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April 8/04 6:48 am - Mosport O'Cup, Marathon Worlds, Feldmann Report, AMBC #3

Posted by Editor on 04/8/04 Ontario Cup Classic/SISU Ontario Cup Series Race #1
Courtesy organizers

Just a reminder that pre registration for the Ontario Cup Classic/SISU Ontario Cup Series Race #1 closes tonight, Thursday, April 8 2004 at 11:59 p.m.

This year marks the third edition of the Ontario Cup Classic/SISU Ontario Cup Series Race #1 held at Mosport International Raceway Saturday April 10, 2004.

Mosport is a world class facility which has hosted all forms of motor racing over the years including Formula 1. The 4km road circuit is ideal for a bicycle race with a mixture of twists, turns and rolling terrain on a well paved closed circuit

For the first time there will a Novice race presented by Port Hope Bicycles to compliment the usual schedule of races. If you want to give racing a try, Mosport's closed circuit on wide, well paved roads offers the perfect opportunity. All you need is a road or mountain bike (no aerobars) and a helmet to give racing a try.

Another first this year is the use of Sportstats to provide fast accurate results for all categories. Racing at a world class facility will be greatly enhanced with world class timing and results.

Bicycles Plus Oshawa has put up prize money for the Master A and Master B/C/D categories. They have also offered up over $1500 in prizes for all licensed categories. is the supporting sponsor of the event and have provided cash to go to the Elite men's and Womens races.

Everyone who enters will be eligible to win the draw prize of a Fuji Ace bike. All novices who enter will be entered in a draw to win a pair of Miche clipless pedals. At registration make sure you enter your ballot for a coaching package from Pearlizumi has provided some very hi tech shorts to give away and there will be draws for the very stylish Tifosi Eyewear.

Preregistration is highly recommended this year. More Information at or by phone (905) 885-7447

2004 UCI MTB Marathon World Championships
Courtesy organizers

Online registration for Marathon highlight of the year now open

Starting today, MTB endurance athletes can register for the Marathon event of the year ˆ the 2004 UCI MTB Marathon World Championships in Bad Goisern, Austria. Those who do not have a valid cycling federation license can still compare with the top, because the 100 kilometre distance of the famous Salzkammergut Trophy, which takes place the day before the Worlds, leads along the exact same course.

Go to

Feldmann Race Report

This is the second race report from Canadian mountain biker Martina Feldmann, who is currently competing in Spain.

Did you know that if you want tomatoes on your sandwich in Spain that you receive the tomato juice? Seriously, they squeeze the juice of the tomato onto the two pieces of delicious baguette bread creating nice, soggy tomato bread!

That's right, here in Spain you receive a sandwich right after your race. A sandwich or a nice sausage! I have to admit it is awesome racing in Spain! The whole atmosphere is incredible and the competition is tough. My last 2 MTB races were absolutely fun.

On March 28, I competed in a UCI E2 Copa Catalana in Corro d'Amunt. Corro d'Amunt is a small village near Barcelona, population 23 and 2 cats. It is a cute Spanish community and this UCI race is probably the biggest event of the year. The day before the race we had a slight downpour, actually we had some "major" rain. As we arrived the following morning, we decided that it is best not to use the semi-slicks. The Copa Catalana always has great competition with all the best women in Spain (except for M. Fullana) and that morning on the start line was no exception. The start buzzer went off and the women pack sprinted up the paved road. After a few minutes, I realized that a group of three, Roviera, Mascarreras and myself had a slight break away from the rest of the group. After the 2nd lap of the 3-lap race, I was sitting comfortably in 3rd close behind the lead. However, that's when I decided to turn this MTB race into a duathlon, not willingly though. I began to suffer some slight shifting problems, so I dismounted and began to clean off all the mud. As I hopped back onto my now brown-colored bike, I was unable to move. The mud had completely clogged up both of my brakes and the wheel would not turn at all. My tires, also clogged with mud, were now the size of motorcycle wheels. Once again I calmly cleaned my bike and attempted to ride once more. I rode approximately 20 meters and, due to a massive chain-suck, this ended my MTB race and started my run. I later discovered that I also broke a tooth on my middle chain-ring. Anyway, I did finish the race but moved from 3rd to 7th in the overall and in the U23 from 1st to 3rd. It's ok - I still received a trophy and my traditional ice cream!

Then the following weekend, April 4, I competed in a Caixa Girona (BC Cup of Spain) in St. Feliu. The competition at these races is also great. That weekend, the Mascarreras sisters attended the race. Both of these racers have been very successfully last year and Christina Mascarreras was second at the first 2 Copa Catalanas', only seconds behind first. We started the race on a slight downhill paved road and later climbed into the forest. It was a mass start with 3 other male categories, and it's quite a fight for an early position. However, for this race I was prepared, I had learned the Spanish word for "left"! So whenever I wanted to pass I would yell "Gerra", and then I just had to make sure that I passed on the left. After the first lap of the 2-lap race, I was sitting in 2nd approximately 30 seconds behind. Then as I entered the last lap I decided that I might need a GPS system on my bike - I made a wrong turn. Luckily for me, the guy behind me yelled something in Spanish (not "Gerra" cause I know what that means) and pointed in the right direction. Then, I was back on the racecourse trying to chase down the leader. Finally, with 1 kilometer to go I saw the race leader in the distance. It was time to really give 'er!!! I dashed down the last descent and trailed Mascarreras leading into the last corner to the finish. It was a final sprint to the finish but I ended up in 2nd place. Oh well, the race was great and the course was incredibly fun.

Kris Sneddon was fourth overall and first in the U23.

Race Results:
Copa Catalana #2, Corro d'Amunt
7th Pro Elite Female, 3rd U23 Female

Caixa Girona #3, St.Feliu
2nd Pro Elite Female

Hadley Wins AMBC #3
Courtesy Terrance Grant

Matt and Jamie continue thier trashing of the Americans. Matt Hadley is now three for three by winning AMBC #3 - Cane Creek Cup in Bryson City, North Carolina. Jamie Lamb took 7th in the Pro/Semi-Pro category.

1 Matt Hadley (Can)
2 Thomas Turner (USA)
3 Anthony Slowinski (USA)

7 Jamie Lamb (Can)


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