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March 22/04 1:18 am - Desert Nova Final Results, Jet Fuel in Texas

Posted by Editor on 03/22/04

Desert Nova Corrections

We have now received four different versions of the actual men's results from this race! The latest is from the organizers so we are fairly confident that it is correct (however, Jason Sager, who is listed in 8th, says that he was given prize money for 6th...).

Pro Men
1. Ryder Hesjedal (Subaru-Gary Fisher)1:23:03.1
2. Liam Killeen (Subaru-Gary Fisher)1:23:19.9
3. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mtn Business Objects)1:24:39.6
4. Chris Sheppard (Haro)1:24:46.4
5. Jason Sager (Sj Cannondale)1:25:30.7
6. Jesse Jakomait (
7. Geoff Kabush (Maxxis)1:25:52.6
8. Andrew Watson (
9. Max Plaxton (Rocky Mtn Business Objects)1:27:17.1
10. Travis Brown (Trek/VW)1:27:45.1
11. Frank Mapel (Specialized)1:27:50.5
12. Seamus McGrath (Haro)1:28:37.1
13. Jay Henry (Specialized)1:28:45.7
14. Charles Jenkins (Cytomax Spec)1:29:36.5
15. Ariel Lindsley1:30:15.2
16. Amon Pease (Intense Cycles)1:30:53.1
17. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (RLX Ralph Lauren)1:31:01.2
18. Dave Wiens (RLX Ralph Lauren)1:31:07.5
19. Cody Peterson (3d Racing/Ea)1:31:28.5
20. Anthony Colby (Trek 505)1:32:00.6
21. Dan Castillo (Speedbikes)1:32:09.3
22. Javier Lopez (Speedbikes)1:32:35.6
23. Scott Keller (Speedbikes)1:32:52.1
24. Jesse Rients (Nature Valle)1:33:02.0
25. Jason Moeschler (Cytomax/Spec)1:34:05.2
26. Scott Wingo (123bikes.Com)1:34:28.9
27. Todd Tanner1:35:03.6
28. Nat Ross (Subaru-Gf)1:35:56.7
29. Adam Hoppe (Ochsner)1:36:56.6
30. Carl Swenson (RLX Ralph Lauren)1:38:40.2
31. Joshua Powers (Speedbikes)1:41:23.9
32. Damian Calvert (Cannondale)1:46:37.7
Pro Women
1. Melanie McQuaid (Ford)1:12:31.9
2. Chrissy Redden (Subaru-Gary Fisher)1:12:33.1
3. Kiara Bisaro (
4. Kelli Emmett (Hillenbrand)1:13:44.1
5. Trish Sinclair (
6. Kathy Sherwin (Cannondale)1:16:10.1
7. Rhonda Quick1:16:27.8
8. Jimena Florit (Rlx)1:16:50.3
9. Jennifer Wilson1:16:59.1
10. Lisa Matlock (Ford Cycling)1:17:26.2
11. Jenny Copnall (Subaru-Gf)1:17:29.1
12. Heidi Faller (Tm Dean)1:18:02.1
13. Dara Marks-Marino (Tm Ford)1:18:26.5
14. Tonya Laffey (Mtbchick.Com)1:18:33.2
15. Nicole Habay (Speed Bikes)1:19:10.8
16. Josie Beggs (Starbucks/Do)1:20:41.8
17. Shannon Gibson (Crazy Cat Cy)1:21:43.9
18. Willow Koerber (Rlx)1:21:45.8
19. Joan Orgelidinger (Redhook/Turi)1:21:59.3
20. Judy Freeman (Cannondale)1:22:31.0
21. Becca Blay (Tm Dean)1:22:34.4
22. Cindi Hansen (Mtbchick.Com)1:23:25.8
23. Sonia Lopez1:23:35.0
24. Hana Fiserova (Mtbchick.Com)1:24:20.5
25. Jessica Runyon1:25:07.2
26. Jill Adelstein (Pro Cycling)1:26:21.2
27. Jessica Kisiel (Mtbchick.Com)1:29:55.2
28. Abigail Hippely1:33:27.0
Junior Men
1. Mark Batty (3 Rox Racing)1:10:11.0
2. Marcus Torres (Ritchey/Nova)1:11:20.0
4. Tristan Uhl (Ritchey-Nova)1:12:29.7
3. Andrew Dahlheim (Ritchey Nova)1:14:04.0
5. Carson Worts (Ritchey/Nova)1:14:05.8
6. Garrett Riker1:17:07.0
7. Aaron Thurman-Wille (Nova Youth)1:18:54.9
8. Ian Burnett (Durango Whee)1:20:09.9
9. Trevor Downing (Ritchey Nova)1:21:09.5
10. William Brown1:21:37.2
11. Nick Wieber (Ritchey Nova)1:23:14.4
12. Andrew Wait (Durango Cycl)1:29:58.2
13. Ben Weatherly (Ritchey/Nova)1:34:40.3
Final GC
Pro Men
1. Ryder Hesjedal (Subaru-Gary Fisher)2:17:17.6
2. Liam Killeen (Subaru-Gary Fisher)2:19:33.8
3. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mtn Business Objects)2:19:46.6
4. Chris Sheppard (Haro)2:20:14.4
5. Max Plaxton (Rocky Mtn Business Objects)2:21:47.3
6. Andrew Watson (
7. Jesse Jakomait (
8. Jason Sager (SJ Cannondale)2:22:44.5
9. Travis Brown (Trek/VW)2:24:26.7
10. Frank Mapel (Specialized)2:24:40.6
11. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (RLX Ralph Lauren)2:25:47.7
12. Seamus McGrath (Haro)2:26:28.0
13. Jay Henry (Specialized)2:26:33.5
14. Charles Jenkins (Cytomax Spec)2:27:28.9
15. Ariel Lindsley 2:28:10.3
16. Amon Pease (Intense Cycles)2:28:58.1
17. Anthony Colby (Trek 505)2:29:16.8
18. Cody Peterson (3d Racing/Ea)2:29:45.6
19. Dave Wiens (RLX Ralph Lauren)2:32:55.9
20. Scott Wingo (123bikes.Com)2:33:17.2
21. Jason Moeschler (Cytomax/Spec)2:33:17.6
22. Todd Tanner 2:33:49.2
23. Scott Keller (Speedbikes)2:34:06.3
24. Jesse Rients (Nature Valle)2:34:47.9
25. Dan Castillo (Speedbikes)2:36:57.4
26. Javier Lopez (Speedbikes)2:38:17.6
27. Nat Ross (Subaru-Gf)2:39:04.8
28. Adam Hoppe (Ochsner)2:40:31.2
29. Carl Swenson (RLX Ralph Lauren)2:42:38.2
30. Joshua Powers (Speedbikes)2:43:57.0
31. Damian Calvert (Cannondale)2:46:04.2
32. Geoff Kabush (Maxxis)2:55:41.4
Pro Women
1. Chrissy Redden (Subaru-Gary Fisher)2:10:17.8
2. Kiara Bisaro (
3. Kelli Emmett (Hillenbrand)2:12:47.5
4. Melanie McQuaid (Team Ford)2:13:26.2
5. Patricia Sinclair (
6. Rhonda Quick 2:16:35.6
7. Kathy Sherwin (Cannondale)2:16:38.0
8. Jimena Florit (Rlx)2:16:59.6
9. Dara Marks-Marino (Team Ford)2:18:09.8
10. Jenny Copnall (Subaru-Gf)2:18:23.8
11. Heidi Faller (Tm Dean)2:19:20.9
12. Lisa Matlock (Ford Cycling)2:19:29.5
13. Nicole Habay (Speed Bikes)2:20:59.9
14. Jennifer Wilson 2:21:02.2
15. Willow Koerber (RLX Ralph Lauren)2:21:33.3
16. Josie Beggs (Starbucks/Do)2:23:11.3
17. Tonya Laffey (Mtbchick.Com)2:23:52.2
18. Joan Orgelidinger (Redhook/Turi)2:24:59.7
19. Judy Freeman (Cannondale)2:26:17.7
20. Sonia Lopez 2:27:00.7
21. Becca Blay (Tm Dean)2:28:09.1
22. Cindi Hansen (Mtbchick.Com)2:30:24.3
23. Jill Adelstein (Pro Cycling)2:32:11.7
24. Jessica Runyon 2:32:47.4
25. Jessica Kisiel (Mtbchick.Com)2:40:01.5
26. Abigail Hippely 2:40:19.7
27. Shannon Gibson (Crazy Cat Cy)3:07:56.6
28. Hana Fiserova (Mtbchick.Com)3:21:16.5
Junior Men
1. Mark Batty (3 Rox Racing)2:57:26.9
2. Tristan Uhl (Ritchey-Nova)3:02:00.2
4. Andrew Dahlheim (Ritchey Nova)3:04:33.4
3. Marcus Torres (Ritchey/Nova)3:04:02.4
5. Carson Worts (Ritchey/Nova)3:06:24.5
6. Garrett Riker 3:08:20.5
7. William Brown (B0194984)3:10:09.5
8. Aaron Thurman-Wille (Nova Youth)3:11:11.1
9. Trevor Downing (Ritchey Nova)3:12:03.6
10. Ian Burnett (Durango Whee)3:13:49.6
11. Nick Wieber (Ritchey Nova)3:18:27.3
12. Andrew Wait (Durango Cycl)3:21:21.6
13. Ben Weatherly (Ritchey/Nova)3:35:07.7

Jet Fuel in Texas
Courtesy Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel riders Buck Miller and Ryan Roth got on the podium during all three stages of the Fayetteville stage race in Texas.

Miller won Sunday's 150km stage three road race. Roth placed third in both the Saturday road race and TT on Saturday.

Saturday's road race was highlighted by fellow Canadian Mark Ernsting's long solo breakaway attempt. Buck broke the unwritten rule about chasing fellow canucks, but he was working to help out Ryan's overall chances because of the upcoming time trial.

Sunday's road race started with Ryan in second place on GC. Ryan kept an eye of fellow GC contenders while Buck went with the early break. The break ended up staying away and affecting the overall. Buck won the sprint on Sunday and he ended up 7th overall. Ryan final placing was 9th.


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