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April 2/04 10:07 am - UCI News, Hilton TT, OCA Announcements, BC Cup, Ontario Track

Posted by Editor on 04/2/04

UCI Suspensions
Courtesy UCI

The following riders were sanctioned for doping offences:

* Paolo PREVIS DOMINI, sanctioned by the Federazione Ciclistica Italiana, disqualification of Masters MTB World Championships 2003, suspension of 1 month from 1st February 2004 to 29 February 2004.

* Fabio TESTI, sanctioned by the Federazione Ciclistica Italiana, disqualification of Giro del Veneto 2003, suspension of 2 years from 1st December 2003 to 1st December 2005 and fine of CHF 2‚000.

* Stefan STEINWEG, acquittal by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on 15th September 2003.

* Amber NEBEN, sanctioned by North American Court of Arbitration for Sport, disqualification of Coupe du Monde cycliste feminine de Montréal 2003 (CAN), suspension of 6 months from 13 July 2003 to 13 January 2004 and fine of CHF 700.

Spokes N' Slopes All Weather Challenge - Ontario
Courtesy Conservation Halton

MILTON - On Sunday, April 4 the trails at Hilton Falls will be alive with the sound of mountain bikers out for the first run of the year on our trails.

The 5th Annual Spokes n' Slopes All-Weather Challenge is a Time Trail Cross-Country Race - that means it's open to everyone! Mountain bike enthusiasts will get their thrills on fast bush roads, single track trail with rocks, logs and plenty of other obstacles. All competitors are welcome and no race licence is required. Cost is $20 for 16 years and under, and $25 for everyone else. There are lots of categories, including a unique category for riders with Special Needs. Registration includes admission to the park and lots of chances to win some great draw prizes from our sponsors. Full details, including a course map and start times, are available through the assistance of W.O.W. at

But you don't have to ride to take part - we need volunteers and spectators too! If you'd like to volunteer please call Hilton Falls. We already have volunteers from Ski Patrol and MAMBO Kings MTB Club, but more are always welcome. If you're interested in watching the race, join us at Hilton Falls on Sunday, April 4. The first heat gets going at 9:00 a.m. ** Please note that the trails at Hilton Falls will be closed to public access until 2:00 p.m. in order to ensure the safety of both our hiking customers and riders. **

For further information, contact Hilton Falls Conservation Area at (905) 854-0262. The Conservation Area is located on Campbellville Road, just west of Milton. Follow Highway 401 west to Highway 25 north (Exit 320) to Regional Road 5 (Campbellville Road), west to the park entrance. Visit Conservation Halton's Web site at to find out more about its parks.

P.S. Don't forget that April 4th is Time Change Day! Set your clocks ahead one hour.

Gear Restriction Rules
Courtesy OCA

After a lengthy absence, Under-19 gear restrictions will be enforced at all Ontario road events for 2004, beginning with the Good Friday Road Race.

Riders under the age of 19 as of December 31, 2004 will be effected by the return of gear restrictions. This includes U19 riders with senior licences. Riders failing to comply will still be permitted to race however will not be eligible for prizes. Commissaires will conduct gear restrictions inspections before and after the race. U19 riders should arrive at the start line early for these inspections.

Gear restrictions will not apply to the Novice category at events.

A National Cycling Centre-Hamilton representative will be at the Good Friday Road Race start line to help U19 riders conform their bikes to the gear restrictions rule.

Please check the YOUTH RACING section of the OCA website for more information on gear restrictions.

OCA Statement Regarding Non-Permitted Events

From Executive Director Steve Merker:

On rare occasion organizers or individuals have chosen to run events outside of the OCA event structure. This represents about 2% of all events that are permitted by the OCA each year. We are striving to make 100% of all racing fit within our event structure. With new and different events appearing every year, it becomes a challenge to fit each event under the rules and regulations set forth by our insurance policy and Development Committee. That said, we are changing with the times and understand that if cycling is going to move forward and develop under these suppressing insurance conditions, we have to be innovative but firm in the way we manage OCA affiliated events.

The OCA strongly encourages all cyclists to participate in OCA affiliated events only. Why you ask? Unlike what some may say, there are many good logical reasons.

* Insurance. Through the OCA, there is a $5 Million General Liability and AD & D policy set up to protect you. This policy, although expensive, is very responsive to your cycling needs. Non-permitted events may have a lower policy with many limitations or perhaps no insurance at all! Insurance is there to protect when 'freak' occurrence happen. Is it worth the risk participating in one of these types of events?

* Supporting Athlete Development in the province. Last year the OCA supported developing athletes in the province to the tune of over $100,000. This year we plan on increasing that amount. When members or organizers ask where there money is going, a big percentage is going right back to the sport supporting the needs of developing athletes. Since the government has cut back our funding, we feel it is our obligation to continue developing these athletes so that we can remain competitive on the national and eventually international level. Unfortunately some of these organizers don't seem to want to support these initiatives.

* The OCA represents cyclists in Ontario. If an event has an OCA event permit then it meets certain standards of care. Non-permitted events may not. Do you remember what it was like to participate in your first event? Now imagine if this event was run poorly and did not meet certain standards. Do you think that person would remain in the sport if they had a poor first impression? Further to that, what if an experienced cyclist had an accident because certain standards of care were not met. Look at the big picture . . . these events could hurt the development of the sport!

* Image of Cycling. If an accident happened at one of these non-permitted events, it could leave a black mark on cycling in general, potentially ruining chances for future cyclists. This could inhibit organizers or clubs from using certain roads or trails for training and / or racing.

* Suspensions. Yes there is a CCA rule that calls for license suspension for athletes who participate in „Forbidden Races‰. This is an extreme measure that the Development committee and the Board of Directors could approve.

* Refund policies. Since the OCA has no control over events that choose to go on there own, we have no influence to help members who may have problems with the organizer. Buyer beware!

In summary, we remind all members and potential members to only participate in OCA affiliated events and activities. We hope you see the value in this statement and support the vision of the OCA. Remember, we are simply following policies and procedures adopted by you, the membership.

2004 SISU BC Cup Road Championship
Courtesy Cycling BC

In the past, some have considered the SISU BC Cup Series to be a bit of a vacation. But, after their first pedal stroke, riders quickly realize it's nothing of the sort! Most can't believe the speed and skill of the racers, or the intensity levels shown by BC's best up and coming athletes. It's been said that racing outside of the province tends to be controlled, with timed strategic attacks, and well-planned blocking techniques. In BC, riders attack every chance they get, then, unleash a counter-attack on top of their last attack. The "faster the better" seems to be the motto of the riders competing in the SISU BC Cup, a Series that has become synonymous with flat-out aggressive racing. New Junior Categories have been recently added, please visit

The SISU Series brings together seven Championship events, with top-ten finishing riders collecting points towards an overall Championship. The Series kicks off April 11th, with the Harris-Roubaix Classic, a race modeled closely after the infamous Paris-Roubaix. Complete with sections of unpaved roadway, the Harris-Roubaix promises to test not only athletic strength and determination, but also guarantees to push machinery to its limits. Already well on its way to becoming the next 'Hell of the North,' the Harris-Roubaix is a race to experience! For complete event details, be sure to check out the Trek-VW website at

Ontario Track Championships Update
Courtesy Rob Good

The Canadian Cycling Association has approved the Ontario Track Championships as a Pre-Qualifying event for the Junior Track World Championships to be held in Los Angeles this July.

In an effort to revitalize track racing in Ontario, The CCA has taken steps in helping the province bring young cyclists back to track racing.

Should a rider meet a standard layed out by the CCA, That rider will automatically be invited to the National Selection Camp in Victoria BC (July 9-11).

The Standards:

200m Men 11.55
200m Women 12.85
1000m Men 1:11.3
500m Women 39.55
3000m I P Men 3:44.5
2000m I P 2:47.55
Team Pursuit 4:34.5
Olympic Sprint TBA

The Ontario Track Championships will be held at the very fast 200m Velodrome in Detroit, Michigan. Events kick off with the Kilo on Friday night June 18th. Finishing on Sunday June 20th with the Can- Am Madison. The competition is open to licensed riders from all provinces. All events will be timed with electronic scoring for the most accurate results.

Coaches, there will be Training sessions in May & June leading up to the Track Championships. Updates to follow For more information contact Rob Good

Email -
Tel. - 1-888-508-3944


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