto-Lactic Acid12pts
DNFU17/WomenElizabeth Dickin-Lactic Acid
1stU17/MenNathan MacDonald-Lactic Acid12pts
2ndU17/MenTrevor Bant-dEVo/Powerbar10pts
3rdU17/MenJeff Castenmiller-Lactic Acid8pts
4thU17/MenGraeme Bant-dEVo/Powerbar7pts
5thU17/MenBrandon Carey-dEVo/Powerbar6pts
DNFU17/MenMaurie Kowalski-Lactic Acid
1stU19/WomenLisa Tasa-Lactic Acid12pts
1stU19/MenNeal Kindree12pts
2ndU19/MenAustin MacDougall-dEVo/Powerbar10pts


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